The Ugly Truth About Ceiling Fan Installations


Article by: Al Halbert

The Revelation

Now that you searched the crowded aisles of the home , How To Install Furring Strips to Concrete Walls improvement store for the perfect fan that suits your style, décor and pocketbook bought it and brought it home. , How To Choose A Dishwasher It is only then, after you open the box and start to read the installation instructions do you realize that this simple take down the old light , Taking Care of Your Adirondack Chair fixture and replace it with the ceiling fan has now become a home , 5 Things to Do Before Starting A Kitchen Design Project renovation project! You had not envisioned this happening after all you planned on basking in the cooling breeze of your ceiling fan sooner than later. You have just become another victim of the ugly truth about ceiling fans!

Installing the fan is the easy part. All of the ceiling fan manufacturers , 5 Things to Do Before Starting A Kitchen Design Project have worked hard to make your experience easy and pleasant. What they shy away from is the ceiling box retrofit which is essential for safety , Linoleum Flooring: The Truth about Today's Linoleum reasons. When your house , Taking Care of Your Adirondack Chair was first built if the builder or electrician knew that a ceiling fan was going to be installed in your home , Hassle-Free Walk-In Showers they would have used a fan-rated ceiling box. This is required by most building , Copper Sinks codes across the country. In particular NEC (314.27D & 422.18), these building , Shag area rugs, one of the most popular floor coverings around codes apply to the installation of ceiling fans and fan-rated ceiling boxes. But how could they, marketing data suggests that approximately 70% of all ceiling fans are being installed by the homeowner within 2 years of occupying their home , Everything You Need To Know About Spa Filters and were not originally installed by the builder.


Here you are and all you have is an ordinary ceiling box, they are only rated for a 35 pound hanging load on average and are not fan-rated. Fan-rated boxes are capable of holding 70 pound loads and are rated for dynamic load applications. Your options at this point are fast dwindling away. You could close the box and take it back to the store for a refund, or you could hire an electrician to replace the ceiling box and hang the fan? You could remove and replace or reinforce the ceiling box yourself , How To Choose A Dishwasher though the options available are few and the results are easier said than done! Either way this simple project has now turned into a major task that you had not bargained for.

One option you do not want to do is hang the fan on the existing ceiling box without reinforcing or replacing it unless you are absolutely certain it is a fan-rated box! This is dangerous and can lead to serious injury to you or others, DO NOT consider this option for even one second! The instructions will show you a cross section of a ceiling box. Most of them show a metal , How to Choose a Gas Water Heater ceiling box and all you have to do is run screws , Heat Up the Hot Tub from 20,000 Feet up through the ceiling box into blocking above the box. This may be true for older construction homes , Make your room look better with window blind shade but not for newer construction homes! , How To Install Furring Strips to Concrete Walls The ceiling and outlet box has been under going changes , Overhead Garage Doors for the last 10 years and allow the electrician to rapidly install this component. Many of the ceiling box manufacturers , How to Choose a Gas Water Heater today make them from plastics , Decorating On A Dime since it is easy and inexpensive for them and the builder. They also afford the electrician labor , Beautiful, Elegant Bathtubs that Spruce Up any Bathroom savings since he does not have to ground the ceiling box which the metal , Does Your Home Make You Sick? Home Health Hazards type requires.


Most of the newer construction homes , Where to Find a Local List of Plumbers have plastic , The Vital Role of Acoustical Door Seals ceiling boxes installed, they are simply nailed or screwed against a joist or truss and don't have any blocking above them, since this would be a waste of materials and labor. , How To Choose Fireplace Screens To Enhance Your Home So you have several options at this point the first is to place , Home Security Tips For Those On A Budget blocking above the ceiling box. If this is an upper floor , Overhead Garage Doors the roof , Choose Your Own Sauna Design is probably above you so you can go into the attic and find the ceiling box and reinforce it. In many circumstance though the average home , Decorating On A Dime does not have an attic this is especially true of newer homes. , Jazz Up Your Basement Ceiling - You Can Do That They only have a narrow crawl space between the trusses.

This combined with blow-in insulation makes the location , Adjustable Beds - Now This Will Put You To Sleep of the ceiling box difficult if not impossible when a fan is to be hung on an upper floor. , Jazz Up Your Basement Ceiling - You Can Do That One trick you can use is to take a small dowel or rod about 3 feet long and slide it against the drywall and ceiling box up into the attic space. When you go up into the attic or crawl space you can see where the ceiling box is since the dowel will be poking up like a flag pole.

For installation of a ceiling fan between floors , Overhead Garage Doors leaves little choice for this task since it cannot be accessed easily from above or below the ceiling since the upper floor , The Durability of Standing Seam Metal Roofing is directly above the ceiling box. Cutting a hole in the floor , Design Psychology: Fabrics or knocking out the ceiling is not prudent just to place , Where to Find a Local List of Plumbers blocking above a ceiling box. Medallions are available but the added expense, labor , Everything You Need To Know About Spa Filters and time can be prohibitive, especially if the medallion is painted to match the ceiling. You might decide to knock out the drywall anyway around the ceiling box. If you do just replace the box with a fan-rated ceiling box and be done with it.

Repair the drywall after replacing the box which is available at your local home , Design Psychology: Fabrics center or hardware , Design Psychology: Fabrics store. Matching the ceiling texture and paint , Ceiling Fan Wiring will require time, talent and expertise, so be prepared! The brace type of products , Water Ionizers Counters the Effects of Urbanization that are sold today are an alternative though they work better in theory than in practice as the old ceiling box needs to be removed before they can be installed. Home , Security Tips For Those On A Budget Depot has a web , Sand Filters for Swimming Pools page devoted to this process which they claim can take ½ a day to complete. This is less than the other methods and may be worth considering.

A Simpler Solution

Following the trend in the construction methods of today's homes , Rubber Roofing has led to the development of a new and simple method to reinforce an existing ceiling box to that of a fan-rated box that is consumer friendly.
Mr. Halbert holds a Bachelors Degree in Electronic Engineering and is the inventor of the FAN-EZE & N-Forcer products. , Framed Art He is the President/CEO of this privately held corporation and has held various corporate offices for other corporations before founding EE Products , How To Choose A Dishwasher Inc. Further information , Overhead Garage Doors regarding the products , Water Ionizers Counters the Effects of Urbanization and company can be found at or contacting the company directly at 801-254-5144.

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