Ten Convenience Built-Ins That’ll Save Your Busy Household Hundreds Of Hours Each Year


Article by: Carol Abrahamson

Planning to remodel, repair , A "Small Home" Primer or build a new home? Looking for some terrific features , Wind Turbines - How to Harvest the Wind to include that can save , What is X10 Home Automation? you tons of time in shortcuts, efficiencies and saved steps? We can help! We started collecting over 1,000 uncommon, affordable convenience built-ins in 1998, when we first began writing books and consulting to help people have truly extraordinary "” but affordable "” homes. , Keep A House Cleaning Schedule Here are some of our favorite ideas that'll change , Plumbing your life via the time they save , DIY Ladder Safety Tips you. Add any of these to your next project, and you'll be on your way toward creating a home , Get the "Edge" in Cleaning that's truly beyond the ordinary!

"¢ A shallow closet or weatherproof cabinet at every outdoor , Inspecting Your Chimney and Its Liners hose faucet, for storing a hose at an easy-to-reach height where it will stay relatively clean, out of sight and out of the way. No more risk of tripping over a hose left in a heap on the ground! (And even recoiling and flat , Garage Door Openers Necessity in the Home hoses can be awkward and dirty to move from faucet to faucet, especially if they're stored outdoors. , Spring Into Action: Home Maintenance ) This makes gardening , Selecting the Right Kitchen Sink a snap, as well as hosing down the deck, , Homeowners Here is a Step by Step Guide to Help You Hire a Quality Home Improvement Contractor patio , Curing Squeaking Floor Boards or outdoor furniture, , Unique Wall Clocks - Elegance And Style For Every Room or washing windows. , Hardwood Laminate Floors You'll also want flooring inside , The Art of Removing A Toilet that prevents the unavoidable drips from encouraging mold.

"¢ A non-porous, nonskid, self-leveling garage floor , Choosing Window Treatments for Your Home coating, so that soil , Get the "Edge" in Cleaning and oil can easily be hosed away. (If you have a drain in the floor , Ideas About The Code On Deck Railings and flooring , Tips for Choosing The Right Bathtub that slopes toward it, use a similar coating that's not self-leveling.)

"¢ A sewing machine permanently plugged in and set up on a desk or inside , Light Up Your Life a well-lit closet or alcove. Be sure there's space behind the machine for the fabric from large projects to accumulate.

"¢ Remote-controlled window , Gas, Electric, Woodburning or Vent-free Fireplace? Which Is Best? shades, especially on hard-to-reach windows , Garage Door Openers Necessity in the Home or skylights. Choose among remote controls that can be operated manually; via a timer or photocell; or through any on-site or off-site computer, personal digital assistant or cell phone. , Garage Door Openers Necessity in the Home Besides being safer than attempting to reach out-of-the-way shades by hand, easy-to-maneuver shades help control light , Up Your Life and heat , Beat the Summer - What Size A/C Do I Need? in a room, , Unique Wall Clocks - Elegance And Style For Every minimize fading of a room's or closet's contents, and the automatic or off-site controls can make an empty house , Wind Turbines - How to Harvest the Wind appear occupied.

"¢ Dedicated space for wrapping gifts that's near where you store your wrapping supplies and tools. , The Art of Removing A Toilet No more hauling stuff around!

"¢ A doorbell intercom outside , DIY Ladder Safety Tips the door , A Review Of Air Conditioner Filters And Furnace Filters that can be answered from every telephone in the house , Curing Squeaking Floor Boards (also via your cell phone , The Right Furniture while you're out). No more dropping everything to run to answer the door! , Curing Squeaking Floor Boards

"¢ Shallow shelves with only one row deep of canned or dry goods, medicines, supplies, tools , Why Laminate Flooring is the Perfect Choice for Families or equipment, for instant identification of and access to whatever's stored. These can often be tucked into a space that's otherwise unused.

"¢ At least one full bathroom , Cleaning and Caring For Your Floor on every level of the house. , Creating Your Joyful Home: Inspiration to Make a Home Planning Journal

"¢ A laundry , How To Take Care Of Your Cuckoo Clock chute from closets, cabinets or bathrooms , How to Substantially Cut Your Energy Bills to a laundry room , Plumbing on a lower level. No more hauling dirty laundry , Homeowners Here is a Step by Step Guide to Help You Hire a Quality Home Improvement Contractor down stairs when gravity will do the job! And no more dropping items on the way to the laundry room , DIY Ladder Safety Tips that you might trip over!

"¢ A pot-filler faucet attached to a wall , Homeowners Here is a Step by Step Guide to Help You Hire a Quality Home Improvement Contractor near your cooking burners, that swivels into various positions as well as out of the way. No more moving heavy pots , Duct Cleaning Benefits of water , Clean Decorating: Decorating with Housekeeping in Mind from the sink to the stove!

Like this article? Then you'll love our books chock-full of uncommon, affordable convenience built-ins that increase your quality of life and your home's resale value! We also offer a free e-book at www.extraordinaryhomes.com: The 34 ExtraOrdinary Home , How to Makeover a Drab Concrete Patio Principles: Over 70 Fabulous, Affordable, Innovative Ideas That'll Improve Your Life and WOW You!

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Carol Abrahamson consults, writes and makes presentations about more than 1,000 of these fabulous features , Cleaning and Caring For Your Floor that can improve your life, add value to your home , Creating Your Joyful : Inspiration to Make a Home Planning Journal and make you the talk of the town. She spent years researching them via thousands of sources just so you can quickly and easily use them to create your affordable, extraordinary Home , Linoleum Flooring: The Truth about Today's Linoleum of Your Dreamsâ„¢. Learn more about her work via www.extraordinaryhomes.com or carol@extraordinaryhomes.com.

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