The Window Salesman


Article by: Jim Mcdonald

The smiling friendly salesman comes out to give you an estimate...and yes, that is a diamond inset into his front tooth. It really sparkles when he smiles.

And he still smiles-even after he hands you your estimate and you are choking and gagging at the estimate-$20.000 dollars...for windows?

"Yes"...he smiles bigger ..(Fast, smooth talking mode on)." is not expensive at all, when you consider the enormous benefits of much lower utility bills and the satisfaction knowing you are going to be comfortable and secure in your own home. , How to Plan and Estimate Costs for a Bathroom Remodeling Project ..and don't forget fuel costs are going up every year...why, the saving on fuel costs will easily offset the installation cost in just a few years."

Your eyes began to settle back into their sockets. "Really" you say, thinking about your last fuel bill.

"'s a no brainier...I can show you the figures if you want."

Not wanting to be classified as stupid, you say ", that's not necessary."

He licks his lips. "...And think about this...when you sell your home , Concrete Foundation Repair ...I mean, you'll want to upgrade to new larger home , Bed Buying Magic real soon ...right."


"Well, there you go....any agent will tell you the ROI on replacement windows , How To Install Laminate Flooring The Directions Are On The Package is almost %100...maybe more as costs go up. You can't loose...its win-win all the way."

"I didn't know that..."

"It's true...and one more thing..." He looks around and moves closer. "If the boss finds out about this, he'll kill me ...I'm sure we have your windows , 5 Reasons to Make Early Spring "Firewood Time" at Your Home in stock. That means I'm charging your windows , Artificial trees and plants - Easy plants for you out at the old price."

"...The old price?"

"That's see, nobody keeps windows , Bathroom Renovations in stock...and before an install, we always order from the factory...but last week, we had a guy cancel and I'm sure the windows , Basement Mold The Most Common Place In The Home are the same as yours."

"No would do much can I save?" You ask.

"A know, that price I gave you is just an estimate."


"Sure ...everybody does it like that now a days...any additional costs like fuel surcharges....destination charges ...would be added to that ...I mean the way things are going can we do it any other way. The margin is so small; we would be out of business in a short time. See, it says that right here" Pointing to a small blob of print on the estimate.

"I guess I need some glasses. , Bed Buying Magic "

"Don't we all...but, I'll tell you I can lock , How to Finance a New Kitchen? you in at that price today and you won't have to worry about it at all ...if you know what I mean." He winks. "The boss doesn't have to know about our special deal...just sign right here."


"That's it..." He extends his hand, the diamond in his front tooth shining like a freight train headlight." I want to thank you...uh..Mr. Fish. , How To Install Laminate Flooring The Directions Are On The Package ..for giving me the opportunity to save , Decorating With Furniture In The Outdoor Garden you some money...It really makes me feel good to help someone."
Jim McDonald is a retired general contractor , Is Your Fireplace Keeping You Warm and Cozy? - Tips for Better Heat and liscened real estate home , Don't Forget Masonry During Inspections inspector. Read more about your home , Tankless Water Heater at these websites.

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