Waterproofing Foundation: What are your Choices


Article by: Dany Daylight

If you are going to build a new home , Building a Addition you need to waterproof the foundation of it so you won't have a wet basement , Surviving Winter in Style in just a few years.

There are different waterproofing products , Power Tools and HAV - Hand Arm Vibration - Prevention is Better Than Cure and systems on the market so it really can be confusing. Hence what are your options?

Here is the short overview of the most common foundation waterproofing systems to help you to decide:

1. Liquid rubber foundation waterproofing membranes Are elastomeric polymerized coatings made from liquid rubber - the same quality material your car tires are made from.

Advantages: They are easy to apply, quick to dry, cold , The Little Giant Ladder is the Best applied. You can do it by yourself, , Small Space Bathroom Remodeling - Maximize the Space and Save by using sprayer, roller or trowel. The liquid cures into an elastic rubber coating, able to fill up current small holes and bridge possible future cracks in foundation wall , 10 Things You Must Know When Building or Renovating as the building , Surviving Winter in Style settles down. Rubber is flexible. They also usually come with a long warranty, and many are environmentally , Information About Charcoal Water Filters friendly with low solvent content, or solvent free. Very economical.

Disadvantages: Possibility of inconsistency in coverage, but the newest products , Laminated Flooring Installation Tips will help you to determine the "right" thickness by the intensity of color, , Ceiling Fans...Why Use Them? i.e. if you apply the product , The Four Essential Tips to Consider Before Choosing Flooring for Your Home and you see any lighter patches, you just add more liquid. Additional surface preparation and curing may be required. If there are bigger cracks or holes in the structure you have to fill in with cement or other trowel-grade material before applying the overall coating. Also some of the liquid membranes require longer curing times for the concrete , Why Ipe Wood Decking? – Get The Best In Tropical Hardwood before they can be applied to insure proper bonding.

2. Hot , Power Tools Tips - How to Use Power Tools applied Liquid Rubber Foundation waterproofing products: It's a rubberized asphalt compound that forms a strong, flexible monolithic waterproofing membrane. Can be also applied on roofs. , Small Space Bathroom Remodeling - Maximize the Space and Save

Advantages: Adheres to virtually any structural surface. Ideal for rough uneven surfaces. Monolithic, free of seams, watertight, eliminates water , Small Space Bathroom Remodeling - Maximize the Space and Save migration and buildup of moisture. , Bathroom remodeling tips Offers strong protection because of the way it has to be applied.

Disadvantages: The surface has to be primed by primer first. The cost is higher because the product , Furniture For The Bedroom, Dining Room and Kitchen has to be applied in layers - basically you apply first coat of hot , Adjustable Bed - Start Each Day on the Right Note liquid rubber, then you have to quickly firmly press on the fabric reinforced sheet into that hot , Tips on buying Memory foam Mattresses layer, then apply a second coat of hot , The Artistic Past And Present Of Oriental Rugs liquid rubber waterproofing. Also, depending on the local , The Bathroom - The Forgotten Area Of Your Home? building code you may have to apply 2 or 3 of these sheet layers. Because of this, the elasticity is low. And because it is Hot , Does Your Home Make You Sick? Home Health Hazards you have to be very careful - the best is to have it applied by a certified specialist.

3. Sheet membranes The most common are self-adhering rubberized asphalt membranes composed of rubberized asphalt laminated to a waterproof polyethylene film.

Advantages: The biggest one is consistent thickness because they are "pre-made" to a required standard. Mechanically strong, resistant to hydrostatic pressure. Cover even the bigger holes or damaged areas. They can be applied to concrete, , Framing Old Mirrors metal, , Decorate Your Home With Unique Bamboo Curtains wood , Storage Cabinets or masonry surfaces.

Disadvantages: Harder to apply because of their very high "stickiness", also the cost for in-place is higher. Application requires at least 2 people to put in on properly. Requires lots of additional work = additional cost. If there are irregularities on the surface you want to put a sheet on they have to be smoothed first with some coat to make the surface even. You also would need to learn of joint treatment, lap joints, corners, penetration, priming, patching etc. And once the piece is down you won't get it back up in reusable condition.

4. Cementitious Waterproofing Is a cement based flexible waterproofing membrane. It can consist of Portland cement, sand , Why Ipe Wood Decking? – Get The Best In Tropical Hardwood acrylic mixture, plasticizer and other active waterproofing chemicals to increase it's durability and effectiveness.

Advantages: Very easy to use, just mix the powder with water , The Artistic Past And Present Of Oriental Rugs according to manufacturers , Adjustable Bed - Start Each Day on the Right Note recommendation and apply with brush or trowel. Very accessible - available from suppliers of masonry products, , Furniture For The Bedroom, Dining Room and Kitchen or specialized dealers. Paintable. Also comes in a variety of colors. , Power Tools Tips - How to Use Power Tools In most cases one coat is sufficient, although some areas may be needing a use of the reinforcing mesh. Low cost. Corrosion and weather , Cutting Through The Dark: Advantages of Outdoor Lighting resistant. Can be applied as a positive or negative side waterproofing.

Disadvantages: No flexibility - cement does not stretch, so as the structure settles down there are the possibilities of the future cracks. Before applying the surface has to be free from protrusions, gaping cracks, oils, paints, , Home Inspection - Going On Top water , How to Plan and Estimate Costs for a Bathroom Remodeling Project repellents and any other foreign material that could act as a bond breaker. Holes must be filled with approved block filler.

5. Bentonite Waterproofing is a bentonite clay below-grade foundation waterproofing product , Choosing the Right Flooring - Comfort and Styles which consists of sodium bentonite clay sandwiched between 2 layers of woven and no-woven puncture resistant polypropylene fabric. Comes as a clay panels and sheets.

Advantages: Can absorb tremendous amount of water. , Construction Of Swamp Coolers And as it takes the water , Power Tools Tips - How to Use Power Tools in the clay swells and pushes itself into cracks and voids where it stays permanently as a barrier against the water. , Storage Cabinets It is flexible and resistant to most chemicals. Non-toxic, non-polluting. No fumes. Can be applied in cold , Mantle Clocks - Great Deals And Huge Selection weather.

Disadvantages: Because of the way the clay works the seal does not form until the foundation is backfilled and the water , Small Space Bathroom Remodeling - Maximize the Space and Save reaches the bentonite material, which means you cannot confirm the integrity of the seal.

Summary: As you see a lot depends on your own situation, needs, requirements and what you feel comfortable with. The best way is to talk to the experts, check the manufacturers , Cutting Through The Dark: Advantages of Outdoor Lighting requirements especially for the concrete , Shower Filters - Why are they Important to Have? curing time, temperature , Hiring Home Contractor limitations and additional labor , Power Tools Tips - How to Use Power Tools requirements. Yes, waterproofing of the foundation can seem to be expensive at the first glance, but remember that it is a Long-term solution which when applied properly will save , The Artistic Past And Present Of Oriental Rugs you lots of time, headache and money in the future, so please, don't skimp on it.
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