Is Teak Wood Outdoor Furniture Right For Me?


Article by: Michael Ochoa

You are contemplating your first purchase of Teak Furniture , 3 Things To Know About Making Home Improvements To Increase The Value of Your Home and you are wondering if you are making the right decision? Well, you are and in this quick article, I will explain why I believe that.

If you already use Teak Wood , Carpet Cleaning: 12 Things To Know in some of your favorite outdoor furniture, , Bay Window Treatments then this article will just be fun information , Custom Kitchen Cabinets for you to know and share with your friends when they ask you, "why did you buy Teak Wood" versus?.

It is no surprise, or it should not be, that Teak Wood , Building a Room Addition - First Develop a Room Addition Plan has been the favored wood , The Cubicle: Your Home Away From Home? for generations. The secrets of this wood , Bracing Winters Grip With Radiant Floor Heat are out and they have been for a long, long time.

First, a little history lesson:

It is not a well known fact, but is has been written that the Chinese have been renowned sailors for generations. Many of their ships were built and designed to not only sail in the oceans, but also to move up river. Much of the trade then, was done several thousand miles up river and not out in the ocean. These ships needed to be versatile, durable, and tough.

The wood , Coleman Generators - Maxa 5000ER and Accessories used to build these early Chinese ships was Teak. It is also said that the Chinese shipbuilders would bury the wood , Design Psychology: Beds and Emotional Well-Being logs in moist soil , Being Smart About Do It Yourself Home Improvements for years prior to building , Alarm Clock - The Noise From Hell! their ships. This made the wood , How to Use Do-It-Yourself Toxic Mold Test Kits much stronger and impervious to anything that could be encountered on the high seas,including enemies. Why was this important? It was important because approx. 600 years ago the Chinese were set out on a task by the Ming dynasty to sail to the edge of the world. Apparently they circumnavigated the world several times. But this is going off to another subject. Let's get back to the subject at hand (I'll bet you didn't know that you would actually be learning something too?).

Later in years, British naval ships were made from Oak, also a very hard and durable wood. , The Advantages of Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings The British encountered two problems with oak: Wood , Building a Room Addition - First Develop a Room Addition Plan Worms and a lack of Oak trees. , Refinish Your Hardwood Floor Like a Pro Woodworms were destroying the ships in the British Naval Fleet. Woodworms were the scourge of wooden , How to Use Do-It-Yourself Toxic Mold Test Kits ships throughout history. It could take 850 oak logs to repair , Home Remodeling one ship. It took a little over 2000 oak logs just to build one ship. The British needed ships as they continued for some time to have maritime issues with the French and to be able to go on to conquer and take control of British colonies. The British naval fleet was their primary means to accomplish this.

The Oak supply in Europe was being quickly depleted. They knew about the Teak wood , Carpet Cleaning: 12 Things To Know used on the Chinese ships and how rugged they were after having run into them, literally in the shipping lanes. The British had learned how impervious these ships were to all of the elements at sea: Saltwater, ocean wind, and the blistering sun. , Home Remodeling It was also learned then that Teak was found to not to splinter when hit by gunfire or artillery fire. , The Very Best in Area Rugs, Braided Rugs and Persian Rugs! This was a very important issue as splintering wood , The Great American Dream was the chief cause of casualties among naval warfare in the eighteenth century.

Britain was very interested to grow , Easy Home Remodeling Tips and produce this wood. , Why Purchase A Shrink Wrap Machine? The British quickly realized they did not need to grow , Building a Room Addition - First Develop a Room Addition Plan Teak Wood , Custom Kitchen Cabinets as they could annex those countries where the Teak wood , Pellet-stove Part. II was grown and have a plentiful supply. India, Thailand and Burma were quickly annexed into the British empire. It is not to say this is why the British took over these areas, but it certainly helped to give reason. Myanmar (formerly Burma), which is just south of India, and Yangoon became the first places , Coleman Generators - Maxa 5000ER and Accessories where Teak was being harvested for British ships. Calcutta was set up as another British shipbuilding site. All of the British merchant ships built in Calcutta were built with Myanmar Teak logs which were said to be the best. Once the wood , Pellet-stove Part. II was depleted from India, logs were harvested from Thailand and Burma.

Teak forests were quickly being depleted. Teak was now the preferred wood , Home Remodeling used for building , How to Use Do-It-Yourself Toxic Mold Test Kits ships, Yachts, Ocean liners and furniture. , Laying Vinyl Tile the Right Way Under ocean conditions, the wood , Choosing The Best Kitchen Floor Plan For Your Family had very little shrinkage or warpage. This meant little maintenance. The wood , Keep Your China Cabinet in Beautiful Condition was also impervious to wood , It's that time of the year again! rot and insects, like the mighty woodworm. The famous Ocean liner "Queen Mary" used no less than 1000 tons of teak when built. The British quickly realized the depletion that was taking place , Keep Your China Cabinet in Beautiful Condition and developed a re-forestation plan. , About Tempurpedic Mattresses. They appointed a leader to head this new bureau and began replanting Teak trees , Simple Steps To Finding The Right Mattress on what are now called Teak "plantations". A set of very strict laws were enacted regarding who can cut Teak Wood , Essential Dishwasher Parts and who can purchase it. Once these laws were set in place, , Bay Window Treatments one needed to have permission from the British Government to be able to cut a Teak Tree , Alarm Clock - The Noise From Hell! down and or export it.

