Who to Hire? Determining Which Pros Can Help Most with Your Project


Article by: Karen S. Weiner

When you have a problem with your car, you take it to a mechanic. Unfortunately, not everything in life is that simple. When it's time to do some work in your home, , Vacuums The Value of the Wet Vac there is a myriad of people you can contact. Here is a list of the people whom you could consider contacting:

1) a renovator or handyman

2) an architect

3) a decorator

4) a general contractor

5) an interior , Wood Or Metal Playground Equipment designer

A renovator or handyman is not licensed, , Marble Tile nor is he likely to carry insurance. Any guarantees or warrantees that he may give you are only worth as much as either his word, or the paper it is written on, whichever happens to have higher value. By not having liability insurance, if anything at all goes wrong with the work, while still in progress or once completed, it is most likely that you will be footing the bill to make things right again. Call , Why Should You Go For House Air Conditioning? a renovator or handyman for small repairs , Selecting A Canopy only.

An architect could likely help you attain the project of your dreams. But an architect is trained for architectural projects such as additions and new constructions. For interior , Hardwood Flooring Selection projects, an architect is over-qualified and over-priced.

An interior , 5 Basic Tips When Choosing Hardwood Flooring decorator decorates. , The Cost of NOT Doing Home Maintenance: Free Home Maintenance Tips for The Bathroom If you still feel the need you can call , Western Style Decorating Tips a decorator after the renovation part of your project is complete. A decorator has no formal education in design , Retractable Awnings - Top 10 Reasons to Invest in Retractable Awnings or building/renovating practices and methods, and will not be able to provide you with proper plans , Storage And Organization - - Getting Started On The Right Track and technical drawings that should be available for any renovation project. Drawings provided by a decorator are not enough to go on in order to obtain a renovation permit from your municipality.

A general contractor can renovate, build, rebuild, modify... Contractors , Repair A Slate Roof are licensed , Hardwood Flooring Selection by a state/provincial licensing board, and are insured. They are trained to construct and build, not to design , Steel Shelving: A Work Of The Master Class though, so projects of the same nature , Tips on How to Reglaze a Bath Tub handled completely by the same contractor , Enjoy a Cooler Summer with the Latest Home Appliances will often look very much alike, with the exception of the colours , An in Depth Home Improvement Article on Everything in the Bathroom (part 1) and finishes you have chosen. Just because a contractor , Bamboo Flooring Is Taking The Design World By Storm is licensed , Tips for Your Dream Kitchen and insured doesn't mean that you should throw caution to the wind; obtain written price quotations and review and compare before signing anything. Ideally you should be provided a breakdown at least of raw materials (nails, gypsum board, screws, , Grandfather Clocks Bring a Sense of Awe...They're So Tall wire...), finish materials (tiles, paints, , Small Space Bathroom Remodeling - Maximize the Space and Save countertops...), and labour. , Sealing Natural Stone The breakdown can also be done by task, such as general work, electrical, plumbing, , Guide To Water Leak Detection In Our Homes et cetera. Make sure you have seen samples of all materials to be used. Look for anything that could have been overlooked, such as garbage removal, handles for cabinetry, and so on. Once satisfied, as for a written payment schedule, with the last payment being due at least one week after completion. The reason I put so much emphasis on caution with a contractor , Architecture is because, aside from the horror stories we've all heard, your project is one of many jobs to him, and you are much more likely to be concerned with finer details than he is.

An interior designer , Tips on How to Reglaze a Bath Tub is suited to any interior , Bamboo Flooring: Is It The Right Choice? project you may have. They are educated to provide all of the information , Hardwood Flooring Selection you need, including space planning/layout, colour , Retractable Awnings - Top 10 Reasons to Invest in Retractable Awnings schemes and decorating, , Why Should You Go For House Air Conditioning? material options, construction methods, and more. A designer , Fluorescent Lightings can provide the blueprints/technical drawings for the contractor , Steel Shelving: A Work Of The Master Class and for permits from your municipality, full-colour illustrations of how your project will look, samples of materials, discounts on many products, , Steel Shelving: A Work Of The Master Class et cetera. A designer , How to Find the Best Water Purifier for Your Home can even assume the roll of "project manager," helping in the selection of a contractor, , How to Install a Prehung Door establishing a schedule, and acting as go-between for the client and contractor, , Architecture making the renovation process much easier for all involved. A good interior designer , Beautifying Your Home is flexible, allowing you to pick and choose which of his/her services you require. Because the term designer , An in Depth Home Improvement Article on Everything in the Bathroom (part 1) is often unrightfully "borrowed" by decorators, very credentials and insurance.

Some construction/renovation companies offer in-house design , Grandfather Clocks Bring a Sense of Awe...They're So Tall services. In other words, designers , An in Depth Home Improvement Article on Everything in the Bathroom (part 1) that work for them and are available to their clients. This is somewhat a conflict of interests because the designer , Retractable Awnings - Top 10 Reasons to Invest in Retractable Awnings has to balance the needs and wishes of both client and contractor. , Protect Your Wood Flooring Investment However, at the same time it is often a preferred option to simply hiring a contractor , How to Install a Prehung Door because you will receive a different level of customer service than you would from a contractor , Tips for Your Dream Kitchen alone.

No matter which professional you choose to call, , Cedar Shingles before doing so you should sit down and establish what it is that you do and do not want as much as you can. If possible, show pictures from magazines, and don't be shy to voice your preferences adamantly. Make a wish list that will serve as a starting point and can be refined later to meet your budget and/or space allowances.

Aside from asking for references, you can also ask to see completed projects. This could help give you a better feel for the style of the person you are considering hiring.
Karen S. Weiner is the owner and principal interior designer , Marble Tile of Idealspace Design , Western Style Decorating Tips in Montreal, Quebec (Canada), since 1997. Karen has written numerous articles on design , Bamboo Flooring: Is It The Right Choice? and decor, , 5 Basic Tips When Choosing Hardwood Flooring published on-line and in print. http://www.idealspacedesign.com

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