One Way to Get Rid of Nesting Pigeons


Article by: Jim Muckle

As I dusted the ceiling of #202 with my long feather duster in preparation for painting, , Back Be Nimble I kept hearing a soft whirring sound like a small electric , Build Your Own Garage Workbench drill a jeweler or dentist would use. It came on for a couple of seconds and then went off. It seemed to be coming from below.

Well, I thought, that made sense. The tenant below was some kind of inventor so he was probably working on a project.

But it wasn't really coming from below. I followed the soft on again off again whirring sound out onto the apartment's balcony. The whirring got louder then stopped. I heard rustling from above. As I approached the sound two gray pigeons suddenly burst out from under a space between the aluminum porch , Why Laminate Flooring is the Perfect Choice for Families overhang and the main wood roof. , Caring for Your Hardwood and Hardwood Laminate is Easier Than You Think They flew over to the peak of an adjoining building , In The Mood and watched me.

Wow, I thought, nesting pigeons, we've never had those before.

Later, a tenant told me, "You've got to kill them. They'll keep coming back year after year. They'll never go away."

Another tenant said, "They're like flying rats, and they carry mites. You gotta get rid of them."

A prospective tenant visited the apartment. , UFFI: Urea Formaldehyde Foam Insulation - What is UFFI? When she stepped out onto the porch , De-humidify Immediately for a Safer Home - Your Children Will Thank You the pigeons panicked and flew away scaring her.

"Those are dirty things," she yelped, and never came back.

The pigeons had to go. They were building , Laminate Hardwood Flooring What Is It And Why Is It So Popular? a nest, but hadn't laid any eggs yet. As I pondered the problem one of them stood on the peak of the adjoining building's roof, , Tough Boat Ladders Made of Stainless Steel a long twig in his beak, impatiently waiting for me to get lost.

I have nothing against pigeons. I thought it was kind of cool they were building , Why Laminate Flooring is the Perfect Choice for Families a nest up there, preparing to raise a family. I thought maybe I could find a tenant to move in that liked pigeons.

"Maybe some wild bird, , Carpet Tiles Are A Great Source For Flooring a natural , To Frame or Not to Frame... That is the Question predator, will kill them," said another tenant.

"The cats are trying to get them," said another.

"The owner won't like them," said yet another.

"Get one of those fake owls at the hardware , Fixing a broken pane of glass in an aluminum frame store," said another.

I thought about all of these ideas as I began to tape off the living room. , Home Improvement Guide - Choosing A Good And Affordable Contractor

I didn't want to drive to the hardware , Spring Is Here - Give Your Interiors a Lift (and Lend a Helping Hand) store. I practically lived there already, and I wasn't in the mood to spend another dime. Maybe I could screen off their entrance. I tried reaching up there, but it was too high, and if I stepped out on the railing the fall , Feng Shui Your Home, Work and Life For Balance and Harmony would kill me, and I didn't have a ladder that would go up that high.

Then it hit me.

A natural , 10 Surefire Ways to Avoid Common DIY Home Improvement Mistakes predator, a fake owl.

I looked at my feather duster.

It was a big oversized one with a telescopic handle and big brown feathers. It looked like a headless turkey vulture.

I put two pieces of blue , 10 Surefire Ways to Avoid Common DIY Home Improvement Mistakes masking tape on it for eyes and then taped it to the railing.

The wind blew its feathers about like a big ugly bird , Traditional Futon Beds monster. It appeared lifelike.

The two pigeons on the adjoining peak watched me mount it. They began talking about it. They paced nervously back and forth. I could sense their fear. They realized instinctively and almost instantly that this was no match for them, and that this was no place , Why Would I Consider Installing Roofing Shingles in Cold Weather? to build their nest, raise their family and revisit year after year.

They departed and I haven't seen them since.

From 'The Property , Carpet Tiles Are A Great Source For Flooring Manager, a homeowners guide to cheap and easy repairs. , Best Placement for Window Air Conditioners ' by Jim Muckle
Jim Muckle is the author of The Property , Home Improvement Guide - Choosing A Good And Affordable Contractor Manager, How To , Steel Garages Find Jobs Teaching Overseas, Teaching In Saudi Arabia, Teaching in Japan, The Class Act Reading Game and The Stay At Home , Designer bathroom sinks and basins Dad. The contents of all of these booklets can be viewed at his web , Quick and Dirty Guide to Wood Flooring site at Booklets From Jim Muckle @

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