Ten Convenience Built-Ins That'll Help Seniors And The Disabled Live Independently


Article by: Carol Abrahamson

Planning to remodel, repair , decorating a comfort zone or build a new home? Looking for some innovative, unusual "” but powerful "” universal design , Unique and Imaginative Wall Storage Ideas features? We can help! We started collecting over 1,000 uncommon, affordable convenience built-ins in 1998, when we first began writing books and consulting to help people have truly extraordinary "” but affordable "” homes. , Remodeling Ideas Here are some of our favorite ideas that'll change , Caring For Your Vinyl Siding your life via how they enable independent living. Add any of these to your next project, and you'll be on your way toward creating a home , Ceiling Fans Some Essential Facts to Consider that's truly beyond the ordinary!

"¢ Motion-sensor faucets. These are especially handy where hands will often be dirty or full. They also deliver water , Garage Door Repair at a preset temperature , Simple, Organizational Tips For Cleaning Your House that kids or slow-to-react family members may appreciate. No more risk of getting scalded!

"¢ A single-lever faucet control, for ease in adjusting water , How to Make that Floor ONE OF A KIND!! flow and temperature , Where To Purchase A Camping Air Mattress Of Superior Quality with one hand. (It's especially inconvenient to have two- fisted, separate hot , How To Choose The Right Home Theater Seating and cold , Building A Child Safe Deck controls at the kitchen , Hire a Contractor for Best Home Improvement Results sink.) This can help you reduce wasted hot water, , Houses That Make People Sick can be visually marked so family members know where to position it for safe , Houses That Make People Sick hot water , Caring For Your Vinyl Siding temperatures, and is easy to use after arthritis has started to affect your fingers and hands.

"¢ A central vacuum system. Its parts are not as heavy to push as most freestanding vacuum cleaners.

"¢ A garbage disposal activated by a pressure-button switch that's inches away from the faucet, so it's accessible without your bending to open a cabinet or walking several steps to flip a switch.

"¢ Well-planned task and reading lighting that doesn't create shadows. Don't forget lights , Building A Child Safe Deck that illuminate countertops or are mounted under upper cabinets.

"¢ Lots of electrical outlets for your holiday decorations, both indoors , How to Make that Floor ONE OF A KIND!! and outside, , Five Tips On Buying Water Products For Your Home so everything plugs in nearby. No point in having the confusion or hazards of extension cords, powerstrips or overloaded circuits.

"¢ Magnetic drawer and cabinet locks , Garage Door Repair that release and latch via a single remote-control button that controls an entire room , Quick Tips for Carpet and Rugs: Softness Under Foot or outdoor , Concrete Sealer- Why You Need One and How it Effects Your Concrete area. This is the least awkward and most secure type of childproof lock , Caring For Your Vinyl Siding we've seen, especially if you mount the control unit high on a wall , So You Think You Want to Build a Steel House? where adults can easily see and reach it while kids cannot. Grandparents with arthritis will especially applaud this system, compared to the common plastic door , What Is The Best Way To Clean Carpet? locks that require considerable dexterity to release. (These magnetic locks , Laminate Floor - Stylish, Convenient and Robust also secure drawers or cabinets in overnight guestrooms that you use when your guests are gone, or in any rental properties , What was wrong with her livingroom? you own and store some possessions in.)

"¢ Wall-mounted intercoms in every room , Ceiling Fans Some Essential Facts to Consider and outdoor , So You Think You Want to Build a Steel House? living area (don't forget the garage), for talking to anyone on your property , Teak Furniture Outdoor or Indoor Use? without having to physically walk over to them. This also eliminates using what might be dirty or full hands to dial and hold a cell phone , How To Choose The Right Home Theater Seating you might use to call , Which Lamp Should I Choose? people elsewhere in the house. , We Have a Damp Problem, No it is Just a Condensation Problem

"¢ A light , Unique and Imaginative Wall Storage Ideas switch or knee-level motion sensor at the top and bottom of every stairway that controls adequate lighting from above. Motion sensors are especially handy wherever your hands are often too full to easily reach for a switch. That light , Simple, Organizational Tips For Cleaning Your House from above is more important for people with vision problems than light , Making The Most Of The Front Of Your Home Using Wind Chimes from fixtures that are down at the stair level.

"¢ A bathroom , Quick Tips for Carpet and Rugs: Softness Under Foot near the family entrance for quick cleanups for limiting the mess that gets tracked inside , Aluminum Awnings An Economical Way To Cool Your Home when someone's coming home , Quick Tips for Carpet and Rugs: Softness Under Foot dirty. It'll also prevent rushing through the house , The Air Mattress of the Future is Here! "” and risking a fall , Is Your Home Under Attack By A Silent Invader "” when nature , Selling Houses: Payback of Window Treatments calls while you're working outside , Plumbing Noises: Noisy Water Pipes or just arriving home. , Teak Furniture Outdoor or Indoor Use?

Like this article? Then you'll love our books chock-full of uncommon, affordable convenience built-ins that increase your quality of life and your home's resale value! We also offer a free e-book at www.extraordinaryhomes.com: The 34 ExtraOrdinary Home , Solar Energy Systems for Pools Principles: Over 70 Fabulous, Affordable, Innovative Ideas That'll Improve Your Life and WOW You!

© Copyright 2005 by Carol Abrahamson/ExtraOrdinary Homes. , Elevators Invade Surburban Homes All rights reserved.
Carol Abrahamson consults, writes and makes presentations about more than 1,000 of these fabulous features , Building A Child Safe Deck that can improve your life, add value to your home , Teak Furniture Outdoor or Indoor Use? and make you the talk of the town. She spent years researching them via thousands of sources just so you can quickly and easily use them to create your affordable, extraordinary Home , Safety & Windows Installation of Your Dreamsâ„¢. Learn more about her work via http:// http://www.extraordinaryhomes.com or carol@extraordinaryhomes.com.

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