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Article by: Gil Strachan

There's an ugly side to whirlpool baths. Aside from getting your hair caught in a suction fitting, and possibly drowning; failure to follow proper maintenance procedures for a whirlpool bath's circulation system can result in the growth and transmission of infectious bacteria.

Bath residue contains soapscum, dirt, body secretions, skin cells, and bath oils. With each use of a whirlpool bath, these organic , Find Out What's up your Nose! materials combine with mineral deposits from water , Basic Information About Trash Can Liners and form scale deposits. The warm, dark and humid environment , Home-Storage of a whirlpool system provides ideal conditions for the growth of microorganisms that can cause many different ailments (eg. vaginal, kidney, bladder, skin, eye and lung infections, just to name a few). Scientific testing has proven that household products , Candle Making 101 such as bleach, vinegar, baking soda, and automatic dishwasher detergent are ineffective for the purpose of cleaning bath residue and scale deposits from whirlpool bath circulation systems.

Flush your whirlpool after every use with a cleaning solution specifically formulated to remove bath residue, and have the circulation system professionally cleaned at least once a year.

A used whirlpool bath should be proffesionally cleaned before use, because there's no inspection method available to ensure that the system was previously maintained.

Everyday Precautions

* Never leave small children unattended in a whirlpool bath.

* Don't operate a whirlpool bath's pump , Candle Making 101 without the suction guard in place. , Cool New Pin Clock

* Avoid prolonged immmersion in hot water, , Find the Best Freezer for You and Your Family as hyperthermia (symptoms include cramping, exhaustion, faintness) can result from prolonged exposure to excessive heat. , Not Sure About a Grass Floor?

* Aged persons, anyone under medical care and pregnant women should consult with their doctor before using a whirlpool bath.

* Persons using medications, or under the influence of alcohol, or having a communicable disease, , Selecting Your Carpet should not use a whirlpool bath.

* Avoid the use of oily bath products. , Tips on Economic Bathroom Remodeling Ideas They contribute to the build-up of bath residue within the circulation system.
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