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Berthier Associates Co., Ltd. - Workspace Design Solutions
Tokyo - Berthier Associates provides interior design and office design solutions throughout Japan. Find information on facilities planning and workspace design services offered.
Daito Trust Construction
Planning and construction of buildings, and buildings management.
‘å’n‚ւ̈¤ lŠÔ‚ւ̈¤ èA‚‘g:‘åãŽs¼‹æBƒIƒtƒBƒXƒrƒ‹“™‚ÌŒšÝA“S“¹“y–؍HŽ–‚̏ЉîBIRî•ñA“y–؁EŒš’z‹Zp“™‚ðŒfÚB
eMarkets Co. - Construction Equipment, Heavy Machinery Trade & Export
eMarkets Co. Ltd. Japanese construction machinery & heavy equipment exporters. Ships worldwide.
Fujita Corporation (Japan) - a construction company building better environments
Construction company involved in building planning, design, maintenance, urban renewal, and environmental technology.
ILYA Corporation (English)
Design of commercial and corporate office interiors.
Civil engineering projects, such as nuclear power plants.
Architectural construction and interior finishing.
Construction company offering civil engineering works, roads and sewerage.
P.S Mitsubishi Construction Co.,Ltd.
Active in the construction of buildings and roads.
Development of railroads and sewer systems.
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production and sale of pre-stressed concrete products.
Osaka firm focusing on design and construction of buildings and landscape, civil engineering, real estate, interior decoration, trucking and warehousing.
Offers concrete engineering, landscaping specialties, urban materials design and applications, soil stabilization, and house foundation reinforcement.
“Œ‹ž“s`‹æB‘‡“d‹CÝ”õHŽ–‹ÆBŠé‹ÆÐ‰îAIRî•ñB‹Æ–±ˆÄ“à‚Æ‹Zpî•ñB k“à—elConstruction contractor providing electric facility installations.
SOGO Corporation WEB Page
A specialist trading company in Japan for the exporting used construction machinery. With current stock list.
General contractor for commercial buildings.
Construction of office buildings and electric power facilities.
Active in architecture, engineering, construction, interior design, urban development, and recycling.
Token Corporation
Active in construction, housing, tenancy arrangements, renovations, architecture design, building, travel, and financial services.
Tokura Construction/English
Active in civil engineering and buildings, power plants, dams, and water channels. Based in Nagoya.
Construction works specializing in steel structures.
Toyo Engineering Corporation
Includes research, consulting and construction of chemical facilities, nuclear power, natural gas, oil refining, and biotechnology. Based in Chiba.
Welcome to KANESO's website
Manufactures and sells metal products for architecture, buildings, and conduits. With introduction of products, statement of accounts, employment, and download of CAD data.

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