Picture, Picture on the Wall: How Art Can Affect Your Feng Shui


Article by: Kathryn Weber

Every day we are influenced by what is around us"¦ the words that are said, the smells we smell, the sights we take in. The goal of feng shui , Curb Appeal 101: How to Enhance Your Home with Siding is to promote beauty, harmony, and aspiration, the raising of our sights toward lofty, noble, and worthwhile goals.

The poet Maya Angelou said that we must be careful about the words we speak because the words will "hang on the walls. , DIY Tool Buying Without The Embarrassment Of Not Knowing What You Want " Of course, she is talking about what we do in the figurative sense. However it is also true of what we hang on our walls , Kitchen Cabinet Doors in the literal sense. That's why it is important that we surround ourselves with uplifting sights.

Feng shui encourages the application of beautiful, , Repair And Maintenance Of Kitchen Faucets sustaining images. Pictures and artwork of depressing subjects, violence, or pictures whose presence makes us sad or unhappy are not suitable or appropriate for the walls , Using Reflective Roofing Materials of our home. , Generators Instead, only those images that are inspiring, uplifting, and beautiful , Kitchen Remodel - How to Survive should be placed on the walls. , A Closer Look at Snow Blower Parts

Fortunately, you can practice symbolic feng shui , How Cellulose Insulation Is Applied by the selection of certain images, such as people, happy occasions, beauty, wealth, or power. , Using Reflective Roofing Materials Particular pictures in feng shui , Hot Tub Heaven have special meanings and can be used wherever you desire more interest. For instance, a poster or painting , Log Home Architectural Design and Design Considerations of a water fall , Handy Man Talents - Do You Fit The Bill? is an excellent way to boost career feng shui , Grill Burner Comparison: Cross Sections -- and income!

When you are looking to improve your feng shui, , How to Repair Burn Marks on Roll Flooring: Q&A consider simply looking around. Then, see if the images you are looking at are saying what you want them to. If not, consider replacing those images with pictures that make a positive, uplifting statement. Check the tips , Furniture Down The Ages below for more ideas of positive feng shui , Butt Sets, Punch Down Tools and Tone Generators All Have Something in Common images.

1. Use beautiful water , Are Online Satellite Dish Promotions for Real? images for career or wealth help. When placed in the north sector of the home, , What Are Some Of The Different Types Of Welding? living room, , Guide To Hiring A Roofer or office, these images can provide an immediate boost to the career. To boost career chi in the bedroom (or anywhere!) consider adding an image of a tortoise.

Images of waterfalls , Hot Tub Heaven and lakes are also appropriate for the southeast wealth sector. For more career or wealth help, consider adding a picture of a ship sailing INTO your home , Don't Sweat It - Keep Cool the Portable Way or office. Ships are especially auspicious harbingers of coming wealth. Do consider adding a ship picture in the southwest, where it will help with relationships AND wealth because water , Home Generators is beneficial in the SW until 2023.

2. Gain recognition, friends, and beneficial relationships with images of happy people. Looking for more friends or a more active social life? Maybe even FAME? Pictures of happy occasions and happy people are EXCELLENT ways to bring more people into your life, as well as happier relationships, and greater social recognition. Pictures such as the ones below are excellent for enhancing your social status, both personally and professionally.

These can be hung in the south or southwest corners. Other good choices for the south and southwest are horses and birds. , Using Reflective Roofing Materials Horses hung in the southwest sector can offer a good chance of travel, so be prepared if you hang a picture of a horse here!

3. Receive help from mentors and influential people with images in the NW. To receive help from those in the position to offer you advancement in your career, studies, or life in general, you need to enhance your "Power People" sector. This is the NW corner of your home, , Design With Solar Landscape Lighting and Lighting Fixtures in Mind living room, , Want Free Money? Itís Easier Than You Think! or office.

Images of international scenes such as the Eiffel tower, the tower of London, the pyramids of Giza, and other scenes are excellent for receiving help from all corners of the globe. Likewise, images of metal , 7 Tips For A Better Kitchen structures, circular images, and golden or metallic colors , Hot Tub Heaven are all excellent choices.

Maps, pictures of maps, globes, etc. are all beneficial for the NW sector of your home, , Inspection: A Doctor Visit for Your Home office, or living room. , Kitchen Remodel - How to Survive Because this is the "heaven" location, , Using Reflective Roofing Materials this is also a wonderful location , Butt Sets, Punch Down Tools and Tone Generators All Have Something in Common for pictures and images of religious figures or dieties, angels, or religious locations , Ten Ways to Add Value to Your Property such as Jerusalem or Mecca. Grand people such as Albert Einstein, Martin Luther King, Ghandi, or world leaders are also wonderful choices for increasing Powerful People help.

Be sure to surround yourself , Guide To Hiring A Roofer with pictures of people or places , What Are Some Of The Different Types Of Welding? that you aspire to and that inspire you. We must all have something that lifts us up and makes us want to achieve more and aim higher in our lives. Find a picture that symbolizes that FOR YOU.

4. Avoid depressing, negative, or violent images. Do you have images in your home , Butt Sets, Punch Down Tools and Tone Generators All Have Something in Common that remind you of something sad, mean, violent, or failure? If so, these images are constantly reinforcing these negative messages. Look around and if you have any pictures or elements like this, consider replacing them. Otherwise, these images will continue to imbue your home , Guide To Hiring A Roofer with negative energy. , Don't Sweat It - Keep Cool the Portable Way Yes, even if your picture is considered "fine art", it is not worth sacrificing the energy , Log Home Architectural Design and Design Considerations of your home , How To Choose The Best Knife Set for this investment in negativity.
Kathryn Weber is the publisher of the Red Lotus Letter feng shui , Are Online Satellite Dish Promotions for Real? e-zine and is dedicated to helping her readers develop successful, prosperous, and supportive environments , Guide to Bathroom Design with feng shui. , The Garage Door as Your House's Fashion Accessory To subscribe, logon to www.redlotusletter.com and receive this special report Fr*ee "16 Feng Shui , 7 Tips For A Better Kitchen Secrets for Greater Prosperity."


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