Teak was also being used by the locals , The Very Best in Area Rugs, Braided Rugs and Persian Rugs! for huts, fence posts, and furniture. , Custom Kitchen Cabinets India is the third largest importer of Teak today, behind China and Japan. As much as 80% of India's timber , Why Purchase A Shrink Wrap Machine? consumption is Teak. The wood , 9 Ways to find cheap home dcor accessories is used in India today for local , Custom Kitchen Cabinets consumption; building homes, , Keep Your China Cabinet in Beautiful Condition furniture, , 3 Things To Know About Making Home Improvements To Increase The Value of Your Home fencing, etc. It is the one wood , 7 Safety Tips For Troubleshooting Your Portable Generator that can withstand the monsoons, the blistering heat , What Kind Of Decking Material Do You Like? Get Composite Decking and the humidity. It is the wood , Affordable House Plans by Leading Designers that all other timber , Home Remodeling species are compared to.

Teak Wood , The Best Things About Log Cabin Kits contains natural , Pellet-stove Part. II oil and Silica (sand) which makes it impervious to insects, and wood , Choosing The Best Kitchen Floor Plan For Your Family rot. These substances also help it to maintain it luster for many, many years, but make it a little more difficult for the manufactures as their blades tend to dull sooner.

When many of the English ships of WWII were taken apart for salvage, the Teak Wood , Pellet-stove Part. II decks were re-manufactured into outdoor furniture , Keep Your China Cabinet in Beautiful Condition like park benches. , It's that time of the year again! Even today they can be seen in many parts of Europe still functioning.

Most of the Teak grown today is grown on Plantations that are governed by the local , Custom Kitchen Cabinets governments. The demand for Teak is growing , Home Inspection: Confirming Accessibility Requirements at an estimated 10% per year. Teak is a heavily regulated (and rightfully so) commodity, and is sold through the auction process. Teak is not very easy to get. There are regulatory permits that must be purchased and other expenses that go along with regulation. For example, once purchased, it is usually the purchasing companies' responsibility to provide transportation if the wood , 9 Ways to find cheap home dcor accessories is to be exported and certain countries have regulations , Affordable House Plans by Leading Designers on how many logs can be exported. Currently, Java, Indonesia is the largest exporter of Teak. There are several companies that are located in Java that will process and fashion the Teak into furniture, , The Great American Dream or planks for flooring , What is the best time of year to buy furniture????? or siding, and then export the finished item or semi finished item to countries around the world.

Teak grows , The Very Best in Area Rugs, Braided Rugs and Persian Rugs! very rapidly but still takes approx. 50 years to mature. Many countries are reviewing the possible rotation after 30 or 40 years. This is mainly due to the large demand for Teak. The consensus with this rotation is that the wood , What You Should Look For When Buying an Outdoor and Coal Furnace will not be inferior at that rate. There are some countries that are trying tree , The Best Things About Log Cabin Kits rotation after only 25 years. The results are timber , Pressure Washer Parts that is smaller in diameter, color, , The Window Salesman and grain.

So, when add it all up, you get a much better understanding not only of what the hype about Teak Wood , Keep Your China Cabinet in Beautiful Condition is all about, but the numerous qualities of Teak Wood , 7 Safety Tips For Troubleshooting Your Portable Generator and the supply and demand side of Teak Wood. , The Best Things About Log Cabin Kits

Many people for generations have been enjoying the warm benefits of owning Teak Wood products. , Easy Home Remodeling Tips Outdoor , Easy Home Remodeling Tips Teak Wood furniture , Bay Window Treatments is a Standard for many families and in many gardens, , Lighting and Your Emotions (Part One) terraces, , Pressure Washer Parts patios, , Laying Vinyl Tile the Right Way verandas, ships, and yachts around the world. If you are investing in outdoor furniture, , Hall Cabinets, Benches and Accent Chests Increasing in Popularity you really owe it to yourself , The Window Salesman to step into the world of Teak.

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Michael Ochoa operates Macs Teak Furniture , Essential Dishwasher Parts website at This website specializes in sales of Quality Teak Outdoor Patio , Why Purchase A Shrink Wrap Machine? Furniture and provides free shipping anywhere in the United States. Make sure to visit Macs Teak Furniture , About Tempurpedic Mattresses. to learn more about Teak Outdoor Patio , Custom Kitchen Cabinets Furniture.

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