Physiological Response to Window Coverings


Article by: Jeanette Joy Fisher

Nothing soothes the brain like Mother Nature, , How To Make Window Cleaner whose intrinsic scenery relaxes and refreshes us, consciously and subconsciously. Therefore, a view of nature , Alarm Clocks With Bells, Whistles and Chimes should never be completely covered up during the day.

During daylight hours, windows , Financial Incentives for Using Solar Power in Your Home should let in as much light , A Place For Everything And Everything In Its Place and scenery view as possible, because people who can't see out of their windows , Static Eliminators during daylight hours get depressed. A view of nature, , Scented Candles make a House a Home! trees, , Alarm Clocks With Bells, Whistles and Chimes plants, , Decorating Kid's Rooms On A Small Budget sky, clouds, and birds , The Cost of NOT Doing Home Maintenance: Free Home Maintenance Tips for The Bathroom diminishes stress, promotes general physical health, and contributes to psychological satisfaction.

Factors such as natural , Fixing Old Wooden Chairs light, fabric color, , Durability and Care of Glass Sinks pattern, and tactile quality will also affect the presence of the room. , Composite Decking and Cedar Siding, Value and Appearance Fabrics with a soft, tactile quality are good choices for creating a romantic, elegant ambiance, but mini-blinds are hard to clean and look severe. Pleated shades are softer, while shutters have rounded edges, can be repainted to change decor, , Scented Candles make a House a Home! and will last forever.

Window Coverings as Backgrounds

Window coverings that span a large expanse require the same color , Scented Candles make a House a Home! considerations as walls, , Fixing Old Wooden Chairs since they become backgrounds for people. Too many patterns on windows , Static Eliminators will detract from both individuals and furnishings, and small prints in large spaces tend to get lost while adding busyness to a room. , Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

Many windows , Fixing Old Wooden Chairs are really no more than picture frames for views, so it's important that window , Durability and Care of Glass Sinks treatments should complement the view. In general, the better the view, the plainer the window , The Artistic Past And Present Of Oriental Rugs treatments should be. For view windows , Ten Tips to Ensure That You Choose the Right Carpet For Your Home or Office that don't need coverings for privacy or temperature , How to Judge Chinese Suzhou Embroidery control, consider lighting the exterior space and leaving the windows , Swimming Pools: 6 Tips to Make them Auspicious uncovered.

Architectural Considerations

Houses with lovely architectural details surrounding the windows , The Cost of NOT Doing Home Maintenance: Free Home Maintenance Tips for The Bathroom need window , Ten Tips to Ensure That You Choose the Right Carpet For Your Home or Office treatments that don't hide the home's character. For example, magnificently-fluted moldings around windows , Furnishing Home Gyms Can Add Resale Value to Your Home shouldn't be covered. Use spring , Swimming Pools: 6 Tips to Make them Auspicious tension rods to hang treatments inside , How to Judge Chinese Suzhou Embroidery the molding instead.

Where windows , Ever Wonder About Those Slats Missing From Your Fence? are perfectly placed throughout a room, , The Right Furniture accentuate their lines with bold treatments. You can camouflage the size and position of windows , Ten Tips to Ensure That You Choose the Right Carpet For Your Home or Office that are too small or poorly placed by adjusting the placement of window , Scented Candles make a House a Home! treatments, such as hanging the coverings higher to visually create taller windows. , Static Eliminators

Elegant Window , Electric Radiant Heat - Low Cost House Warming Dressings

Window treatments can be plain, functional, or opulent. Formal rooms , White Horse Weather Vanes with exquisite window , Static Eliminators treatments are fun. Layers of damask, lace, sheers, silks, and overlapping swags can create an aura of richness and refinement. Other elegant details might include scalloped trimmings, fringe, cords, cording, tassels, and rosettes.

On the other hand, if you need to tone down a too-opulent scheme, use a rough-textured trim, because lush and lustrous fabrics can be overwhelming without an element of roughness as a balancing factor.

Puddled window , Choosing Your Builder: Cheapest Quote Wins? drapes, typical of the Victorian period, can add fullness and warmth to cold rooms. , Custom Builders Announce Home Elevators as the Next Appliance Draperies that are allowed to "pool" or "puddle" on the floor , Electric Radiant Heat - Low Cost House Warming add elegance and rich feelings to a room. , UPVC Door Lock Can Be Broken In 5 Seconds - 22 Million UK Homes At Risk The drawback is that too much pooling on the floor , Choosing Your Builder: Cheapest Quote Wins? will cause the bottoms of puddle draperies to get sucked into vacuum cleaners.

Each house , Z Mesh, An Innovative Floor Heating System is different, of course, but no matter what your home's style or composition, you'll want to give careful consideration to your choice of window , Fixing Old Wooden Chairs fashions if you're going to create a warm and happy feeling for yourself, , Home Gyms Can Be Made More Effective your family, and your guests.

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EzineArticles Expert Author Jeanette Joy Fisher
Professor Jeanette Fisher, author of Doghouse to Dollhouse for Dollars, Joy to the Home, , Natural Gas Grills and other books teaches Real Estate Investing and Design , Mahogany's Beauty and Durability Makes it Ideal for Deck Construction Psychology. For more articles, tips, , 10 Things to Consider When Remodeling Your Bathroom reports, newsletters, and sales flyer template, see

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