Too Many Home Improvement Decisions and Not Enough Answers-The Home Improvement Success System.


Article by: Hank Jaworowski

We have all heard of a homeowner getting ripped off or having a bad experience/poor end result doing a home , Luxury Comes With Health: The Comfort and Benefits of Spas and Whirlpool Tubs improvement project. Home , Beds: Shopping Online at Speed improvement complaints rank at the top every year at the Better Business Bureau and Government Consumer Affair Agencies. As I see it, the basic problem is that homeowners are not prepared to make the many "choices" involved in a home , Making A Preventive Stop With Pool Covers improvement project. Homeowners cannot be expected to know all the right decisions and all the necessary preventative items and provisions that will insure their project will be "problem-free".

This is not to say that there is not "advice" out there to help homeowners complete their projects, but this advice , The Benefits of Wrought Iron Weather Vanes is normally very broad in nature. , Taking care of your vinyl flooring For example, most literature will tell you to," Make sure you hire someone that has a license and insurance." That is really good advice, , Improving your Home with Drywall but what type of license and what type of insurance are we talking about? What type of insurance liability amounts are appropriate? $25,000, $100,000, $250,000? Is a landscaper's license sufficient to build an outside , Mobile Home Remodeling cabana? My point is that there are just too many questions and too many decisions, both big and small, to rely on basic how to advice. , Top home sauna kits and equipment

All homeowners interested in doing a home , 10 Common Uses for Baking Soda improvement project need to start off with a detailed blueprint or system that shows them exactly what to do in all phases of the project. This system needs to detail how to , Beds: Shopping Online at Speed avoid "poor" home , Save Money By Keeping Charge Personal Air Coolers Working Well improvement situations. It also should be able to be used with any project, big or small.

The Home , Making A Preventive Stop With Pool Covers Improvement Success System accomplishes this. This system covers a variety of topics that one encounters when attempting a home , Portable Generator Safety Tips improvement project. This system includes an easy to follow screening procedure to evaluate candidates to do your project. The Home , Helpful Household Hints: How to Make a Relaxing Bath and More Improvement Success System also includes all the clauses and terms you need to add to a home , The Benefits of Wrought Iron Weather Vanes improvement agreement (contract). This will insure that the project is done without the usual problems that most people encounter when they sign a poor agreement. (Worker's not showing up, poor or no communication, jobsite behavior, costly unforeseen problems, project delays, job site conditions, responsibility and storage of materials, etc, etc, etc)

This sixty-two page system tells you exactly what to do every step of the way. Here is the system's table of contents, along with an excerpt about meeting a candidate for the first time.

The Home , Save Money By Keeping Charge Personal Air Coolers Working Well Improvement Success System
Table of Contents

About the Author

STEP I Defining Your Project and Budget

What is a Home , Need Information About Aluminum Decking? Learn About Its Great Features Here Improvement?

Project File Folder

Items to Consider Before Starting a

Categories of Work


Large Project or Small Project

STEP II Deciding On Who Does the Project
and Under What Circumstances

Thinking About Doing the Project
Yourself , Duct Cleaning - Proper Principals and Practices ?

Types of Contractors , Improving your Home with Drywall

Being Your "Own General Contractor"

Why You Should Not Hire Just Anybody
for Your Home , Office Edition Improvement Project

Hiring a Friend or Neighbor?

Where to Find Home , Duct Cleaning - Proper Principals and Practices
Improvement , Tips on Picking the Right Humidifier Candidates

I Warn Homeowners to Avoid
Candidates Who
Come Looking For You

A Word on Anyone
That Comes Looking For You

5 Steps To Evaluating Home
Improvement , Save Money By Keeping Charge Personal Air Coolers Working Well Candidates

Check License & Better
Business Bureau Record

Making Phone , Taking care of your vinyl flooring Contact

Candidate Interview
Large Company or Small Company

Contacting References

Evaluating Your Candidates

Case Study-Kitchen Remodel

Preparing a Contract

Contract Sample

Change , Remove Ink Stains From Carpet Orders

Building , Remove Ink Stains From Carpet Permits & CO's

STEP III Production of Your Project
Project File

Punch Lists

If Problems Arise

Forms and Self Test


Project Specification Sheet

Estimate Form

Waiver of Lien Sample

Right of Rescission Sample

Candidate Evaluation Sheet

Example of Labor , Duct Cleaning - Proper Principals and Practices Warranty


Here is an excerpt from The Home , Discount Hardwood Flooring Get It Cheaper From The Same Brand Names Improvement Success System that describes what you and your candidate need to bring to your first meeting.

