The 34 Principles Of An ExtraOrdinary Home


Article by: Carol Abrahamson

Planning to remodel or build soon? Want to have an ExtraOrdinary Home? One that goes way beyond the norm in your neighborhood but doesn't blow your budget? We started collecting over 1,000 uncommon, affordable convenience built-ins in 1998, when we first began writing books and consulting to help people have truly extraordinary "” but affordable "” homes. , Caring for Your Hardwood Floor And by the time we'd found the first 200 features, , Marble these 34 home , What are the True Benefits of a Sauna? design principles became obvious. Use them as you plan , A "Small Home" Primer your next remodeling or building , Things To Consider When Buying A Dishwasher project, and you'll be on your way toward creating a home , Improvement for The Ladies! that's truly beyond the ordinary!

An ExtraOrdinary Home"¦

"¦ can be affordable.

"¦ provides a healthy environment. , Caring for Your Hardwood Floor

"¦ is a safe environment. , Research Kitchen Remodeling Trends

"¦ accommodates the needs of people of all ages and physical limitations.

"¦ incorporates efficiencies that save , Microfibre duvets or covers steps and/or time.

"¦ protects the belongings of its owners.

"¦ minimizes harm from external threats such as pests, , Spring Cleaning in the States vs End of Year Cleaning in Japan fire, , Audio Options for HDTV flooding, terrorism, chemical attacks, etc.

"¦ minimizes the risk of intruders or vandals entering and/or doing damage.

"¦ is quiet.

"¦ facilitates communication.

"¦ provides physical comfort.

"¦ is chock-full of everyday conveniences.

"¦ has an abundance of natural , The History And Health Benefits Of Hot Tubs light.

"¦ has adequate and appropriately varied lighting systems and fixtures.

"¦ has adequate and accessible electrical outlets, and switches of the appropriate types.

"¦ is safe , Microfibre duvets or covers when the power , Tiara of Lights: The History of Chandeliers goes out.

"¦ is easy to maintain.

"¦ minimizes unnecessary wear and tear of its components.

"¦ helps its inhabitants stay organized.

"¦ minimizes clutter by providing adequate storage for all its inhabitants' belongings.

"¦ has storage space that's appropriate for all its stored items.

"¦ offers storage near where the stored items will be used.

"¦ enables storage of frequently-used items in easy-to-reach locations. , Keep Your China Cabinet in Beautiful Condition

"¦ minimizes wasted space and utilizes spaces that are otherwise unused.

"¦ allows maximum access to everything in it.

"¦ facilitates traffic flow.

"¦ enables unnecessary items to be out of sight or out of the way.

"¦ has features , Deck Plans - Are You Building A Deck? that make moving people and things within it easy.

"¦ is energy , How to Make Your Own Concrete Curbs for Pennies Per Foot and water , Log Rolling That Guarantees You Won't Fall in! efficient.

"¦ can accommodate new technology as it becomes available.

"¦ has living areas and features , The Wonders of Walk-In Bathtubs that can serve simultaneous multiple purposes.

"¦ has living areas and features , Log Rolling That Guarantees You Won't Fall in! that can be modified as its residents' needs change. , Fireplace Face Lift: Just in Time for Santa's Visit

"¦ is enjoyable for visitors and overnight guests.

"¦ is a safe , Log Rolling That Guarantees You Won't Fall in! and comfortable place , Housing and Smart Houses; Energy Self Sufficient Possibilities for living with cats and dogs.

Like this article? Then you'll love our book with the same title that includes over 175 uncommon, affordable convenience built-ins that increase your quality of life and your home's resale value! We also offer a free version of this book at The 34 ExtraOrdinary Home , Making the Right Wallpaper Style Choice Principles: Over 70 Fabulous, Affordable, Innovative Ideas That'll Improve Your Life and WOW You!

© Copyright 2005 by Carol Abrahamson/ExtraOrdinary Homes. , Wood Boilers: An Improvement on the Traditional Wood Stove All rights reserved.

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Carol Abrahamson consults, writes and makes presentations about more than 1,000 fabulous features , Audio Options for HDTV that can improve your life, add value to your home , Add Sizzle to Your Surroundings and make you the talk of the town. She spent years researching them via thousands of sources just so you can quickly and easily use them to create your affordable, extraordinary Home , Small Kitchen Remodeling Ideas of Your Dreamsâ„¢. Learn more about her work via or

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