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Article by: Steven Briesemeister

When working with windows, , Air Purifiers and How to Find them you will likely need a ladder for installation. Before you begin, make sure that your ladder is strong and secured. It may be a good idea to have someone to hold the ladder while you are working. This will ensure that the ladder will not sway and will give you a better sense of safety , The Curtain Cart - When Color, Texture and Design Matter when someone that you trust is helping. Check to make sure that the ladder is not broken or the steps are not weak. If nails , Preventing Water Damage in Your Basement are protruding or anything appears damaged, fix it immediately before attempting to climb up.

Selecting Windows

When selecting the perfect windows , Bamboo Flooring for the 21st Century for your home, , Help Choosing Door and Window Hardware consider purchasing a product , Heavy Taffic Reveals True Grit! that has a warranty and always purchase from a reputable dealer. Ask questions and never leave the sales floor , How to Replace the Rollers on Your Patio Sliding Glass Glass Door until they are all answered with certainty.

Installing New Windows

Be sure that you purchase the windows , Considerations When Using Wood Heaters that you want to install prior to making the opening in your wall. , Home Inspection: Pre-inspected Listings Windows , Framing Old Mirrors fit in the rough opening of the wall , Air Conditioner Parts framing, which should be slightly larger than the window , Is This Your Dream Home? to allow for a good fit. Your new windows , Handy Items Offer Quick Repairs Around The House should have detailed instructions, which dictate the size needed for an opening and other important information. , Buy Window Coverings with Confidence Be sure to read the instructions carefully prior to beginning installation of your windows. , Homeowners Here is a Step by Step Guide to Help You Hire a Quality Home Improvement Contractor

The first thing that you will need to do, when purchasing new windows, , Make Your House A Home is to make sure that they are not cracked or broken. When you're ready to begin installation, determine the width that you need for an opening with a measuring tape. Mark every stud in that area, which should allow for the opening between them. Mark the top and bottom of the rough opening and cut through the studs while being careful not to cut into the sheathing.

The next step is to cut the opening by drilling a hole into each corner. You will need a good pair of safety , Bamboo Flooring for the 21st Century goggles, dust mask and possibly hearing protectors. Carefully proceed to make the opening. Again, following your instructions, carefully build the opening using the same size lumber as the wall , Antique Art or Painting Restoration Techniques studs.

When you're ready to put the window , Homeowners Here is a Step by Step Guide to Help You Hire a Quality Home Improvement Contractor into place, , Vacuums The Importance of Attachments check to make sure the measurements of your opening match with that of your windows. , Buildings It helps to have a friend of family member help by holding one side of the window , How To Install A Home Water Purifier while you work on securing it to your home. , Air Conditioner Parts Level the window , Handy Items Offer Quick Repairs Around The House before tipping it away from the opening just enough to add professional quality caulking and pressing the window , AS/NZS5762:2005 In-ServiceSafety Inspection and Testing - Repaired Electrical Equipment Standard against the wall. , In Praise of Satin -- Wordy Pleasures in Mind inDeed! - Sheets of fun or just Fun in sheets?

Now that you're window , When To Turn The Lights Off is in place, , Handy Items Offer Quick Repairs Around The House secure it with nails , Light Bulbs and their infinite variety into the corner of the window , Homeowners Here is a Step by Step Guide to Help You Hire a Quality Home Improvement Contractor and into the wall. , How to Replace the Rollers on Your Patio Sliding Glass Glass Door Next, plumb the window. , Dog Sunglasses - Fashionable and Protective Once the window , Light Bulbs and their infinite variety is straight, secure it with another nail. , When To Turn The Lights Off Install the sashes and confirm that they are working properly by opening and closing them several times. Follow the steps and continue nailing your window , Composite Decking The Ultimate Choice In Materials For Your Deck until secured. If the sashes are not working properly, the window , A Brief History Of The Linens You Use Everyday may need to be positioned differently.

Once you're ready to seal the window, , Home Inspection: Pre-inspected Listings begin working around the outer edges while filling the gap with caulking. Seal the gap between the jambs and rough opening and get ready for interior , The Benefits of Used Air Compressors casing.

Replacing Broken Windows

Replacing broken windows , A Brief History Of The Linens You Use Everyday is an easy project and one that can be done in about an hour. Begin by removing the old putty with a putty knife while being careful not to damage the wood. , Kitchen Cabinets - Did You Know This? Once the glass , Is This Your Dream Home? is out, lightly scrape the wood , Help Choosing Door and Window Hardware underneath the glass , Bamboo Flooring for the 21st Century until it's clean of any material. Prime the surface, which will help to keep moisture , Humidifier or Dehumidifier - Which is Right for You? from getting into the wood , Having Natural Stone Installed In Your Property – The Pitfalls and weakening your work. Next, create a cushion for the glass , Finnish Sauna Etiquette And Customs using glazing compound and mold it with your fingers. Gently press the glass , Kitchen Cabinets - Did You Know This? into the compound and secure it with a putty knife. Finally, place , Make Your House A Home another line of glazing compound to seal the window , How to Insulate a Basement With Safety in Mind and allow it to dry before adding new paint. , Antique Art or ing Restoration Techniques

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