Why Is Your House Cold?


Article by: Phillip Rye

How many of you have experienced this situation? As the wind blows outside , 7 vital tips to make small apartments look big and the temperature , New-age Paint Thickening & Rheological Additives : Solvitex & Solvizen drops, you get chilled even while you are standing in the middle of your home. , Wind Turbines - How to Harvest the Wind

How does this happen?

The three biggest problems with the comfort of your home , Solar Energy Advantages Disadvantages are,

1) air , Gain Space with Bay Windows infiltration

2) air , Inspecting Your Chimney And Its Liners infiltration

3) air , Architecture Designs infiltration

The total air , Home Purifiers: Healthy Home Solution infiltration in an average house , How Much Does A Log Home Cost? is the equivalent of having a door , How To Choose A Curio Cabinet or window , Ceramic Floor Tile-Installation And Maintenance Tips open every day of your life. Now, you've probably heard it said that a house , Portable Generator Safety Tips needs to breathe. In all my years in this work, I've never had anyone really explain why a house , How Often Should You Change Your Furnace Filter needs to breathe or even what that statement really means. Another word for house , A Guide to Tropical Wall Murals breathing is, simply put, leaks.

Just think with me for a moment. If you can keep the cold air , Unique Wall Clocks - Elegance And Style For Every Room from getting in, it won't take as much to heat , Best Air Purifiers - Take A Deep Breath your house. , All you need to know about Whirlpool and Spa baths Not to mention the fact that you would be a lot more comfortable in your home. , Types Of Heater So where does the air , Solar Energy Advantages Disadvantages come in?

Think of it this way. Anywhere an ant can get in, air , Making The Most Of The Front Of Your Home Using Wind Chimes can get in. Here are a few major problem areas:

Where your wall , Home Air Purifiers: Healthy Home Solution touches your slab.

Cracks between the wood , Installing a Bathroom Vanity and Countertop framing in your home's walls. , Sealing Natural Stone

Around electrical receptacles and light , 7 vital tips to make small apartments look big switches in your house, , World's Biggest Decorating Mistake! even on interior , World's Biggest Decorating Mistake! walls. (When the north wind is blowing, go feel the electrical outlets and switches on your north wall. , Is Free Satellite TV Real or Hype )

Holes and leaks around your sink plumbing. , Got Attic Mold? Lets Talk Energy Conservation! Forget the ants, sometimes a mouse can get through these holes.

Gas and fireplace flues.

Recessed can lights , Wind Turbines - How to Harvest the Wind that are not IC-rated. Between 3 and 10 cubic feet per minute of air , Home Building Costs will pass through one of these lights. , Buy A Cordless Drill A typical plastic , Natural Stone Tiles – The Confusion Surrounding Sealing garbage bag is 3 cubic feet. So that means that three garbage bags full of air , Central Humidifiers: Do They Help or Hurt? can leak out of one of those lights , A Guide to Tropical Wall Murals every minute.

The return air , Is Free Satellite TV Real or Hype system of your heating/cooling unit. In the average house, , Did You Notice The Tiger? gigantic amounts of air , Bath Tubs & Bathing: which Bath to Choose? enter through this system.

So how are you going to stop the cold air , How Much Does A Log Home Cost? from penetrating your home , Custom Kitchen Cabinets this winter? The solution is mostly labor , Did You Notice The Tiger? and a little bit material. Now, say this with me.

Caulk it

Caulk it

Caulk it

For big holes, such as those under the sink, simply use expandable foam. For the smaller cracks, use a clear siliconized caulk.

For electrical outlets and light , Is Free Satellite TV Real or Hype switches, install the insulated foam gaskets and childproof plug inserts.

Installing cellulose insulation in your attic will also help reduce air , Natural Stone Tiles – The Confusion Surrounding Sealing infiltration from your attic space.

For lower utiltiy bills visit www.lower-utility-bills.com.
Doug Rye is a nationally recognized energy , Is Free Satellite TV Real or Hype consultant and licensed , Making The Most Of The Front Of Your Home Using Wind Chimes architect. Doug also host the "Home Remedies" radio talk show that is broadcast in 15 states. Phillip Rye is a licensed , Did You Notice The Tiger? engineer and has spent the past 15 years studying energy , Home Kitchen Appliance efficiency and energy , Inspecting Your Chimney And Its Liners conservation. Discover how you can have lower utility bills guarunteed! Visit http://www.lower-utility-bills.com.

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