New-age Paint Thickening & Rheological Additives : Solvitex & Solvizen


Article by: R.S Subramanium

For Paint , How To Choose The Right Home Theater Seating Manufacturers worldwide, , Using Storage Under The Bed there has come a radical new development in the legion of Thickening Agents & Colloidal stabilizer for Aqueous Latex Paints. , Polarized Sun Glasses - Good Looks and Excellent View So far most of the companies producing aqueous Paint , Bragada Mattress emulsions, the most preferred thickening agent was Hydroxy ethyl cellulose (HEC). The HEC based thixotropic additives is produced by some of the renowned multi-national companies such as Hercules, Akzo Nobel & Dow.

Here we refer to a Biopolymer based on Polysacchride derived from controlled derivatisation process from plant , Top-notch ways to learn more about loft and bunk beds plus more. origin. The product , Going Solar - Who is Who? developed by Asian Trade Link Chemicals Division in India has already been a successful venture for replacement of HECs for many paint , Hydrogen Cell Generator For The Home companies. The Product , Planning Permission Tips UK - How to Avoid Boundary Disputes when Extending or Redeveloping a Site is known as Solvitex thickening agent & colloidal stabilizer.

The solvitex range of products , Top Ten Air Purifier Questions is offered in wide range of viscosities of aqueous solutions. It comes in Powder form of Offwhite color , Retractable Awnings... Imagine This and the thickening properties , So You’ve Put an Offer on a Home. What’s Next? are similar to HEC.

But the Advantages of Solviex against HECs are many. The prime factor is the stability & economic pricing. Its been observed that for a Medium viscosity range of products , Roof Gutter Protection: The How and Why such as Natrosol 250 HBR or Bermcoll 381 the intial drop after settling is by 20% and then the finished paint , Contemporary Furniture - What Style is For You? adheres to be stable for six months.and the viscosity further drops. Solvitex has an initial drop of settling to 10% and the product , Enjoy The Beauty Of Hardwood With The Endurance Of Laminate Flooring is stable in physical observation for more than 1year exhibiting the same viscosity.

As known by many Paint , Hydrogen Cell Generator For The Home technicians, its inevitable that the stability of thickening agent after incorporating in the Paint , Contemporary Furniture - What Style is For You? system, is delicate towards wide temperature , Air Purifiers and How to Find them changes. Especially applicable for Export shipments when the Paint , Reinventing The Speaker Bracket - The Conductive Speaker Mounting System under goes through various temperature , Hydrogen Cell Generator For The Home conditions during its transit. A sudden drop & rise in outside , Teak Outdoor Furniture Is Not A New Idea temperature can effect the stability. Solvitex has potentially proven to be stable under those conditions.

Amongst HEC, I personally find Cellosize of Dow as the most stable product , Using Storage Under The Bed compared to Bermocoll & Tylose.

Myself as Paint , Spice Up Your Bedroom With formulator & other colleagues working in different companies had a dilemma existing for selection. For cheaper Paints , 10 Common Uses for Baking Soda the Stronger product , Teak Outdoor Furniture Is Not A New Idea or High Viscosity grades were used such but there always was a flocculation after some period on shelf storage. For the Expensive ones we had to prefer Medium Viscosities grade to overcome shelf storage time. Most of the companies carry the same practice.

When I came across Solvitex range of Thickeners I was given much competitive prices. Priced at least 10% lower than HEC based Products, , So You’ve Put an Offer on a Home. What’s Next? but my major concern was to check the colloidal stabilization. The Product , Castle Blueprint Plans - All The Rage was immediately tested and was found to perform excellent.

Apart from that, Solvitex has provided better color , Roof Gutter Protection: The How and Why acceptance & and coatabilty.

Sooner we came across Solvizen developed by the same company for more economic & cheaper Price. The thickening & stability properties , Going Solar - Who is Who? was the same but economically priced.

However, The Water , Simplifying Stair Rise and Run solution clarity of Solvizen was not as clear as of Solvitex or HECs. It was slight turbid. But when incorporated in Paints, , Contemporary Furniture - What Style is For You? we couldn't find any difference. Again the Paint , A Closer Look at Snow Blower Parts was stable physically observed.

As a Paint , Hydrogen Cell Generator For The Home formulator from past 2 decades and based on my experiences, I suggest to all those technicians in the same field to try Solvitex & Solvizen range of Thickening agents.

For more information , Facts about Bathtub Surround and What it Can Do For You about solviex & solvizen one can check
Mr. R. S. Subramanium is working with Noble Paints , Miracles Always Happen Under A Tent ( A Gazebo Or A Canopy)! Mfg. Co. and has more than 20 years experience in the paints , What is Cabinet Refacing? industry. He can be contacted at or at Phone , A Guide To Vinyl Shutters No.: 91-22-25007236 / 25000659

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