The Art of Removing A Toilet


Article by: Jim Muckle

The other day, after putting a fresh roll of toilet paper on the plastic , Air-Purifiers – Breathe Easy In Fresh Air holder, I pulled on the toilet paper roll at the precise time the toilet was flushing and the plastic , HEPA Air Purifiers holder flew up in the air , What Are Circuit Breakers? and made a perfect dive right down into the toilet at precisely the moment it was flushing at full strength. I couldn't believe my eyes. The plastic , Siding for Homeowners holder was gone in a flash and I was amazed that this six inch device would be so easily scooped up, but it was. I tried everything to get it out, wire, snake, but it was too far gone.

I figured it was at the first turn where the inner canal bends so I took the tank off thinking I could reach down in there and force or pry it out. No such luck.

When you take the tank off you can't reach into the canal where the water , Sauna Rooms - For Greater Health, Homes and Happiness actually flows, so don't waste your time doing that.

It was at this point I decided I had to remove the toilet.

Interestingly enough the toilet will continue to flush when something is stuck in it, but at a minor rate; that is it will take longer, swirl in the basin longer, and it won't accept all of the sewage, and will have to be plunged frequently.

Besides things getting stuck in toilets there is another reason you might have to remove one. At the base where it's attached to the floor , Citrus Juicer For Those Squeezed-For-Time Mornings they sometimes begin to leak. A puddle will form and soon you'll be getting a call , Gel Candles Myths from the tenant.

1. To remove a toilet first shut off the water , Why Should You Go For House Air Conditioning? at the faucet underneath the toilet.

2. Flush and drain the tank completely. Sponge out any excess water , Siding for Homeowners from the basin and the tank because you're going to be lifting all of this up so you want it to be as light , Back Be Nimble as possible (as well as not spilling any water , Sauna Rooms - For Greater Health, Homes and Happiness on the floor). It's a good idea to lay down a little newspaper somewhere where you're going to set the toilet because you won't get all the water , Effective Air conditioners - 9 Ways to Cut Your Energy Bill by Half out of the inner workings.

3. Disconnect the hose that provides the water , Dangerous Decorating: Improvements that Lower the Value of Your Home supply to your tank. This can be done by unscrewing the plastic , What you should know before you choose wallpaper nut that attaches underneath the tank.

4. Look down at the base of the toilet and you'll see two little plastic , Sauna Rooms - For Greater Health, Homes and Happiness caps. Pop those off and underneath them you'll see a nut and washers. Loosen both nuts on either side of the toilet and set them aside. Take off the washers.

5. Now comes the first tricky part. Carefully, with the utmost of delicacy, lift up the toilet. The reason I say delicately and carefully is that you don't want to disturb the bolts that the toilet is fastened to. It's a pain in the neck to replace them, but it can be done if you do knock one of them out.

6. Lift up on the toilet and set it aside. Chances are, if you look up at the bottom of your toilet, your toy soldier or toilet roll holder is lodged at the turn right before the water , Roof Preparation before Installing Roof Shingles plunges into the big sewer pipe in the bathroom floor, , Reviews of Dyson vacuum cleaners or it might be at the first turn a little higher up. In the case of my toilet roll holder I couldn't get it out from the bottom and therefore had to turn the bowl upside down (the tank was off) and jiggle it around the curves until it came out where the seat is. Depending on what you've got stuck in there and where it's stuck you'll have to be creative in your method of dislodging it.

7. After you've succeeded in clearing the obstruction you'll need to put a new wax gasket on the bottom of your toilet. First remove the old one and clean the area where you're going to put the new one. Also clean up the remnants of the old wax from the base where the toilet fits on the floor. , Hire a General Contractor You might want to wad up a little newspaper to stick in the hole so that you don't drop something down there. Get it all cleaned up and remove your new wax gasket from the box it came in. With your toilet leaning on it's side stick the wax gasket over the hole it goes around. The second tricky part is getting the wax gasket to stick or stay in place , What Are Circuit Breakers? while you lift the toilet upright and place , Your Candles Are Killing You and Your Furniture - Substitute It! it over the bolts in the floor. , Kitchen Cabinets: Parts And Accessories I've had them fall , Effective Air conditioners - 9 Ways to Cut Your Energy Bill by Half off over and over, but the warmer it is the better they stick.

8. With great patience and strength, gently, ever so gently guide the toilet down onto the bolts sticking out of the floor. , Vinyl Replacement Window Terminology Please do this with the utmost of accuracy because if you don't and you knock one of those bolts out you'll have to replace it. And that's no fun and lengthens the job.

Settle the toilet back onto the bolts and then squish the wax gasket down. The best way to do this is to sit on the toilet. Kind of press and turn it a little to work the wax gasket into place, , Home Generators but gently, always gently. If you're very very lucky you won't have to repeat this procedure.

9. Replace your washers and nuts at the base of the toilet, and tighten, but just snug.

10. Reconnect your hose underneath the tank, and turn the water , Back Be Nimble back on and let it fill the tank.

11. Now comes the big test. Cross your fingers and say a prayer because the wax gaskets don't always fit right. Flush the toilet and see if any water , Sand Filters for Swimming Pools leaks out around the base. If it does, then you've got to go back in there and replace the wax gasket again. You can't use the old one because it will be all messed up. Don't think you can caulk around the base and stop the leak. I've tried that and it just keeps leaking at a slower rate.

On occasion I've had to put one gasket on after another because they didn't fit right and kept leaking around the base. Also, I've broken the bolts that hold the toilet to the floor. , Why Should You Go For House Air Conditioning? Usually what you have to do to replace them is drill a new hole, get a new bolt which can be screwed into the new hole like a wood screw, , Foundation Repair Contractors and on the other end it has threads to put a nut on. The reason they usually come out in the first place , Citrus Juicer For Those Squeezed-For-Time Mornings is because the wood , Hot New Towel Warmers is rotted around where the bolt is attached to the floor, , Foundation Repair Contractors or because you didn't align it properly when you were setting it back down on the bolt.

It does go well sometimes though. When I took my toilet out to retrieve the toilet paper holder the wax gasket worked perfect and the bolts stayed in place , Swamp Coolers – A Different Way to Cool Your Home and there were no leaks. Whew"¦a lucky break. Good luck!

1. Turn off water , Swamp Coolers – A Different Way to Cool Your Home supply.
2. Flush and drain tank.
3. Disconnect water , Swamp Coolers – A Different Way to Cool Your Home supply hose.
4. Pop ornamental caps off and loosen nuts on either side of toilet.
5. Remove toilet.
6. Dislodge stuck item.
7. Remove old wax gasket and replace with new one.
8. Reattach toilet to floor. , Dangerous Decorating: Improvements that Lower the Value of Your Home
9. Replace washers and nuts.
10. Turn water , Home Generators back on.
11. Check for leaks.
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