Planning Permission Tips UK - What To Show And What Not To Show On Your application Drawings


Article by: Martin Meaks

Many successful business deals are the result of being a bit canny with the information , Governor Schwarzenegger Turns California to Solar Roof Systems that you already know - keeping a tight lip when needed and only letting the other side know just the bare minimum requirement of information , New Tax Breaks for Energy Efficient Home Improvements and never laying all your cards onto the table. Successful negotiators use this tactic all the time. I expect all of us can remember a time when we have left a meeting wishing that 'I hadn't of said that!' Well presenting a Planning Application can often involve the precise same tactics at times where you need to retain the advantage in your presentation or application scheme.

Many detailed or complex residential development projects often involve works that can often be implemented without formal Planning Permission - Many garage , Governor Schwarzenegger Turns California to Solar Roof Systems conversions are a prime example.

So, if your scheme is for a fairly large 2 storey side extension for example that you think is already near the limit for overdevelopment of the site, then why include the garage , Antique Wood Flooring conversion as well on the Planning scheme if it can be converted under the sites Permitted development allowances. Including building , Cork Flooring Is The Best Option Around For Durability And Aesthetic Value works on a Planning scheme that would not ordinarily require Planning permission is very risky for your other works that do require the benefit of Planning.

Let me explain.......Planners are only human & many are guided by their local , Caulk Like A Professional - Put Away Your Finger plan policy which can be very subjective at times and interpreted in many ways for each site making maximum development of a property , Do-It-Yourself Foundation Repair a bit of a lottery at times. Therefore, showing all the required works on a Planning drawing can make your project look physically bigger and more extensive that will have a bearing on how the Case Planning Officer determine the suitability of your intended works.

Knowing where the line is for the straw , Prefabricated Home Packages that breaks the camels back for any development scheme is never easy so why not take advantage of excluding the works that can be constructed without Planning in any case. You can always add them to the upgraded Building , A Collage of Ceramics: Which Would Look Best with Your Home Renovation? Regulation and construction drawings later on.

The object is to always give yourself , Luxury Bedding is More Than Just Thread Count the advantage & for you to 'risk assess' every development project that you present for Planning. Taking unnecessary risks with the Planners assessment of your development scheme by also showing them the full detail of the Permitted Development works is foolish. Generally speaking, if Permitted development works are shown on a Planning application scheme then these works will also be roped into the Planners assessment of your scheme.

How many types of works are exempt form formal Planning approval?.........Lots and lots - far more than you would credit I can assure you which are published in our 'maximum Build' development guide.

I would suggest that 1 in 4 of the residential development schemes that we produce for clients wanting maximum development for their site will involve a good proportion of the works being exempt from formal Planning Permission.

The real trick to exploiting this technique is to be fully sure of your ground regarding what works are excluded from formal Planning Permission & this is where the Professional Building Design , Sauna Gas Heaters For Home And Commercial Saunas Agent has the advantage over the lay person.

The golden rule would be to also confirm in writing after approval of the main scheme that your interpretation of the permitted development works are in fact PD as assessed by the Planning Dept. Any written confirmation of Permitted Development works supplied by the Council can take several weeks to obtain & their letter is only 'informal' - in other words they can give wrong or rubbish advice , Clear Wax Candles vs. Gel Candles and use a unique government approved 'get out of jail free card' to rescind their previous advice. , Protect Your Wood Flooring Investment

However, this is good enough for my purposes & the clients use when reselling the property , If You Want to Bring Your Bathroom Up to Date, Consider Fitting a Shower Stall later on.

Our 'Maximum Build Planning Guide' explains further the tactics involved when developing land or a site for residential use & how to , Fire Hazard Alert – is Your Dryer Ready to Ignite give yourself , Prevent Water Damage in the Laundry Room the best chance of being granted an approval.
EzineArticles Expert Author Martin Meaks
Our 'Maximum Build Planning Guide' explains further the tactics involved when developing a site & how to , Electrical Systems: Insurance & Electrical give yourself , Caulk Like A Professional - Put Away Your Finger the best chance of being granted planning permission.

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