PhotoCatalytic Air Purifier: New Technology


Article by: Ed Sherbenou

The photocatalytic air , 1 in 4 Homes in UK Has One - The Average Costs $15,000! purifier is based on photocatalytic oxidation (PCO), an emerging air , Feather Wreaths: Attractive And Simple To Make purifier technology that converts fine particles and toxic gasses into safer compounds.

Photocatalytic air , Home Improvement – Don’t Exceed Comps In Your Area cleaning uses broad spectrum ultraviolet light, , Shed Some on Energy Savings which energizes a thin-film titanium dioxide-based semiconductor catalyst, in the presence of water, , Country Home Accessories creating hydroxyl radicals and super-oxide ions which oxidize finer particulate matter, volatile organic , What Can a Coal Furnace Heat? compounds (VOCs), and destroy microorganisms adsorbed on the catalyst surface.

Now that everything is perfectly clear, we can all go home , The Health Benefits Of Drinking Water - Is Bottled Drinking Water Healthier Than Filtered Tap Water? right?

Maybe we should try again.

Let's analyze this animal one concept at a time; a real bright light , Hand Stripping Furniture shines on a wet metal , The Best Quilts, Quilt Patterns and Quilt Fabrics thing which makes tiny pac-man people that get rid of bad stuff stuck on the surface and turn it into carbon , Ourdoor fireplaces and related products dioxide and water. , Shed Some Light on Energy Savings When the pac-people are done, they turn back into to oxygen and hydrogen.

That better?

A high-intensity broad spectrum ultraviolet lamp, with germ killing wavelengths included, is the first building , Curved Stair Lifts An Overview block of photocatalytic air , Kitchen Bar Stools - They're Not Just For Breakfast Anymore! purification technology.

A catalyst is a substance that can accelerate a chemical reaction without being used up itself. The catalyst material in photocatalytic air , Keeping Your New Hardwood Floor Beautiful purifiers is titanium dioxide, TiO2. This semiconductor is applied as a thin film on aluminum or ceramic substrate.

When a semiconductor is illuminated with light , Basement Mold The Most Common Place In The Home of certain wavelengths, electrons in the material's surface are excited, coming loose and starting chain reactions. This excess energy , Wood Floors - All About Wood Floors ends up splitting nearby water , What Can a Coal Furnace Heat? vapor molecules into two parts, hydroxyl radicals and super-oxide ions.

These free radicals are like tiny pac-people from the old video game: little round guys with enormous mouths that gobble up everything in their way. Hydroxyl radicals are among the most active oxidizers in the world, stronger than chlorine, ozone, , Window Blinds Variety and Styles Offer a Multitute of Interior Design Options and peroxide, and therefore very short lived.

Superoxide, not the same as ozone, , What Can a Coal Furnace Heat? is created by the addition of one electron to oxygen. This free radical has a "long" half-life: less than one second.

Toxic substances, like germs and volatile organic , The Health Benefits Of Drinking Water - Is Bottled Drinking Water Healthier Than Filtered Tap Water? compounds, are coupled together by carbon-carbon, carbon-oxygen or carbon-hydrogen bonds. Oxidizers chop these bonds and break the molecule into smaller compounds. This continues until only carbon , Commercial Juicer - Capture New Customers The Countertop Way dioxide and water , Keeping Your New Hardwood Floor Beautiful are left.

Since the process happens at the photocatalyst surface, and the oxidizers quickly expend their energy, , Bay Windows Add Character And Space To A Home photocatalytic air , Homeowners Here is a Step by Step Guide to Help You Hire a Quality Home Improvement Contractor purification is safer than existing ozone-based oxidation systems. Only the ultraviolet bulb , Wood Floors - All About Wood Floors needs replacing, about once a year, so maintenance costs on these air , Home Lighting Design Tips And Ideas cleaners are low.

This is an exciting area, with new science and improved products , The Changing Face Of DIY Stores almost daily. There are even photocat lightbulbs and paints , Wood Floors - All About Wood Floors that eat pollution. , Should I Buy A Cuckoo Clock?

Photocatalytic air , Do You Know What Is Living Under Your Mobile Home? purifiers are the air , Solve Your Problems With Wire Decking Safe And Easy To Use cleaning machines of the future.
Click for the web's best Air , Save Energy and Money this Winter - Improve Your Home with Double Glazing and Insulation Purifier Reviews The Author, Ed Sherbenou, is an experienced air , The Changing Face Of DIY Stores purifier user, with 40 years of direct experience due to chemical sensitivity and severe allergies. He writes indoor air , Home Renovation - How's and Why's quality articles, posts blogs, and maintains a leading air , Hand Stripping Furniture purification website: Article Source:

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