Power Washing Vinyl Siding Like A Professional


Article by: Pete Marentay

Cleaning vinyl siding may seem difficult but it's actually quite easy if you have the proper equipment. If you don't have the proper tools , Duvet Covers Are Easy to Make Yourself and experience though, it could take far more time than you expected.

Some of the most common mistakes to avoid made by homeowners and contractors , How to Care for Copper Sinks when cleaning vinyl siding are:

Failing to examine the surface and surrounding areas for electrical outlets, open windows , Satellite TV or Cable and other obstacles.

Not wetting down the grass , Laminate Floors and bushes in the areas to be cleaned.BR>

Using too much pressure when cleaning vinyl siding can also force water , Why you need to buy a rug up behind the siding where it will cause mildew behind the siding or in some cases, blow the siding off the house! , How to Efficiently Install Ceiling Medallions

Washing vinyl sided homes , How To Select The Right Area Rug from the top down or letting chemicals dry on the house, , Asbestos Contractor for a Healthy Home which may leave streaks on the siding.

Using a ladder when cleaning vinyl siding can damage the aluminum siding or result in serious injuries and death from slipping off the ladder.

These are just some of the types of mishaps that many people have when cleaning vinyl siding on homes. , Hiring Roofers Points to Consider If you decide to use a power , Asbestos Contractor for a Healthy Home washer on your vinyl siding, here are some general guidelines to use.

Make sure the power , How to Efficiently Install Ceiling Medallions washer puts out a minimum of 4 gallons of water , Reduce Noise to Reduce Stress: Sound Advice From the Rug Doctor per minute and less than 1000 PSI.

Most homeowners or new contractors , Choosing A Fireplace will buy a machine from a hardware , Hot Tub Cover - Essential Accessory For Your Hot Tub store that puts out 1,000 PSI but only uses 2 gallons per minute of water. , Hiring Roofers Points to Consider While this machine may work, it will triple the amount of time to do the job properly.

Be careful if you're making your own chemicals to clean vinyl siding, mixing bleach and ammonia can create a poisonous gas. , Get a Tax Credit for Using Renewable Energy in Oregon

We suggest using chemicals that were designed to properly clean vinyl siding. Some contractors , Things To Consider When Buying An Intercom buy a house , How To Care For Your Furniture wash that's available in most hardware , Feng Shui Bathroom Wealth stores and are unable to achieve the results they were expecting. Most of the house , Complete Guide to Laminate Flooring, Wood Flooring, and Hardwood Floors washing agents contractors , Sealing a Deck need for cleaning vinyl siding can be purchased from Sun , Choosing A Fireplace Brite supply, these products , Choosing A Fireplace are designed to clean vinyl siding more effectivly and give better results.

The best way to clean vinyl siding is by using an X-Jet, this tool , Help Choosing Door and Window Hardware can cut your cleaning time by 50% or more! if you don't have one then use a power , Get Your Act Together With Kitchen Drawer Organizers washer that has a chemical injector built into the machine.

Using a chemical injector to clean vinyl siding will allow you to pull the soap from the container, mixing it in the machine with water , Garage Door Buying Tips and spray it onto the house , The 5 Biggest Decorating Trends Of 2006 using low pressure starting from the bottom up. Make sure when using a power , Home Improvements - General Points washer that you don't shoot water , 7 Materials For Creating The Perfect Kitchen Countertop or chemicals up under the vinyl siding, this can cause significant mold and mildew problems.

Allow the chemical to dwell on the siding but not too long, it may damage the vinyl siding your cleaning. Then using low pressure, rinse the product , Wrought Iron, the Newest House Guest from the siding. Make sure when your rinsing the product , The Faucet: A Deciding Factor off the siding that you start at one end of the siding all the way to the end. Do not stop or vary your distance from the siding, or it will cause the surface to be cleaned un-evenly. When finished, make sure you rinse down any plants , Why you need to buy a rug or grass , The various types of vacuum cleaners to suit your needs in the areas you have cleaned.
Peter Marentay, Owner of Sun , How Vinyl Replacement Windows Can Save You Money Brite Inc.

Mr. Marentay joined Sun , Laminate Floors Brite Inc. in 1998 and immediately created a new division of the company - Sun , Electric Radiant and Floor Coverings Brite Supply. Since that time, SBS has become one of the fastest growing , Five Flooring Design Tips suppliers of specialty products , Help Choosing Door and Window Hardware to the pressure washing industry.

Pete co-authored the Power , Reduce Noise to Reduce Stress: Sound Advice From the Rug Doctor Washers of North America Wood , How To Choose A Tool Box Certification course and is currently an Advisory Director of PWNA. He is a PWNA Certified Instructor. PWNA Certification is available separately for those interested at the end of the class.

Pete has taught this 4-day hands-on class since 1999. The important focus of this 4-day course is Profitability.

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