Taking care of your vinyl flooring


Article by: Sidra Rasheed

Vinyl is easily one of the most versatile types of flooring. , Remodelling For Comfort It is extremely durable and can look like anything, from stone , Spring Is Here - Give Your Interiors a Lift (and Lend a Helping Hand) to wood , Absolutely, Buy A Superior Quality Air Mattress Bed and other natural , Pre-drawn House plans the Benefits and Styles materials. While vinyl floors , Portable Air Conditioners Review are easy to care for, there are some general rules you should follow to keep your vinyl floor , Parquet s Made Easy clean and vibrant throughout its life in your house. , Basement Remodeling Essentials Guide

Sweep or Vacuum

Dust, grit, sand, , How to Select an Installer for Your Solar Panels and any other abrasive materials can scratch vinyl, even with the protective surface layer. Sweep or vacuum your vinyl floor , Get the "Edge" in Cleaning regularly. Vacuums have trouble suctioning to vinyl at times, so you might be better off using a broom. Placing mats at all the outside , Pre-drawn House plans the Benefits and Styles entrance areas can greatly reduce the amount of dirt and grit on your vinyl floor. , How To Choose Awnings For Your Home or Business

Wash and Mop

Mop your floor , Decorate A Room In The Tropical Style weekly or monthly, depending on the amount of traffic you get and how dirty your floor , Garage Door Insulation Keeps Your Home Warmer and Your Bills Lower gets. Stay away from rag mops, as they have a tendency to leak water , Basement Remodeling Essentials Guide into the cracks between the vinyl flooring. , Portable Air Conditioners Review Wash your vinyl floor , Spring Is Here - Give Your Interiors a Lift (and Lend a Helping Hand) with a mild, non-abrasive cleaning agent, preferably one that is specifically recommended by the manufacturer. , Tips for Keeping Your Carpets Clean Don't use any abrasive cleaners, paste waxes, or solvents-many of these products , Kirby Vacuum Cleaners – Don't Shoot the Messenger! can scratch and discolor your floor. , Choose Best Gas Grill and Cook Delicious Food

Protection from Furniture

If you're moving furniture , How To Choose Awnings For Your Home or Business over a vinyl floor, , Luxurious Whirlpool Baths Aren’t Just for the Rich and Famous pick it up or slip a sock over the furniture , Laminate Flooring Advantages and Disadvantages legs. If you have chairs , Types Of Bedsteads or tables on a vinyl floor, , Sauna Gas Heaters For Home And Commercial Saunas get gliders or another type of protection for the bottom of your furniture's feet.


Polishing your floor , Pre-drawn House plans the Benefits and Styles is a great way to maintain its sheen and add extra protection to your floor. , How to stop squeaking in hardwood ing Do it every so often with a polish that is approved by the manufacturer , Time Saving Bathroom Cleaning Tips and safe , One Way To Create Extra Space In Your Home Is With Closet Organizers for your floor. , Parquet s Made Easy

Wipe up Spills

If anything spills on the floor, , How To Choose Awnings For Your Home or Business wipe it up immediately. Don't use soap, as that can dull your floor , Basement Remodeling Essentials Guide with an extra layer of film. Use a clean cloth and regular water , Portable Air Conditioners Review to wipe it up.

In all, vinyl floors , Carpet Cleaning Tips really are some of the easiest floors , Successful Renovation to own, and remain one of the most popular types of flooring , Parquet Floors Made Easy on the market. Unfortunately, too many people don't take proper care of their floors, , How to Design a Hardwood Like a Professional and they grow , Types Of Bedsteads dirty and dull. But by simply cleaning your vinyl floor , Portable Air Conditioners Review regularly and ensuring it gets the proper care, your floor , Sauna Gas Heaters For Home And Commercial Saunas will last many years longer than most, and retain its health and beauty well into old age.

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