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Constructions. Works of thermal insulation and waterproofing at constructions
Provides prefabricated wooden houses. Includes photos, details about the company and contact information.
Home :: Kalteco- Mounting company Romania industry mounting romanian main contractor construction repairs
Home Kalteco Mounting company Romania general contractor romanian main contractor industry mounting investment construction repairs erection.
Interior Decoration - Construction - Installation - LAVOBAD
Lavobad assure the necessary developments for this type of decorations, executing developments of installation, interior decorations, finishings and last but not least the projection.
Ördög-Construction Ltd
Providing drawing and turnkey construcþion services including electrical, thermal station and air conditioning.
P E T A R C O M P U T E R S & S OF T W A R E
Producator de software si design web
SI service - instalatii, centrale termice
Servicii specializate în instalaţii sanitare, montare şi service centrale termice. Sunt oferite informaţii despre lucrările executate şi parteneri.
A group of private companies, architects and engineers, providing building services; including construction of office and residential premises. Project and client list. [English/Romanian]

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