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Article by: Amy Gilsan

My tool , How to Build a Home Sauna - Three Important Questions to Answer Before Building drawer 12 years ago contained the following: a hammer, needle-nosed pliers, and a Philips screwdriver. That's it. If I needed a flat , What to Look for in a Telescoping Flagpole screwdriver, I used a butter knife. If I needed to measure something, I used a ruler. If I needed to drive a screw, , Bathroom Wall Cabinets – Create Extra Space with a Touch of Style! I asked my neighbor to do it for me.

This was a state soon altered when I married a journeyman electrician and we moved onto 4 acres in the mountains and started building , Cooktops And Introduction a house , Finding the Right Contractor - with our own hands. If I knew then, how much I didn't know then, I never would have believed we could do it.

But, we did build the house. , Leaking Fuel Oil Tanks - Avoiding Costly Problems With Oil Spills and Leakage And then we constructed a greenhouse , Gas Grills with garden , Improving your Home with New Windows shed. Next, we raised a free- standing wood , Duct Cleaning - Proper Principals and Practices shed. Our ultimate achievement was when we finished constructing our timber , Leaking Fuel Oil Tanks - Avoiding Costly Problems With Oil Spills and Leakage framed barn.

As we added buildings , What is Injection Waterproofing? to our compound, we added tools , Home Inspection Basics to our collection. For starters, my husband gave me a tool belt equipped with a good hammer, speed square, measuring tape, and utility knife for a birthday present soon after we began building , Unique Wall Clocks - Elegance And Style For Every Room the house. , Swimming Pool – The Various Types

I loved having my own set of tools , Hot Tubs Create a Backyard Oasis with me at all times. With these, and my newly developed chop-saw skills, , Remodel or Move? Make the Right Decision I was set for a while.

As I acquired more confidence with the power tools, , Energy Efficient Resale Home - Shopping for One? I could take on more aspects of the house-building. Soon, I needed my own screw-gun, and a circular saw that was easy for me to manage, (unlike our 1970s Skil saw that had a tricky switch and weighed about as much as I do).

For my next present, I got the five-piece DeWalt power- tool , Storage Shed Plans kit. It is pure pleasure to work with good tools. , Retractable Awnings - Top 10 Reasons to Invest in Retractable Awnings With the DeWalt kit, I had a light , Choosing the proper frame style when installing new windows weight, battery powered circular saw; a super powerful cordless drill; a saws-all (reciprocating saw), and high powered flashlight, all in one place. , Duct Cleaning - Proper Principals and Practices

As we added tools , Conveyor Belt Tracking to our collection and I learned to use them, I realized some general principles about buying, using, and maintaining equipment.

About buying tools, , The Bathroom - The Forgotten Area Of Your Home? the central principle is this: it never pays to cheap-out on tools. , The Changing Face Of DIY Stores

Even for the ones we rarely use, like the bow saw, it's better just to spend the extra money in the first place. , Improving your Home with New Windows Otherwise, you're eventually going to have to go out and replace the cheap tool , Home Inspection Basics that breaks the second time you use it, or that performs poorly and wastes your time and materials.

This advice , Energy Efficient Resale Home - Shopping for One? holds true for everything from paintbrushes to table-saws. Make the extra investment. It's worth it because it will save , Retractable Awnings - Top 10 Reasons to Invest in Retractable Awnings you time and headache.

About using tools, , How To Open Your Swimming Pool This Spring the central principle is this: get the right tool , Introduction on How to Lay Floor Tiles With an Epoxy Adhesive for the job, and then work within the operating capacity of that tool. , Hot Tubs Create a Backyard Oasis

For example, my light-weight battery powered circular saw could cut a green , How to Build a Home Sauna - Three Important Questions to Answer Before Building 4 x 6 if I had a super-charged battery and I forced it. But that's not what the little saw is meant to do, and I could damage it, mangle the wood, , What is Home Theater? injure myself, or have some other problem from using the tool , Hot Water Boilers for something it wasn't designed to do. Using the right tool properly contributes to your efficiency and overall pleasure in the process.

About maintaining tools. , Hot Water Boilers Well, consider this. Once you've made the investment and you've gotten into the habit of using the tool , How to Build a Home Sauna - Three Important Questions to Answer Before Building properly for the job it's meant to do, if you also put a little attention on maintenance, then most good tools , Choosing the proper frame style when installing new windows will last a life-time.

Keep it simple and do-able. For most tools, , Improving Bathrooms – The Specifics all you have to do is keep them dry, blow the saw dust out of them before you put them away, and keep them in a safe place. , Swimming Pool – The Various Types

For battery powered tools, , The Bathroom - The Forgotten Area Of Your Home? keep the batteries fully charged for a long life and better performance. Keep blades sharp on saws so the motor doesn't have to work as hard. Generally, take care of your investment. If you just do a little maintenance as you use each tool, , Windows and Killer Utility Bills you're all set.
Modern homesteader Amy Gilsan is a contributing author to FMP Tools. , Painting Ornate Tin Ceiling Tiles Visit FB Home, , Lakeside Patios - The Water Makes Decisions For You and Full Storage for additional articles by Amy Gilsan.

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