The Finnish Sauna - 16 Steps to Total Pleasure


Article by: Pertti Olavi Jalasjaa

Once fully acquainted with the sauna and confident of its operation, sauna enthusiasts develop their own styles, rituals and methods of enjoying the sauna. There are many guidelines but few if any fixed rules to getting the most pleasure and fulfillment out of a sauna, as everyone is free to blaze their own trail to sauna satisfaction.

As well, the same road need not be taken each time a sauna enthusiast embarks on the journey, for there may be occasions when the bather wants a sauna session that is less relaxing and more invigorating or vice versa.

So much of sauna enjoyment comes down to matters of preference and choice, yet most sauna enthusiasts agree on the fundamentals:

Since a sauna can impact the cardiovascular system in the same way as jogging, tennis or a vigorous exercise program can, bathers should behave responsibly.

Never take more heat , Lodge Decor - For A Home As Cozy As A Cabin In The Woods than is comfortable, and never push the limits of endurance.

Although saunas are known to relax pregnant women, expectant mothers are encouraged to discuss sauna use with their doctors. Anyone with a chronic illness like epilepsy or diabetes, a serious circulatory or heart problem, or a skin or respiratory ailment should also consult with a doctor.

People with high blood pressure who are accustomed to regular saunas are usually advised to continue using the sauna but in moderation.

For obvious health and safety , What Kind Of Decking Material Do You Like? Get Composite Decking reasons, people under heavy influence of drugs or alcohol should not use the sauna.

Consider the following steps on your road to finding fulfillment in the sauna:

1. Be prepared to give the sauna plenty of time to do its work; a leisurely sauna is far more beneficial than a rushed one. One to 2-1/2 hours is ideal for total relaxation.

Several sessions can be spent in the sauna if they are separated by short cooling-off and rest periods. A longer drying-off and rest period can be very relaxing after the final sauna session.

2. After eating a large meal, always wait at least one hour before using the sauna. Some people find a sauna first thing in the morning to be very invigorating and a great way to start the day. Other people believe evening is the ideal time to use the sauna, as it can help get your mind and body ready for bed. , Termites and Termite Control - How To Stop Problem Jobs From Becoming Nightmares

3. Preheat the sauna to a temperature , Gain Extra Seating With Bar Stools of your liking by setting the thermostat. Many sauna enthusiasts enjoy the heat , Prevent Water Damage in the Laundry Room at about 180°F (82°C), which is in the middle of the popular temperature , Charge Up With an Ionic Air Cleaner! range of 170 to 190°F (77 to 88°C).

4. Bathers not accustomed to sauna heat , Handy Man Talents - Do You Fit The Bill? should start at a lower temperature , Lodge Decor - For A Home As Cozy As A Cabin In The Woods of about 160°F (70°C) and allow their capacity for enjoying hotter temperatures , Home Improvements – Questions and Answers to develop.

5. Wear as little as possible, preferably nothing. A loose towel can be used if necessary. Remove any watches, jewelry and glasses , How To Find A Flat Roof Leak - Infrared Survey that would become uncomfortably hot. , Beat The Heat This Summer with an Inground Swimming Pool

6. Many sauna bathers start with a brief warm shower , PhotoCatalytic Air Purifier: New Technology to wash off body oils and dirt.

7. Enter the sauna and relax on the top level for 10 to 15 minutes. (Choose the lower level if you prefer a moderate heat. , Why drink wgrass juice? ) Many bathers spend about half of their time in the sauna reclining. When you are reclining, raise your feet above head level by using permanent footrests installed on the wall, , Sparkling, Clean Lighting Will Add The Perfect Touch To Your Home or place , Fire Pit Essentials a portable footrest under your ankles. Portable headrests and backrests are ideal for achieving greater levels of comfort and enjoyment.

The sauna's dry heat , Fire Pit Essentials will increase your blood circulation and eventually bring your body to the perspiration point. Do not, however, expect to perspire heavily during your first session in the sauna.

Do not remain in the sauna for longer than 30 minutes, as any exposure beyond that time can be not only uncomfortable but hazardous as well. Remember, the sauna is not a test of toughness.

8. Shower , Things To Consider While Designing A Guest Bedroom again, or take a cool refreshing swim. Hardy types may prefer an icy dip or a roll in fresh snow, , Inspecting Your Chimney And Its Liners weather , Buyers Guide To Heavy-Built Mailboxes permitting. Sudden temperature , Beat The Heat This Summer with an Inground Swimming Pool changes can be invigorating. Exposure to extreme cold, , Sanitair Vacuum Cleaners Bringing Commercial Cleaners Home however, must be followed by an adequate soak in the sauna heat , 5 Must Haves For Setting Up A Basement Bar to avoid catching a chill.

9. Rest for 10 to 15 minutes to allow your body to cool down slowly, and then repeat the cycle of heat, , How to maintain a mop bucket. shower , Home Improvements – Questions and Answers and rest.

10. When returning to the sauna, throw on several scoops of water , How Air Conditioners work? with the sauna ladle to create steam and to increase the humidity in the room. , Sanitair Vacuum Cleaners Bringing Commercial Cleaners Home Raising the humidity level from a low five to eight percent to a more comfortable 15 percent will allow your skin to remain completely wet with perspiration. You should develop a heat , Bathroom Shower Doors - A Simple Solution For Giving Your Bathroom A Stylish New Image! and humidity combination that will bring you the most enjoyment. Some bathers like it super dry, and some prefer it quite humid. You must determine your own preferences.

11. The birch whisk (or vihta, as the Finns call , How To Find A Flat Roof Leak - Infrared Survey it) can now be used to stimulate blood circulation on the skin. Whisking the entire body will also induce very heavy perspiration.

12. Once your body is warm, your skin pores will open. This is the time to vigorously scrub your entire body clean. If you are sharing your sauna session with a companion, don't forget to offer to scrub his or her back, too.

13. Experienced sauna users know that the final cleansing of the skin and pores happens in the heat , Termites and Termite Control - How To Stop Problem Jobs From Becoming Nightmares of the sauna session that follows a vigorous scrubbing.

14. Have a warm shower, , Home Improvements – Questions and Answers and then, being careful not to chill your body, follow it with a cooler one to close the pores of your skin. Avoid extreme cold , Why Hiring a Painting Contractor Makes Good Sense and drafts until your body's temperature , Hiring the right contractor has returned to normal.

15. Allow your body to dry without hard toweling it. Give yourself , Inspecting Your Chimney And Its Liners at least 20 minutes to relax and cool down before getting dressed. If you are at home, , Beat The Heat This Summer with an Inground Swimming Pool feel free to climb right into bed , Installation Options for a Coal and Wood Burning Furnace and enjoy a deep and refreshing sleep.

16. Many sauna enthusiasts like to have a light , Pull Down Attic Ladders: Easy Access To Your Roof Space snack after a sauna session. Accompanied by a refreshing cool beverage, small salty sausages or crackers can be a delicious treat and will help the body replace the water , Planning your Bathroom Tile Design, Pattern & Installation and salt that were lost during the session.
Pertti Olavi Jalasjaa is the Finnish-born author of "The Art of Sauna Building, , How To Store And Handle The Cleaning Chemicals Safely? an acclaimed reference book on sauna construction. He is also the general manager of Great Saunas, which has been manufacturing and selling high-quality saunas and sauna kits to sauna enthusiasts around the world since 1974. Visit Great Saunas online , What Kind Of Decking Material Do You Like? Get Composite Decking at

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