Swimming Pools: 6 Tips to Make them Auspicious


Article by: Kathryn Weber

Swimming pools are a wonderful addition to any home. , VoIP and 911 Warning They create an instant place , Bathroom Renovations for fun, relaxation, and exercise. Plus, water , Kirby Vacuum Cleaners Ė Donít Shoot the Messenger! is extremely beneficial in any landscape. , Color Help: Color Theory and Design Psychology However, in feng shui, , Home Inspectors - Are They Worth It? swimming pools can often create negative influence. That's because swimming pools possess a great deal of energy , Custom Kitchen Cabinets: What you Need to Know in feng shui , Hardwood Versus Laminate Flooring - The Truth! terms. It is also because swimming pools are often located at the rear of the home, , Repairing Household Cleaning Equipment and that is extremely inauspicious according to feng shui. , Mosquito Products: Are They Safe for our Health ?

Even so, there are some instances when pools are a benefit to the homeowner. This would include a pool that is correctly sized, shaped, and positioned. In feng shui, , Cutting Down Costs: Air Conditioners certain pool shapes and sizes can create problems, such as poison arrows, which are harsh points of energy , Drapery Buying Tips directed at the house. , How To Install Laminate Floors

On the plus side, pools positioned in certain locations , Double Your Space With Closet Organizers can actually benefit homeowners. These are pools that are placed according to flying star feng shui. , Cutting Down Costs: Air Conditioners At their best, pools can be positioned to tap the "wealth star" -- the secret location , Z Mesh, An Innovative Floor Heating System of prosperity that is tied to the direction of the front door. , Hardwood Versus Laminate Flooring - The Truth! Another benefit of flying star placement is to overcome negative energies, , Color Help: Color Theory and Design Psychology as pools can offset negative energy , Mosquito Products: Are They Safe for our Health ? from poor star placements.

Look at placing your pool in an auspicious location , Radiator Cover and follow feng shui's design , Cutting Down Costs: Air Conditioners criteria to make sure your pool gives you great feng shui! , Discount Hardwood Flooring Ė Get It Cheaper From The Same Brand Names Positioned right, swimming pools can add tremendous wealth luck to a home! , How to Plumb a New Bath Tub If not, though, it can be a very negative influence that can harm your wealth. To be sure about your pool, though, consider checking in with a feng shui , Don't Build Without A Hardwood Floor consultant.

The Top 6 Feng Shui , Home Security Tips For Those On A Budget Pool Rules

1. Select a shape that is auspicious.
The best shapes for pools are round, oval, kidney, or curving. This is because none of these shapes have any hard edges or points that can create a poison arrow effect that square-shaped pools often do. Other good choices include octagons and figure-eights.

2. Keep your pool size proportional to the size of the home. , Protect Your Pool With Pool Covers - Reap Benefits
Pools are better if they are not overly large. If they are too large for the home, , Z Mesh, An Innovative Floor Heating System they can "overwhelm" it, imparting much negative energy. , Shaw Laminate Flooring - Experience A New Dimension In Laminate Flooring Better to go with a smaller pool than one that is too large.

3. Place , Skip Troweling Method for Textured Ceilings pools at the sides of the yard. , Double Your Space With Closet Organizers
If possible, it is better to position swimming pools at the side of a yard , AS/NZS5762:2005 In-ServiceSafety Inspection and Testing - Repaired Electrical Equipment Standard rather than directly in the rear. If that can't be accommodated, then do try to avoid having a pool that is directly in line with the rear center of the house. , Off the Grids Pools that do can become menacing, as water , Hardwood Versus Laminate Flooring - The Truth! behind you is considered bad feng shui. , Color Help: Color Theory and Design Psychology

4. Pools that embrace a home , Attic Ladders bring good luck.
These pools appear to wrap around a home , VoIP and 911 Warning or curve toward the home. , Color Help: Color Theory and Design Psychology These are a good design , How to Plumb a New Bath Tub choice as they don't have hard edges pointing at the house. , Aluminum Pool Fences

5. Locate pools in a favorable sector for feng shui , Discount Hardwood Flooring Ė Get It Cheaper From The Same Brand Names periods 8 and 9.
Until 2043, pools should ideally be located in the North, Southwest, East, or Southeast sectors.

6. Incorporate the five elements around your pool.
Pools should be mixed with the other elements, such as metal , Home Maintenance: For Every Season And Safety Tips (handrailings, pumps, , Hardwood Versus Laminate Flooring - The Truth! electrical equipment), wood , Z Mesh, An Innovative Floor Heating System (plants, arbors, gazebos), earth , Skip Troweling Method for Textured Ceilings (rock, cement surroundings or deckings), and fire , Bathroom Renovations (lighting). This helps to ensure that the pool is well-balanced and harmoniously incorporated into the landscape. , The Best Quilts, Quilt Patterns and Quilt Fabrics
Kathryn Weber is the publisher of the Red Lotus Letter feng shui , Z Mesh, An Innovative Floor Heating System e-zine and is dedicated to helping her readers develop successful, prosperous, and supportive environments , Butt Sets, Punch Down Tools and Tone Generators All Have Something in Common with feng shui. , RV Air Conditioner Rentals To subscribe, logon to www.redlotusletter.com and receive this special report Fr*ee "16 Feng Shui , Climbing Frames and Play Structures - is planning permission needed ? Secrets for Greater Prosperity."


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