Memories in Wood: Knowing Closets


Article by: Khieng Chho

You might have it in your kitchen, , How to Makeover a Drab Concrete Patio to hold the best china and silver. Or you could have it in your bathroom, , Going Stainless keeping medicines way out of reach of children. And you could have at least one in your bedroom, where everything from clothes to shoes, yearbooks to photos are stored.

Taken for granted and often abused, closets make up a great part of our every day lives. They are called by many other names; the word "closet" is, in fact, native to North America, and is associated with cabinets, cupboards, or pantries. The British call , What is Wire EDM? it a "wardrobe," or even an "armoire."

Way before C.S. Lewis introduced the world to a magical universe past the furs hanging in a closet, the Elizabethans closeted themselves and referred to any room , Jazz Up Your Basement Ceiling - You Can Do That as a "closet," as long as someone could read in it and have privacy. In the modern age, even the bathroom , Sauna Rooms - For Greater Health, Homes and Happiness is referred to as a "water closet," or W.C.

Closets can be made in a variety of materials. The traditional wood , Too Many Home Improvement Decisions and Not Enough Answers-The Home Improvement Success System. allows a closet to be decorated with carvings and mirrors. The more modern closets are made of less insect-prone materials, and are more lightweight.

Whatever they are made of, and whichever name they are called, closets come in many types depending on their use.

"¢ A broom closet is a closet narrower than wide, often stretching in space from the floor , 10 Steps to Improve Your Lighting to the ceiling. It is made to store length objects such as mops, brooms, or hockey sticks

"¢ A coat closet is a storage space in which to store jackets, hoods, and coats. Such a closet will often have no shelves, and only rails on which to hang clothes on. In a house, , Don't Forget Masonry During Inspections it is located near the front door, , Workbenches & Building Options so that anyone entering the house , Steps on How to Make Perfect Curtain Rods can place , Bring Summer Into Your Bedroom their jackets in a safe place, , Make your room look better with window blind shade then take it out again and wear it when they leave the house. , Create The Perfect Atmosphere

Some restaurants also have coat closets, and these are usually located in an isolated space farther from the entryway.

"¢ A linen closet is typically built with shelves instead of rods on which to hang clothes on. It is located near bedrooms or bathrooms, , 5 Simple Tips To Keep Your Tile Clean and Fresh and is used to keep washcloths, towels, blankets, sheets, toiletries, and curtains.

"¢ Wall closets are shallow closets separated from a room , Installing Your Own Custom Home Theater Is Easier Than You Think with folding doors, , Handel Lamp History curtains, or strings of beads. They have just enough space to store folded clothes or to hang them.

"¢ A walk-in closet is a large closet large enough for a user to walk inside, , Bathroom Ceramic Tile - Tips for Using Ceramic Custom Tile and wide enough to keep a greater number of clothes, shoes, books, and other paraphernalia. Some walk-in closets have lights , Chosing to Buy Between Different Types of Ladders and mirrors, and will often have unique flooring. , Too Many Home Improvement Decisions and Not Enough Answers-The Home Improvement Success System.

"¢ California closets are larger versions of walk-in closets. They will contain more shelves, shoe drawers, rails on which to hang clothes, racks in which to keep books, and even netting on which to hang earrings! The more luxurious California closets will even have safes, secret compartments, and drawers in which to store money or precious jewelry.

They are often ignored in favor of their contents, but closets do perform a good number of duties their users take for granted. They store shoes and clothing in an organized manner, and keep them clean. They keep out humidity, preserving precious books and photographs. If made skillfully, they can serve as accents to rooms, , Spring Cleaning ='s Reverse Shopping even as conversation pieces.

Closets, most of all, store memories, no matter what they are for.
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