The Need for National Guidelines and Testing in the Home Improvement Industry


Article by: Hank Jaworowski

It is time for Washington to step up and put legislation in place , Toxic Mold Tort Experts that will force states to better regulate the home , Stairs, Staircases and Lighting improvement industry. Up to now Washington has left the regulation of the home , Bathtub Repairs FAQ improvement industry up to state regulators, and for whatever reason(s) many states have fallen considerably short.

There are still some states that do not even have contractor , Heart of the Home licensing in place , Air Duct Cleaning - How Often for home , Bathroom Tile Design - Material Types for Bathroom Tile Designs improvements. For some of the states that do have licensing, the license requirements do not include that the applicant demonstrate the ability to do any type of home , Vinyl Siding Cost improvement work. (That is like saying I will issue you a license to cut hair but you don't have to demonstrate that you know how to , Curved Stair Lifts An Overview cut hair"¦"¦"¦ ouch!) Then why do states bother issuing licenses if there are no requirements to demonstrate competence? Revenue? Or could it be that they need more consumer complaints for Consumer Affairs and BBB to handle? The unfortunate consequences of this problem are that homeowners are the ones who are paying the price by receiving poor workmanship and a cascade of home , Complete Guide to Laminate Flooring, Wood Flooring and Hardwood Floors improvement problems.

Let's be honest, the home , Grandfather Clocks- Relive The Magic improvement industry does not seem to attract the most reliable, honest and competent individuals. The lure of a quick buck and the relative ease to "qualify" to do home , Tools - Machine Tools improvement work, brings many a "character" to your door. , Moisture Problems: Humidity vs. Ventilation When I was a contractor , Discount Bedroom Furniture Set Buying Guide I needed to hire people for a variety of field positions. Most of the people, who I interviewed and sometimes hired, seemed to have the same type of problems with past employers. These problems consisted of substance abuse issues, honesty issues, and reliability issues. The labor , Heart of the Home pool never seemed to have an over abundance of talent and employability to pick from.

I remember always reading article after article that dealt with the significant manpower shortage in the home , The Finnish Sauna: 16 Steps to Total Pleasure improvement industry. The bottom line of each article would always be the same, "If you can find an honest, reliable and competent person to work for you, pull out all the stops to keep them!!!! Do whatever you need to do to keep that person happy because you'll never know if you will be lucky enough to find someone to take their place. , Bunk Bed Basics " As an owner, it was a very constant and stressful problem to deal with. You were almost afraid to try and increase project production because you knew you would have to try and find someone to do the additional work. Finding employees was always an adventure, an adventure that I never looked forward to.

For the last 10-15 years the number one problem in the home , Vacuum Cleaners Which Is The One For Me? improvement industry is the lack of manpower. Many contractors , Planning Permission Tips UK - Free Design Advice In The UK - How And Where To Get It are training and hiring minorities to try and solve this major problem.

If you were to talk to your state authorities about what is being done to improve regulations , Garage Sales - Good For Everyone and screening in the home , Vacuum Cleaners Which Is The One For Me? improvement industry, they will probably tell you something is in the works or there is no money for more regulations , Laminate Flooring - Should you Pick Glued Or Click? (testing). I have been hearing this for 30 years. The county in which I live (Suffolk County, New York) still does not require any demonstration of home , The Finnish Sauna: 16 Steps to Total Pleasure improvement ability to obtain a home , Chlorine Removal by Shower Head Filters improvement license. The fee has consistently gone up but the requirements have pretty much stayed the same. We are one of the highest taxed counties in the country, so I refuse to believe there is no money to develop and implement a better policing and screening process in the home , Stairs, Staircases and Lighting improvement industry.

The National Association of The Remodeling Industry (NARI) is the only national organization that offers certification of home , Safety & Windows Installation improvement individuals. They have a number of different certifications that one could obtain. To obtain these certifications the applicant needs to demonstrate a variety of knowledge, ranging from good business practices to project knowledge. NARI's main certification is called - Certified Remodeler (CR). This certification requires the applicant to prepare an extensive matrix or resume of their experience and knowledge as well as obtaining a certain score on an 8-hour exam. There are only approximately 1000 CR's, out of the hundreds of thousands of home , Air Duct Cleaning - How Often improvement contractors , The Benefits of Steel Storage Buildings in this country. I earned this certification in 1994 and still proudly hold this certification today. I will admit that obtaining this certification is a time consuming process and does take considerable effort, but it was well worth it. What I also like about this certification is that it has to be renewed every year by demonstrating continued involvement and knowledge in the home , Need Information About Aluminum Decking? Learn About Its Great Features Here improvement industry.

