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Many household products , Contemporary Furniture Trends can function well in areas quite different from their initial intended uses. Here are a few examples:

Icy Steps?
If you live in an area that freezes during the winter, , Why is a Mattress so important? here's a tip , Air Conditioner Rentals for keeping your front steps from getting icy. Just take a bowl of hot water, , What is an Outdoor Wood Furnace and Why You Should Own One add a few drops of Dawn dishwashing liquid to it. Once you've poured that mixture over the steps, they won't freeze again. (Of course, this trick may work with other dishwashing liquids, as well. You'll need to do some experimenting to find that out for yourself. , Don't Forget Masonry During Inspections )

Is your roof , Seven Drywall Finishing Tips growing?
Sprinkling powdered laundry , Home Improvement Projects for the New Year detergent on your roof , Custom Kitchen Cabinets. What you Need to Know. can kill moss, but it won't kill other things, even when the next rain leeches it down the downspout during the next summer , What Every Kitchen Needs shower. If you happen to see bubbling at the bottom of your downspouts, don't panic. It's just the detergent being washed off the roof, , Home Improvement Projects for the New Year and it's generally harmless to the environment. , Home Improvement Projects for the New Year

Bud , Check on the Various Types of Counter Tops ding Artists?
If your children have decided to use the bedroom walls , Bathroom Kitchen Remodeling & Modular Home Construction-Florida Process Involved to create their latest crayon masterpieces, you'll get excellent results by dipping a damp rag into baking soda and then using that mixture to scrub it off. It won't be easy, but you can do it--assuming you're willing to work at it--and it's cheaper than repainting the room. , Ceiling Fans - More Pleasant Days

Along those same lines, if your kids should use appliances or kitchen , Simple and easy ways to decorate your bathroom countertops as canvases for artwork instead of their bedroom walls, , How to Insulate a Basement With Safety in Mind and their medium of choice is permanent marker, you'll find that dipping a paper towel in rubbing alcohol will take it off. Like the walls, , Choosing and Installing a Replacement Above Ground Pool Liner this mixture needs to be combined with a liberal dose of elbow grease.

Sticky Price Tags?
Another commercial product , Interconnects for Your Audio/Video System - Choosing The Proper Cables that's found in most people's homes, , Hidden Causes of Water Damage in the WD-40, can serve double duty as a cleaner, as well. It can be used it to remove the pesky glue that's so hard to get off when you peel labels or price tags off of plastic , Glass Sinks – 4 Unbreakable Rules of Buying a Glass Vessel Sink items. Just spray it on and rub it back off. It works like a charm, without harming the plastic , Easy Renovations for Your Home itself.

Streaky Windows?
Here's a tip , Why is a Mattress so important? for washing windows: if you're washing both the inside , Choosing A Comforter For Your Bed and outside, , Easy Renovations for Your Home try using vertical strokes for one side of the window , How to Insulate a Basement With Safety in Mind and horizontal ones for the other. That way, you'll instantly be able to tell which side a streak is one. Instead of expensive window , Washing Machines, How Do I Choose The One For Me? cleaners, you can use vinegar for outside , Basic Insulation Buying Tips windows. Using old sheets of newspaper also can minimize streaking. When you decide to tackle the window , Seven Drywall Finishing Tips washing chore, do it on a cloudy day. You'll experience less streaking and less frustration, because the windows , Robotic Vacuum Cleaners, Sit Back, Relax and Let Them Do the Work won't dry as quickly when the sun , Custom Kitchen Cabinets. What you Need to Know. isn't blazing down.

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