Tips on Ladder Safety


Article by: Gregg Hicks


"¢Ladders should be placed so each side rail is on level and firm footing so the ladder is rigid, stable and secure.
"¢Boxes, loose bricks, or other loose packing should not support the side rails.
"¢No ladder should be placed in front of a door , Thermal curtains are conventional looking window coverings that save energy opening towards the ladder.
"¢The correct angle for a freestanding ladder is 4 to 1. For every 4 lengths up the ladder should stand 1 length away from the house. , Refrigerator Odours - Why, What, How?
"¢Ladders should rise to a height of at least 3 feet above any landing place , How To Artify Your Home for people using the ladder.
"¢Ladders should be securely fixed at the top and base so they can't from move either points of rest. If this is not possible, then a person should stand at the base of the ladder and secure it manually.


"¢Carry tools , Protect Your Wood Flooring Investment and supplies in belts or pouches around the waist, never in your hands.
"¢Don't use the top step of the ladder for standing or stepping.
"¢If you have a fear of heights - STOP - don't climb a ladder let someone else do it.
"¢Read and follow the manufacturer's warning stickers attached to the ladder. It is amazing how few people read this information. , Energy Conservation - Some Simple Tips for a Comfortable, Affordable Winter
"¢Only one person at a time may work from a single ladder.
"¢Always face the ladder when ascending or descending.
"¢Don't use a ladder if it is missing, , Choosing Components for Deck Railing Plans or has a weakened, broken or otherwise defective rung or tread.
"¢No metal , Information On Types And Styles Of Urinal Blocks ladder or ladder reinforced with wire should be used in the vicinity of any electrical conductor or any electrical equipment.
"¢Always maintain 3 points of contact with the ladder (2 feet/1 hand or 2 hands/1 foot should be in contact with ladder at all times).
"¢A ladder should not be used for any use other than its correct use as a ladder. For Example: Scaffolding.


"¢Carry the ladder balanced horizontally, never up and down.
"¢Watch your step while carrying the ladder to avoid tripping hazards.
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