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Whether or not you're mechanically inclined, if you're like most people you at least have some kind of tool , Mosquito Products: Are They Safe for our Health ? kit in your home. , Fat or Sugar? With all the different tools , Selling Houses: Payback of Window Treatments that there are, this can range from a small packet of a couple of screwdrivers, a hammer and a wrench, to a full blown box of just about everything you could possibly want.

But when something needs to be fixed, how do you know what tool , Home Saunas - Which Kind Is Right for You? to use?

Certainly if you want to hammer a nail , Homebuilding: Laying Tongue and Groove Plywood into a wall , Kitchen remodeling and design ideas you're not going to use a wrench to do this. But what kind of hammer would be best to use for this job? Yes, believe it or not, there are different types of hammers.

For example, There is the traditional claw hammer. This is the most popular hammer available for general chores. The claw of the hammer is naturally curved and has a V cutout to pull nails , Concrete Sealer- Why You Need One and How it Effects Your Concrete out of wood. , Tips on Kitchen Remodeling Designs You can also use the claw to lever up floorboards or other places , Barbeque Makeover for Less: How to Turn Your Aging Grill or BBQ Smoker Into a Shiny New Machine where you might want to use a lever.

Then there is the ball pein hammer. The striking end, or pein, is rounded and is normally used for shaping metal , Caring for Your Window Awnings and closing rivets.

Of course you have your cross and straight pein hammer. This can also be used for shaping metal. , Home Heating - for the Winter The most useful hammer for domestic , Homebuilding: Laying Tongue and Groove Plywood purposes is the cross pein. This can be used for starting panel pins and tacks.

What tool , Gas Fireplaces: Add A Touch Of Warmth To Your Home. box would be complete with the good old club hammer? This hammer has a double faced head and is usually used for light , Architecture Designs demolition work. It is great for driving steel chisels and masonry nails. , Architecture Designs

And there are others, but you get the idea. With all these hammers to choose from, if you simply wanted to hammer a nail , Home Heating - for the Winter into a wall , Fat or Sugar? to hang a picture, which hammer would you use? Well, you'll probably want to use the claw hammer. Why? Simple. If the nail , Do You Know How To Use Window Coverings? gets bent you can use the claw portion to straighten it out or remove the nail , Architecture Designs completely if it can't be saved. None of the other hammers can do that.

What about screwdrivers?

There are different types of screwdrivers as well. The handles are all relatively the same but what makes them all different is the screwdriver tip. , Fat or Sugar? Below are just a few of the most common screwdriver tips. , Beds, Beds And Beds! The Many Choices We Have

First, you have your most common tip , Do the Norwalk Juicer Rip And Squash which is the flat , Appliance Part Service head or regular tip. , Bed Buying Magic These are usually used with large heavy screws. , How To Choose Fireplace Screens To Enhance Your Home

Another very popular screwdriver tip , Simple Rules For Small Spaces is what is called the Phillips Head. These are used on cross slotted screw , Bay Windows Add Character And Space To A Home heads. You'll usually find screws , Storage And Organization - - Getting Started On The Right Track of this type on electronics products , What Exactly Is Crown Molding? such as radios.

Then you have your hex screwdriver tips. , Home Heating - for the Winter These are usually used for repair , Wicks and Wonders is Now a Registered Trademark work in the electronics field, mostly for TV repair. , Do You Know How To Use Window Coverings? The screws , Caring for Your Window Awnings are in a hexagonal shape and also used for DVDs, VCRs and other devices in this area.

So what screwdriver do you use if you want to remove the back from your portable radio? Well, you're going to have to actually look at the screw , How To Choose Fireplace Screens To Enhance Your Home to match it up but most likely it's a Phillips Head. Trying to unscrew this with anything else will be an exercise in futility.

The right tool , Bagged or Bagless - Which Type of Vacuum Cleaner Should You Purchase? for the right job. It may sound corny and clichéd, but it will save , Shopping For The Right Mattress you a lot of aggravation in the end.
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