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Article by: Martin Meaks

There is a perception amongst most folk that every house , Purchasing A Freezer For Your Home is allowed a certain percentage of extension development without the need for formal Planning Permission. People seem to think that it applies to them even when they purchase an already extended property. , Rear Projection LCD TV Secrets

The Permitted development allowances as contained within the GPDO 1995, Statutory instrument 1995 No. 418 is a minefield of criteria & restrictions with affecting paragraphs & clarifications all over the document which has lead to a vast array of interpretations from homeowners, agents & Planning Authorities, some of which has been challenged in the courts. It is so cumbersome that there is even a government discussion document out at the moment seeking to address these issues that should result in an update or complete new legislation document in the coming months so watch this space.

This News Letter is far too short to go into every issue of what you can & cannot build within the curtilage of a dwelling house , Building closet organizers without formal Planning Permission (unless you have purchased my MAXIMUM BUILD PLANNING GUIDE OF COURSE???) but it may be advantageous to subscribers of this news letter to highlight some of the more common 'trip up' clauses that will prevent you from erecting your extension, outbuilding or alterations to your property , Laminate Flooring - An Easy to Follow Fitting Guide as follows:-

1. Site zoning - if your property , Choose Best Gas Grill and Cook Delicious Food is within a conservation area or Area of outstanding natural , Pole Barns: Eco-Friendly And Simplistic Beauty or a National park then your PD limits may be fully withdrawn or limited from normal.

2. New dwellings - If your property , Pros of Using Geothermal For Your Home was part of an estate, small infill development, one off build etc. within the last 15 years then there is a good chance that the Planners cleverly by stealth removed the PD rights to the property , Home Inspectors - Are They Worth It? as part of the original Planning Approval as a Planning Condition. This is to maintain control over your property , Shower Faucets in most aspects for the future. Even older housing estates may have their PD rights lifted so do check first. This is the most common of all reasons why most ordinary householder hopes are dashed at the outset or illegal buildings , Two Common Flooring Decorating Traps Almost All Customers Fall Into are erected in the first place. , Forming A Good Relationship With Your Contractor

3. Previously extended properties , How Much Does A Log Home Cost? - If you are purchasing a property , Living Air Purifiers – Cleaning Your Air? that has already been extended then it is likely that no further PD rights exist applicable to extending a dwelling. 70 cubic metres is not a great deal of extension volume.

4. Ancillary outbuildings - These have minimum distance requirements from the house , Choose Best Gas Grill and Cook Delicious Food & to a highway. They also have strict ridge & Flat roof , How To Install Laminate Flooring The Directions Are On The Package heights & are again affected by the sites zoning as in item 1 above. The use must also be ancillary and contain no bed , The Benefits of Used Air Compressors space. So no granny annexes, office suites or huge buildings , Step Ladders that cannot be classified as an 'ancillary use'.

5. Extension heights - If it is over 4M high within 2M of a boundary then sorry but no go here as well.

6. Fence heights - Normally 1M max. close to a highway or 2M in most other cases.

7. Roof , Do-It-Yourself Garage Floor Epoxy System Dormers - if they exceed the existing ridge line, front towards a highway (that means paths , Laminate Flooring - An Easy to Follow Fitting Guide as well) or are greater than 40/50 cubic metres (terrace/other) or within a conservation area then no go for building , A Brief History Of Futons them without Planning.

8. Porches , The Beauty Of Remodeling - that do not cover a doorway or exceed 3 square metres or exceed 3M high or are within 2 Metres to a highway do not comply with PD - you will need Planning Permission.

There are more areas of 'trip ups' but the ones listed above are the main common catches that most people fall , Purchasing A Freezer For Your Home into from time to time.

The solution is to always check the constraining details with your local , Can Gel Candles Help Beat The Winter Blues At Your Place? Planning Dept. with what you want to do & get it 'informally' agreed in writing. This aspect is actually harder to obtain than you think as most Councils now want you to apply for a Certificate of Lawfulness (C of E) which is a legally binding document that confirms (or denies) that you do not require formal Planning Approval for your scheme.

You see the council have an unfair 'get out of jail free' card where their 'opinion letters' outside , Do-It-Yourself Garage Floor Epoxy System of a C of E are not legally binding? - Isn't that great! Can you imagine what the world would become if we were are all granted that sort of 'cop out' licence in our correspondence & professional opinions?

Cynical I may be but this sort of evasion of duty & responsibility really guiles me. The down side is when applying for a C of E is that you need proper drawings showing all aspects of the design, , Electric Generators siting & location , Building closet organizers plan etc. which is not normally achievable in a DIY format by the householder, you need to pay a fee (currently £55.00) & surprise, surprise - it takes about 2 months!!!! to decide. - ere.......excuse me....but doesn't that sound just like a Planning application - YES - to be informed that you don't need planning in the first place! , Pros of Using Geothermal For Your Home - what a great ploy & clever thinking by the boys at Whitehall. I think the phrase is....'you couldn't possibly make this up!

If you have trouble deciding what you want to build is PD or not & the council remain unhelpful outside , Avoid a Nightmare; Hire a Qualified Building Contractor of a C of E then do seek a professional opinion from a Building Design , Home Inspectors - Are They Worth It? Agent used to this sort of residential development.

Our 'Maximum Build Planning Guide' explains further the tactics involved when extending a property , Baby Bedding Online under Permitted Development & what areas can be exploited for developing land or a site for residential use & how to , Luxurious, Comfortable and Complete: Transform Your Bathroom give yourself , Home Clean Up - Start in those Closets the best chance of being granted an approval.
EzineArticles Expert Author Martin Meaks
Our 'Maximum Build Planning Guide' explains further the issues involved when extending or developing a property , A Brief History Of Futons for Planning Permission.

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