Repairing a Hole in a Sheetrocked Wall


Article by: Mark Donovan

It is quite simple to repair , The Ultimate Kitchen Sink Buying Guide a hole in a Sheetrocked wall, , Bamboo Wood Flooring however there are minor differences in methods of repair , Budget Kitchen Remodeling Ideas depending on how large the hole is.

Small size holes (1/4" or smaller)

With small holes, simply apply a little joint compound or wall , A ceiling fan right there putty with a small putty knife or trowel. Let dry, then sand , Traditional Futon Beds lightly and paint. , Citrus Juicer For Those Squeezed-For-Time Mornings

Medium size holes (Greater than ¼" in diameter and smaller than 2" in diameter)

First clean out the hole and surrounding area of any debris and loose sheetrock. Then apply a mesh tape, specifically manufactured for sheetrock applications, across the hole. Use your putty knife to ensure that it is applied evenly on the wall , How To Choose Decorative, Recessed Locking Mailboxes surface. Next apply a liberal amount of Joint Compound over the hole and mesh. Let this set for 1 to 2 days.

After the initial coat has been applied and has had time to fully dry, apply a second skim coat of Joint Compound over the area. However, this time spread the Joint Compound over an area that is 2-3 times the size of the original hole. Basically you want to flare out the area that you are repairing so that it will blend in nicely with the rest of the wall. , Homeowners In Hawaii Get Windfall With Solar Power Again let the area dry for a day.

Finally lightly sand , How to Install a New Toilet in 5 Easy Steps the area and apply one last skim coat over the area. Again spreading the Joint Compound out a little further than the last application. Let the Joint Compound set up one more day, sand , How To Choose Decorative, Recessed Locking Mailboxes lightly and then paint. , The Facts About Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

Holes larger than 2 inches

With large holes, I recommend cutting out an area such that a new small piece of sheetrock can be applied to the 2"x4" studs. For example, I would consider putting in a new 16"x16" piece of sheetrock for a hole that is greater than 2" in diameter and less than 16" in diameter.

The best method to remove the piece of damage sheetrock is to use a Carpenters knife (razor blade) and score the area where you want to cut out. Repeatedly apply the knife until you have worked your way through the sheetrock. When complete, you should have about ½" to ¾" of the 2"x4" stud showing on each of the two exposed studs.

Note: Care should be taken to ensure no wires are cut behind the sheetrock when cutting out the damaged piece.

Next, cut a piece of new sheetrock to the size of the hole, and secure with sheetrock screws , The Pros And Cons Of An Electrostatic Air Purifier or ringed sheetrock nails. , Don't Purchase A Fireplace Until You Read This

Next, tape the cracks with the mesh tape material mentioned above. Then as described earlier, apply three skim coats of Joint Compound, with each successive coat getting flared out further. Make sure you wait for the Joint Compound to dry before applying the next coat. Perform a final light , Dust Collection: Is It Your Concern? sand after the final coat has been applied and has had time to dry, and then paint. , Lower Your Heating and Cooling Bills With Vinyl Replacement Windows
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Over the past 20+ years Mr. Donovan has been involved with building homes , How to Substantially Cut Your Energy Bills and additions to homes. , owners In Hawaii Get Windfall With Solar Power His projects have included: building , A Key Element In Solar Panels - Efficiency a vacation home, , owners In Hawaii Get Windfall With Solar Power building , A Key Element In Solar Panels - Efficiency additions and garages , Is Your Bathroom Cabinet Efficiently Organized? on to existing homes, , The Ultimate Kitchen Sink Buying Guide and finishing unfinished homes. , Leather Is A Great Choice In Your Decor Mr. Donovan's formal education and profession have been as an Electrical Engineer and Marketing Manager.

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