"Ask the candidate to bring these items to your first meeting:
"¢ Copy of their license and insurances.
"¢ Pictures of projects similar to yours.
"¢ Names, addresses and phone , Steel Garage Building Plans: An Easy And Savvy Solution numbers (depending on the type of project) of at least 5 large projects completed within the last 2 years, or 15 smaller projects completed within the last 2 years.
"¢ Names, licenses and insurance information , Faucet Selections of any subcontractors they use.
"¢ Brochures of any products , Discount Hardwood Flooring Get It Cheaper From The Same Brand Names they recommend.

You need to bring these items with you to the first meeting:
"¢ All the people involved in making the decision on who to hire.
"¢ Project Specification Sheet- (Page 47), plans, , What Is Medium Density Fiberboard And What Is It Good For? diagrams and Estimate Form-(Page 49)
"¢ Survey of Property , Remove Ink Stains From Carpet (larger projects)
"¢ Lot # (larger projects)
"¢ Pictures of your house, , Faucet Selections if meeting at candidate's office.
"¢ Your Home , Marble Repair Improvement File Folder with pictures of other projects similar to what you are looking to do.

Step 3 Candidate Interview

Just as you expect the individual to be prepared, you should be prepared as well. Try to obtain as much information , Wool Carpeting For Your Home about your project as possible and put it in your Home , Too Many Improvement Decisions and Not Enough Answers-The Home Improvement Success System. Improvement File Folder. Your goal is to paint , Where's the Care Label for my New Bedspread? the clearest picture you can into the mind of the candidate you are interviewing, so they know what you are looking to do and what you expect of them. Good candidates will also be able to supply you with additional information , Three Great Concepts for Remodeling a Master Bedroom and insight into your project.

Keep a written record of the responses and comments you receive from each candidate. (It becomes very easy to forget which candidate said what.) Use the Candidate Evaluation Sheet supplied with this system (Page 56) to record your information. , Portable Generator Safety Tips

When you first meet the candidate, give a brief description of what you are looking to do. Begin asking the following questions. (Do not initially spend a lot of time reviewing your project until you are satisfied with the answers to the questions you ask)

Whether it is an architect, designer, , Steel Garage Building Plans: An Easy And Savvy Solution contractor , Hire Home Remodeling for Best Home Aesthetics Results or other don't be afraid to ask all the questions that you need to ask. Take control of the initial meeting. Remember you are interviewing the candidate not the other way around. These following questions need to be answered before you can proceed with anything else. I have included the types of answers you would receive from a well qualified candidate."

I would like to say that this system addresses every single question or problem that could ever occur with any home , How to Plan for a Kitchen Remodeling or Renovation Project improvement project"¦"¦"¦but that couldn't possibly be true. However the only way to get access to this system is when you become a member of The Home , Air Purifiers and Filters Guide Improvement Success Club of Americaâ„¢( Membership to this club includes a web , Where's the Care Label for my New Bedspread? forum, chat room, , Making A Preventive Stop With Pool Covers teleseminars, teleclasses, phone , Taking care of your vinyl flooring consultations, and contract/estimate evaluations. These additional club items are designed to answer questions or concerns members may have, that the system may not address.

Article Source:

Hank Jaworowski has been a Nationally Certified Remodeler (CR) through the National Association of The Remodeling Industry (NARI) since 1994. He was president of Contemporary Home , Buy An Inflatable Air Mattress With Absolute Ease Remodeling Corp. from 1978-2003. Contemporary earned some of the industry's highest awards such as Remodeling Magazine's Big 50 (1999) and receiving a National Contractor , Hire Home Remodeling for Best Home Aesthetics Results of the Year Award (2002). Mr. Jaworowski has given numerous seminars and conferences, throughout the years, on how homeowners can get the home , Jacuzzi The King Of Whirlpools And Hot Tubs improvement results they deserve.

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