Poster, Print or Painting. Where Are You Going To Put It?


Article by: Michael Edwards

If you are redesigning or decorating , 10 ways to cut your electric bill a room, , Baking Soda for Cleaning or house, , Air Conditioners, What Could Be More Important Than A Good Brand Name care has to be taken where your piece of art is to be displayed. Even if you have bought a picture on impulse there are a few tips , Tarahumara Indian Crafts for Southwest Decor & Lighting that will not only enhance the picture but its surroundings.

As a good rule of thumb it is good to hang a picture so that its centre is roughly at eye level. If you have a grouping of pictures then also the centre of the group should be at approximate eye level.

Wall size.

· For a narrow wall , Cleaning Solution: Why We Need To Read The Label And Be Aware Of The Contents go for a smaller picture, or group of small pictures.

· For large walls , A ceiling fan right there go for the larger pictures.

· For walls , What was wrong with her livingroom? that link to a low ceiling go for pictures that are vertically longer as this will help give the illusion that the ceiling is higher and open the room , 10 ways to cut your electric bill up.

Picture framing.

· As a guide neutral coloured, plain or soft /delicate paintings , Central Air Conditioners will suit a more basic plain frame.

· Dramatic pictures may deserve a much bolder frame.

· Will the frames go together if pictures are hung in a group?

Picture grouping.

· If you intend to hang more than one picture in a group then layout the pictures first, maybe on the floor , How to Plan for a Kitchen Remodeling or Renovation Project to get a good idea as how they will interact. Bear in mind the layout and furniture , Design Concepts For New Bathrooms in the proposed area as this may influence how you want the pictures laid out.

· Measure the total height and width of the layout, and as a tip , Lower Your Heating and Cooling Bills With Vinyl Replacement Windows tape some lengths of string to the wall , Negatives of Using Geothermal For Your Home to mimic the outside , Coordinate Floor Lamps With Other Light Fixtures of the layout to make sure you are happy with positioning, and to act as guide for hanging.

· Consider the layout of the rest of the room. , Asphalt Shingles Do you want just one group of pictures in one area, or will one or two pictures elsewhere help balance the room?

Help, advice , Light Bulbs - Save Energy, Save Money and ideas.

· Look through magazines and notice peoples houses , Home Air Filters: Knowing Which One to Choose for styles and layouts you like. But an important point to remember is to look for what would be good for, and suit your home. , Get the "Edge" in Cleaning Adapting what you want to fit your surroundings will give your home , Cleaning Solution: Why We Need To Read The Label And Be Aware Of The Contents the stylish look you want. There is nothing worse than a picture that doesn't suit a room , Lower Your Heating and Cooling Bills With Vinyl Replacement Windows hanging in a position that doesn't look right.

· If you know someone who has the layout of their home , Wow! Outdoor Tiles - Any Image, Any Size you love, get their opinion on your choice and layout. They will be flattered.

As a final tip , A Summer Electrical Check-Up for Your Home - try to keep pictures away from bright sunshine, as they will fade over a period of time.

Positioning your pictures is not a science, but a bit of planning and attention will no doubt give you years of joy.
Michael Edwards is the founder of which offers specialist galleries devoted to black and white, , Negatives of Using Geothermal For Your Home vintage, sepia and art posters or prints. The site also has options to access original and reproduction art.

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