Why You Have To Strip Decks When Restoring Them?


Article by: Pete Marentay

Stripping decks , Spring Cleaning ='s Reverse Shopping is not an easy task but if you want professional looking results, your going to have to learn how to , Air Conditioner Maintenance: Don't Forget It do it properly. Like most deck , Why You Should Choose a Retractable Awning refinishing jobs, excellent PREPARATION is the KEY to success. Prep right, and the deck , Your Mattress Can Make Or Break You will turn out GREAT. Rush through prep, skip a step (or two) to save , Impart A Different Look To The Casual Home Decorating With The Wood Curtain Rods money and/or time, and the deck , Mantle Clocks - Great Deals And Huge Selection won't look nearly as good.

Thorough cleaning of any deck , What Should I Ask Before Deciding On A Home Plan? or fence is essential to get good results. If the wood , Shaw Laminate Flooring – Experience A New Dimension In Laminate Flooring was previously sealed, the common practice is to strip off the old sealer. We do this to get back to the actual wood. , Grandfather Clocks Bring a Sense of Awe...They're So Tall All sealers are designed to bond best to the wood , Home Sauna Advantages itself (rather than to bond to an aged layer of the old sealer). By stripping off at least the "coating"Ā¯ portion of the old sealer, we can eliminate most reasons for premature sealer failure.

If the "coating"Ā¯ portion of the old sealer remains on the surface, the new deck , Downstairs With Farmer Tom sealer can penetrate down into the wood. , British Petroleum – Solar Products Manufacturer This results in a couple of situations that could lead to premature failure of the new finish.

The first of these problems is a reduction of the permeability of the overall sealer layers. Permeability refers to the ability of the sealer to breathe. If we clog the surface with several layers of sealer, each layer comes a little closer to closing off the wood , Downstairs With Farmer Tom from breathing. In that case, the wood , Electric Generators retains humidity. This could lead to rot, as discovered in a recent class-action lawsuit against a major manufacturer , Impart A Different Look To The Casual Home Decorating With The Wood Curtain Rods of sealers. This could also lead to peeling and flaking, as the trapped humidity tries to push its way up through the layers.

The second problem is bonding. As stated earlier, most deck , Evaluating Laminate Floors sealers are designed to bond to wood , Red Wine Stain Removal Tips to Save Your Carpet fibers to some degree. Many sealers can also bond to themselves (such as a second coat). If we try to apply one sealer over top of another brand (or type) of sealer, there is no guarantee that the new sealer will bond to the old sealer. If this occurs, the new sealer could flake and peel off within months. Most sealer manufacturers , The Right Furniture are reluctant to stand behind the performance of their product , Air Filters Guide - Guidelines for Air Filters unless it is applied to bare wood. , Different Methods Of Sound Proofing

Further, sealers that are designed to penetrate, when forced to dry on the surface without penetrating, will fail by design. , From Toss Out to Sensational Keeper - Lamp Re-Make What I mean here is that a penetrant is not meant to stand up to wear like a coating does, so when you force a penetrant to act as a coating it fails. This happens when the penetrant can't penetrate - and it dries on the surface.

There is at least one more reason to think about stripping the deck , Bathroom Floor Plan Remodel - Help Is At Hand every time you run across a previously- sealed deck. , Impart A Different Look To The Casual Home Decorating With The Wood Curtain Rods The reason you are being called in to do your magic is that the customer is unhappy with the performance and/or looks of the current sealer. Leaving that old sealer in place , Different Methods Of Sound Proofing seriously limits how good you can make the deck , Buying Bedding for your Home look with a new finish. If you leave old stains, the new look won't be much better than the old look.

For all of these reasons, seasoned professionals always strip decks , Extra Space Without Moving House that have old sealer on them. Exceptions are made if the Deck , Roman Shades: Light-Wise Window Solution Tech was the person who applied the previous sealer and he or she knows exactly what the sealer is on the wood , What is Injection Waterproofing? - AND the sealer manufacturer , Shaw Laminate Flooring – Experience A New Dimension In Laminate Flooring says it's OK to recoat over an old layer.

How do you know if there is an existing sealer on the wood? Believe me, it is not always obvious. Cheaper products , Air Compressor When These People Do It So Easily contain little or no UV protection, so a deck , Roman Shades: Light-Wise Window Solution can look like a grayed-out neglected deck , Tips For Buying A Water Heater within a year of being sealed with an inexpensive product , Red Wine Stain Removal Tips to Save Your Carpet - particularly if it was a clear sealer. There are two things professional Deck , Where to Buy Kitchen Counter Bar Stools Techs do to find out if there is any existing sealer that should be stripped off the wood. , Tips For Buying A Water Heater The first is to inspect areas that get no sun. , Mantle Clocks - Great Deals And Huge Selection A hint of color , Feng Shui and Wind Chimes on the underside of a board is a sign of previous sealer. The second is really the acid test for existing sealer and is called the Splash Test. Sprinkle a little water , Extra Space Without Moving House from your fingertips on to the dry wood , Different Methods Of Sound Proofing on a vertical surface. If the droplets soak into the wood , Shaw Laminate Flooring – Experience A New Dimension In Laminate Flooring right away, you don't need to strip. If they form little droplets on the surface of the wood, , Electric Generators then you have to strip the wood. , Shaw Laminate Flooring – Experience A New Dimension In Laminate Flooring

If you are interested in learning more technical information , Home Shower Filters & Purifiers about cleaning and sealing wood, , Electric Generators consider enrolling in the Sun , Buying Bedding for your Home Brite hands-on Profitability In Power , Evaluating Laminate Floors Washing course.
Peter Marentay, Owner of Sun , Tips For Buying A Water Heater Brite Inc.

Mr. Marentay joined Sun , Fireplace Design - A real burning issue. Brite Inc. in 1998 and immediately created a new division of the company - Sun , Lladro Porcelain Brite Supply. Since that time, SBS has become one of the fastest growing , Duct Cleaning - Proper Principals and Practices suppliers of specialty products , Evaluating Laminate Floors to the pressure washing industry.

Pete co-authored the Power , Air Compressor When These People Do It So Easily Washers of North America Wood , Choosing The Proper Flooring For Your Room Certification course and is currently an Advisory Director of PWNA. He is a PWNA Certified Instructor. PWNA Certification is available separately for those interested at the end of the class.

Pete has taught this 4-day hands-on class since 1999. The important focus of this 4-day course is Profitability.

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