Why then couldn't Washington mandate some type of screening, nationwide, that all people interested in doing home , Tools - Machine Tools improvements must be able to "pass" to obtain a license? This license could be used nationwide. Use a screening process that emulates what NARI does for its certifications. You could make the screening as simple as a comprehensive test with multiple choice questions. A test that could be machine scored.

I think an ideal situation for licensing would be to divide up home , Complete Guide to Laminate Flooring, Wood Flooring and Hardwood Floors improvement licensing into sub-licenses. For example, if you were a bathroom , Types Of Carpets contractor you would obtain a license for bathroom home , Planning Permission Tips UK - Free Design Advice In The UK - How And Where To Get It improvements only. This would refine what licensees are qualified to do, rather then issuing one license that could wrongly give the impression that the licensee is capable of doing any type of project.

The reason I think Washington needs to get involved with this problem is because the American public doesn't have the time to wait for each of the 50 states to come up with a similar solution, individually.

However, if Washington were to step up and mandate a national screening and testing situation, you would still have to address the screening of the people who show up to work on your house. , Estimating Home Improvements (if they were not the person(s) who was screened and licensed) These people would hopefully be employees of the person who was screened. Is the homeowner then back to square one with not knowing the qualifications of the people working on their house? I tend to think not, because the person who went through the screening and obtained the license would want to keep the license. It is in the best interest of the licensed , Types Of Carpets individual to make sure the project is done correctly. Problems develop when a contractor , Information On Types And Styles Of Urinal Blocks has too much work and attempts to get it all done by using inexperienced and unqualified help. The lure of completing more work and making more money sometimes leads to his or her business getting "out of control". This subsequently leads to quality and project completion problems. Employees of licensed , Planning Permission Tips UK - Free Design Advice In The UK - How And Where To Get It and screened contractors , Toxic Mold Tort Experts need to "qualify" on some level similar to NARI's lead carpenter certification.

Will any of these desperately needed changes , Discount Bedroom Furniture Set Buying Guide occur any time soon? To be honest, I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for Washington to step up to the plate and I don't think your state or local , Carpet Cleaning: 12 Things To Know governments will dramatically improve home , Building Your Dream - Part 3 improvement regulations , Chlorine Removal by Shower Head Filters either.

So what should a homeowner do to protect their home , Carpet Cleaning: 12 Things To Know and property? Get the right "tools" and knowledge to be able to protect your home , The Finnish Sauna: 16 Steps to Total Pleasure from poor home , How to Hire an Asphalt Driveway Paving Contractor improvement decisions and situations.

The Home , The Benefits of Steel Storage Buildings Improvement Success Club of Americaâ„¢ ( can give you all the right knowledge and "tools" you need, without spending hours and hours doing research and trying to figure out what to do. This club has a variety of forums (chat room, , Garage Sales - Good For Everyone message board, phone , Need Information About Aluminum Decking? Learn About Its Great Features Here consultations and project estimate-contract evaluations) to answer your questions about how to , Laminate Flooring - Should you Pick Glued Or Click? get great home , Bunk Bed Basics improvement results. Membership to this club also includes the use of The Home , Curved Stair Lifts An Overview Improvement Success System, which is a step by step home , Information On Types And Styles Of Urinal Blocks improvement system that shows you exactly what to do and what not to do. This system can be used with any project. The club also includes a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not delighted with being a club member.

If you're serious about doing a home , The Benefits of Steel Storage Buildings improvement project and protecting your home, , The Practicalities of Walk In Bathtubs then join The Home , Air Duct Cleaning - How Often Improvement Success Club of Americaâ„¢. You will be happy you did!

The Home , Carpet Cleaning: 12 Things To Know Improvement Success Club of Americaâ„¢ P.O. Box 653 Smithtown, NY 11787 Phone: 631-360-7722 Fax: 631-361-3582

By Hank Jaworowski, CR Founder and President of The Home , Information On Types And Styles Of Urinal Blocks Improvement Success Club of Americaâ„¢ Author-The Home , Vacuum Cleaners Which Is The One For Me? Improvement Success System

Hank Jaworowski - EzineArticles Expert Author
Hank Jaworowski has been a Nationally Certified Remodeler (CR) through the National Association of The Remodeling Industry (NARI) since 1994. He was president of Contemporary Home , Toxic Mold Tort Experts Remodeling Corp. from 1978-2003. Contemporary earned some of the industry's highest awards such as Remodeling Magazine's Big 50 (1999) and receiving a National Contractor , Home Improvement: Ten Pretty Good Rules of the Year Award (2002). Mr. Jaworowski has given numerous seminars and conferences, throughout the years, on how homeowners can get the home , Air Duct Cleaning - How Often improvement results they deserve.

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