Planning Permission Tips UK - Is Today's Popular Quest For Contemporary Design The New 'Bad Taste'


Article by: Martin Meaks

Can you remember when people used to install slatted louvre windows , Using an Insulation Tester as replacement units in their Victorian semis or the stone , What Lies Below cladding revolution of the 1980's.

We look back & 'tut tut' at these blunders with a comfortable glow of self satisfaction that we would never make such obvious design , Securing Your Castle & development errors in our own projects - we have a far greater sense of good taste haven't we?

Trends in the residential development world seem to go in huge swings of about 7 to 10 year cycles and it is often not until the end of one cycle we realise what the mistakes were which is usually triggered by the complete abandonment of the previous trend or methodology for another system.

We surge from brass to chrome light , Hammocks Are Perfect For Lazy Summer Fun! fittings, UPVC to aluminium & then back to real wood , Affordable Alluminum Fences again for the windows. , Help Choosing Door and Hardware Carpets , Get Creative with Designs for Small Kitchen Spaces to laminates , What features does a good cleaning supplies website contain? back to real wood , Electronic Air Purifiers block flooring , Affordable Alluminum Fences back to laminates , Relaxing times await with hot tubs again when the real stuff shrinks, warps or splits.

The same is happening in the overall design , Get Creative with s for Small Kitchen Spaces & refurbishment of whole homes , Stair Railings Styles inside & out. We used to be conservation mad but now its total revamp of properties , Vinyl Kitchen Flooring: Why you Should Install Vinyl Floors in your Kitchen to something akin that we used to aspire to in the 70's with simple glazed panels, uncomplicated detail and simple finishes.

The quest for the elusive & theoretically unique contemporary look for the monied home , Where To Purchase A Camping Air Mattress Of Superior Quality owner is now the new bandwagon for most property , Make the Right move owners & developers trying to be that little bit different & wanting to make a statement about their lifestyles.

Teenagers tend do the same thing but they have piercings or a tattoos instead & it is only the more experienced in years amongst us that realise they are acting more like sheep rather than the individualists they are so desperate to attain.

Trying to define contemporary design , Bed and Bedding via Online Shopping is actually very hard and even harder to achieve. One definition that I like is a look that is clean, minimalist & unable to define as a year in which it was constructed - in other words free of all obvious identifiers & trends that would define its era. A design , Bed and Bedding via Online Shopping that would still retain its 'contemporary' badge in 40 years time - this is why I think obtaining a true contemporary design , Using The Sun To Cut Pool Heating Costs is so hard. The Oxford English dictionary defines contemporary as something belonging to the same age which I think is not too dissimilar from my definition of having a timeless feel.

So, am I against this new 'heard' mentality of trying to achieve a contemporary design , Things to Consider When Purchasing Sunroom Kits or lifestyle for a dwelling house? Absolutely not! BUT there are qualifications. Firstly, nearly all aspects of contemporary design , Building A Home: 6 Things Your Builder Will Not Tell You & lifestyle is attainable through internal design , Do it Yourself Home Repair - How to Get Started & alteration only. Those wishing to stamp their lifestyle choices to the wider majority through the external envelope of a dwelling should only consider this through either new build or carefully selected conversion projects (eg a 1950's pumping station for example).

Regretfully, there is a 'bandwagon' mentality out their at present that is also set on externally converting superb period properties , Vinyl Kitchen Flooring: Why you Should Install Vinyl Floors in your Kitchen in sensitive areas into simplistic, boring & bland looking so called 'contemporary' properties , Phantom Loads that have been stripped of their unique softness, character & warmth that is totally out of place , Affordable Alluminum Fences within their unique setting - all for the sake of of gratifying the 'monied' ego's of people pursuing the latest design , Vinyl Kitchen Flooring: Why you Should Install Vinyl Floors in your Kitchen trend in urban living.

Some of the design , Having Natural Stone Installed In Your Property – The Pitfalls treatments these ill-informed people are completing to their newly acquired homes , Buying the Right Garage Door Opener consist of:-

1. Rendering over all the previous beautiful , Home Inspection: 22 Questions to Ask Any Home Inspection Company clay facing bricks.

2. Removing 18th century plain clay tile , Bed and Bedding via Online Shopping hanging for the dreaded 'smooth render' look.

3. Adjusting window , Solar For Your House: Learn The Lizard Lesson & door , Solar For Your House: Learn The Lizard Lesson openings to inappropriate scale apertures with out of place , Phantom Loads joinery.

4. Adding galvanized steel or stainless steel features , Chairs: Gotta Have Them for canopies or porches , Electrical Savings System; Save up to 40% on Your Electric Bill Every Month that jar with the very character of the buildings , Stair Railings Styles heritage & stature.

The list goes on even to the point of them rendering over beautiful feature , Managing Your Winter Heating Costs brick dental coursings or projections that form an intrinsic part of the local , Color Help: Choosing Color Combinations character all to attain that elusive 'contemporary' rendered characterless design , Solar For Your House: Learn The Lizard Lesson icon of so called modern living that the occupiers wish to stamp upon the world to satisfy their own egos.

The damage they are creating to some of the most beautiful , Using The Sun To Cut Pool Heating Costs parts of the UK heritage housing is criminal in my view & they should be brought to book. Regretfully, the type of people who are doing these odious external 'contemporary' conversions are the usual 'IT' brigade with the usual 'more money than sense' attitude & the 'see it - want it now' mentality - all because they can!

So the conclusion to my little rant on what is going on to some of our more important suburbs is this:

1. If you are seeking a 'contemporary' style of living & dwelling, DO NOT materially alter the external envelope of an existing dwelling - Most contemporary design , Do it Yourself Home Repair - How to Get Started living is achievable through internal alterations ONLY.

2. If you are insistent on pleasing your greater ego & require a design , Before You Invest In A Swimming Pool statement for the whole external world to see then PLEASE only do this though new build projects where the contemporary design , Beautify With Awnings and Save Money on Your Energy Bills is not compromised by an existing period property , Home Inspection: 22 Questions to Ask Any Home Inspection Company & you are not 'murdering' a previously beautiful building , Bracing Winters Grip With Radiant Floor Heat that added value to the local , Using The Sun To Cut Pool Heating Costs character & to the residents.

Two very simple rules that will ensure that your latest residential development WILL NOT become a bad taste mistake in 2015 - You have been warned!
Martin Meaks - EzineArticles Expert Author
Our 'Maximum Build Planning Guide' explains further the issues involved when extending or developing a property , Stoves powered by electricity and what their benefits are for planning permission.

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