Planning Permission and Building Regulations for Conservatories in the UK


Article by: Barry Dunlop

Do I need planning permission for a conservatory?

Do I need Building , Commercial Juicer - Capture New Customers The Countertop Way Regulation approval for a conservatory

To help you understand these issues I detail below some of the "conditions" attached to planning permission and building regulations. , Ornamental Fountain (These apply to England/Wales only) Scottish, Irish and North American regulations , Home Improvement Projects for the New Year are quite different - You should in all instances take local , Pool Decks – Add Ambiance to Your Above Ground Pool advice.


In England and Wales you will not usually require planning permission, provided you do not exceed the permitted development limit for your property , Heal Your Home Clean (which is 50-70m cubed, depending on where you live). Notable exceptions to the above are listed buildings , Environment-Friendly Home Improvement Flooring Products Gain Mass Appeal and conservation areas. Please note that if your property , How to Find the Right Vacuum Cleaner for Your Needs has been extended in the past - you will have used up some or perhaps all of your "permitted development" area and may need permission. Its also worth noting that occasionally "permitted development"Âť rights may be withdrawn from a property , Choosing the proper frame style when installing new windows and any extension however small needs planning. If in doubt check.


Generally speaking conservatories/sunrooms on residential property , Do-It-Yourself Home Saunas – Build Your Own From a Kit are exempted under Building Regulations. , A Guide to Choosing the Best Security Mailboxes Below are some of the Exemption Criteria - under the Building Regulations , Bring Out the Comforters for Back to School 1991 (as amended). These criteria must be met for a conservatory , Home Renovation - How's and Why's extension to be classified as exempt:

a) The extension has a completely transparent or translucent roof. , Home Renovation - How's and Why's
b) The extension walls , Choosing a Home Builder are substantially glazed. (Should not have more than 25 % of its wall , Is an Electric Fireplace Right for You? area as brick work)
c) The extension has a floor , Window Manufacturers Qualifying For Energy Star Ratings area not exceeding 30m squared.
d) The extension is sited at ground level.
e) The extension is permanently separated from the remainder of the property , Bed Buying Tips for the Novis Shopper by means of a door. , Where To Find A Local List Of Plumbers
f) The extension is not permanently heated!
g) The glazing satisfies the requirements of part N, Schedule 1 (toughened/safety glass)
h) The extension does not contain any drainage facilities. (i.e. sink, WC, or washing machine)

An example of where building , Ornamental Fountain regulation approval may be required is a Kitchen , Carpet Cleaners: 12 Tips To Remove Stains / Conservatory , The Pros And Cons Of Buying Home Appliances From A Discount Retailer: Shopping In The Brick And Mort Extension. I suggest you contact your local , How to Find the Right Vacuum Cleaner for Your Needs council - explain your intentions - they will be able to give you more specific advice. , I Want to Make My House a Home

One word of "warning" - a fair number of people will have constructed conservatories , Feng Shui In Your Home For The Placement Of Furniture with drainage inside, , Whirlpools Go 'Chromo' more than 25 % brick wall , Pool Decks – Add Ambiance to Your Above Ground Pool area and permanent heating. In a lot of instances they will not have got the approvals required - either because they where unaware or badly advised. I believe building , Window Manufacturers Qualifying For Energy Star Ratings control officers are taking these situations more seriously - leading to structures be taken down in the most severe instances.
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