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Article by: Robert Hanania

If you are going to re-do the bathroom floor , Glass Railing - Where Class Should Be Visible - this means taking up your tile, , Glass Railing - Where Class Should Be Visible sheet vinyl, or ceramic tile , Static Shock and underlayments you should make sure there are no signs of water , Home Improvement damage to the subflooring and check to see if it is solid throughout. When laying down a new floor , Bay Window Treatments the main question is always 'can I lay tile , Home Storage: The Problems and the Solutions over the existing floor , Basement Dehumidifiers or do I have to pick up the old one first?'

If the floor , Hot Pressure Washers is level and sound you can usually just tile , Artificial Flowers: A Great Alternative right over it with plastic , Why Air Cooler Hire Is So Important When You Take Management Decisions or vinyl flooring, , Bed Advice for New Internet Users but keep in mind how mush room , Shaw Laminate Flooring - Experience A New Dimension In Laminate Flooring you have for the bathroom door, , Bed Advice for New Internet Users door , Water Treatments frame and wall , Conservatory Blinds the Finishing Touch molding (if any) -you may have to open or close the door , Why Air Cooler Hire Is So Important When You Take Management Decisions from time to time!

If the underlayment is solid but not quit level you can use leveling embossers (like mortar) to fill-in low spots to make a level surface, otherwise place , Change The Style Of Your Interior With A Minimum Of Costs a new ¼" underlayment over it, if you can. I have seen home , Building Your Dream - Part 2 owners 'doctor it up' with thin plain wood , The Many Different Styles of Awning Covers strips - don't do it! All materials must be water , Thawing Frozen Pipes Without a Plumber and moisture , The 1 2 3's Of Sound Proof Paint resistant as possible. Always use at least a 3 ft level to insure surface is not slanted in any way.

For a typical ground level home , Air Conditioners Become Energy Efficient like a ranch with no basement, , Bay Window Treatments floor , Caring For Your Air Conditioner foundations are 'framed', meaning the floor , How To Plan For Kitchen Remodeling sits on joists with 2-by's (stills) running perpendicular to the joists along the foundation. 'Girders', (metal rods) at or near the center of the joists help in support. Above the framing lays the subfloor, typically a 3/4" tongue and groove particle board, plywood or similar material. Above that there is a1/4" plywood or cement board (moisture resistant) that's called the underlayment and may also have a sheet of roofing , Bay Window Treatments felt or similar material for added cushioning. Take extra caution when laying underlayment over the subflooring because the floor , Static Shock may crack if the seems match up so it's best to stagger the seams.

Ceramic Tiles: Because this type of tiling , Bed Advice for New Internet Users has become popular in kitchens, , Enjoy a Cooler Summer with the Latest Home Appliances bathrooms, , Home Kitchen Appliance halls and even living rooms , Home Building Plans for its durability and style, I want to devote this section on the subject.

Installing ceramic tiles , Shaw Laminate Flooring - Experience A New Dimension In Laminate Flooring in the bathroom , Bed Advice for New Internet Users will alter the height of fixtures like toilets, vanity sinks and cabinets as well as the door , Why Air Cooler Hire Is So Important When You Take Management Decisions and adjoining room , Lighting a it is best to remove everything and start from scratch. This means removing the old underlayment as well. You have to create a level surface or the tiles , Water Treatments will crack or break. Most ceramic floor , Bathroom Remodeling 101 tile is ¼ "thick so you will have up to ¾" added to the old floor , The 1 2 3's Of Sound Proof Paint assuming you had plastic tile , Handling Your Own Shower Drain Installation Project or vinyl to begin with. You will be offsetting the height of the old fixtures and the door , The Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid When Shopping for a Mattress so a bit of trimming may be necessary (If you are replacing fixtures-no problem).

For best results follow these steps:
* Using a 3ft level check if the floor , Building Your Dream Home - Part 3 even throughout
* Lay out a row of tiles, , Lighting a room with spacers (cross shaped inserts for grout lines) along the length and width of the room , How To Artify Your Home to gauge how many tiles , There's More Types Of Furnaces Than The One In Your House you are using. This is also to see how many tile , The Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid When Shopping for a Mattress cuts you will have to make near walls. , Satellite TV or Cable
* Lay down cement board, cut to fit area and use a small layer of mortar to attach board to subflooring. Use screws , Artificial Flowers: A Great Alternative every 6 to 8 inches along the edges of board to secure in place. , How To Open Your Swimming Pool This Spring Use mesh tape over the seams and cover with a thin layer of mortar.
* Using a trowel apply mortar about every 3 1/2' at a time and use smooth even strokes.
* Set the full ceramic tiles , Different Shapes and Sizes of Clocks at a point furthest from doorway and press down firmly, tapping it with a rubber mallet so it spreads evenly. Have the cut tiles , Bathroom Remodeling 101 ready so as you move away from the wall place , Conservatory Blinds the Finishing Touch and set as you go.
* insert cross shaped spacers on end between each tile , Building Your Dream Home - Part 2 to insure rows are even. At corners lay spacers flat , Glass Sinks-Where Art Meets Function and butt tiles , Air Conditioners Become Energy Efficient at the angles (don't worry, it will be same with). You can also stand the spacers upright against walls. , White Horse Weather Vanes
* When you get to the closet flange (toilet hole in floor) you will need a tile , Water Treatments nipper or tile , Shaw Laminate Flooring - Experience A New Dimension In Laminate Flooring saw to cut a partial circle. Do this for all sides and lay down as before.
* When all the tiles , House Planning Software are down you must wait a least one day for it to 'set' properly - this is an important step before you put down the grout. When ready, mix tile , The Art of Removing A Toilet grout to cover about ¼ of the room , There's More Types Of Furnaces Than The One In Your House at a time, this will give you time to do to right. Take out the cross spacers and apply grout with a grout float, then holding float at an angle squeeze off excess grout. Do this with step with the rest of the room. , How To Artify Your Home
* The last step is to dampen a clean sponge with water , Landscape Architecture and wipe off the access grout, rinsing the sponge often.
Robert is the owner and operator of this website: http://www.houseimprovementonline.net and a true fanatic of learning and sharing 'how to' material and info. If you love anything 'do it yourself' you should visit his website at: http://www.houseimprovementonline.net and http://www.fileanddatarecovery.com

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