Moisture Problems - Why Does Condensation Occur on Interior Surfaces?


Article by: Gil Strachan

Condensation on inside , The Best Time to Inspect Your Home! of window , A House with Cracks and condensation on inside of window , Retractable Awnings – Several Different Shade Positions in cold , Great information on bed linens, linen fabric and table linens weather...

Condensation can occur on any surface that is below the "dew point" of the air , Information about latex gloves and latex allergies with which it is in contact. The "dew point" is the temperature , Patio Canopies: Protecting Your Patio From The Elements... at which condensation will occur for a given humidity level.

In most houses , Retractable Awnings – Several Different Shade Positions in winter, , Choosing Your Sofa the inner surfaces of the windows , Various Types of Flooring for Your Home are the coolest surfaces in the home. , Guide to Buying a Refrigerator / Freezer Condensation will typically appear there before it appears on other surfaces. Condensation is less likely to occur on interior , Basement Waterproofing walls, because they are typically warmer than "dew point."

Occasionally however, condensation may occur on cold , Cordless Tools: Tips To Increase Battery Life spots such as nail , Laminate Flooring - An Easy to Follow Fitting Guide heads, in corners of outside , Z Mesh, An Innovative Floor Heating System walls where insulation is reduced, or in confined spaces where the circulation of warm room air , What is Energy Star Lighting? is restricted. In extreme cases, condensation may lead to mildew and the growth of mold.

What To Do

To reduce or eliminate excessive condensation, the humidity level must be decreased and/or the ventilation increased.

To reduce humidity levels:

* Turn down humidifiers Ensure dryers , What washing machine? are vented to the exterior

* Do not hang clothes to dry inside , The right small appliance for you the house

* In extreme cases, operate a dehumidifier. Dehumidifiers generally are capable of removing 7.5 to 20 litres of water , How To Artify Your Home from the air , Information about latex gloves and latex allergies per day.

Typical household , Designing With Hardwood Floors dehumidifier.
A household , Basement Waterproofing dehumidifier.

To increase ventilation:

* Operate bath fans when showering or bathing

* Open windows , Hire Independent Contractor to Get the Best Remodeling Results or operate an exhaust fan as soon as significant window , Electrical Test and Tag Frequently Asked Questions condensation appears, until the source of the humidity is remedied.

* Operate furnace with fan switched on for continuous air , Tips for Your Dream Kitchen flow


* Have range hoods vented to exterior

* In extreme cases, consider installation of an mechanical air , Patio Canopies: Protecting Your Patio From The Elements... exchanger or Heat , Solar Power: Becoming America's Choice Recovery Ventilator (HRV).

Heat Recovery Ventilator - A typical heat , Home Automation Enhances Your Lifestyle and Saves Money - Exciting Home Automation Applications recovery ventilator.

If the obvious solutions don't eliminate the problem, before investing in a dehumidifier or an HRV, check the structure for other possible moisture , What washing machine? sources. Ensure the appropriate insulation and moisture , Try IPE Decking Tiles – Give Your Deck A Facelift barriers are installed in the attic, basement , Power Tools Tips for Do It Yourself Home Improvements or crawlspace. Check for seepage in the basement. , Homeowners – Here is a Step by Step Guide to Help You Hire a Quality Home Improvement Contractor

Attic ventilation is normally provided by vent openings in the soffits or gables and roof. , How To Get Rid Of Fruit Flies With A Homemade Fruit Fly Trap The total area of ventilation should equal one square foot for every 200 to 300 square feet of ceiling area. Not less than 50% of attic ventilation should be throught the soffits or gables. Not more than 50% should be through the roof. , The right small appliance for you
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Gil Strachan is a professional home , An Armoire Combines Function And Beauty To Provide Versatile Storage Space Throughout The inspector, representing Electrospec Home , Choosing Your Sofa Inspection Services in east-central Ontario, Canada since 1994. Visit to learn more about home , An Armoire Combines Function And Beauty To Provide Versatile Storage Space Throughout The inspections.

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