Materials For Building Window Shutters


Article by: Brian Wright

Shopping for window , Prefabricated Home Packages shutters can become confusing because of the huge variety of materials used and promoted as superior. The construction methods of a shutter unit, including the materials used, contributes greatly to the overall cost of shutters purchased. However, a well-constructed unit made out of high-quality materials will also last longer and look better than something less than ideal. Following is an outline of various woods , About Foggers and Misters for Ponds and Fountains and synthetic materials that are often used in building , Electronic Air Cleaners shutters.

Basswood Shutters
(Tilia Americana Linnaeus, or the American Linden)

Basswood is absolutely the best wood , Commercial Juicer - Capture New Customers The Countertop Way for building window , Outdoor Trash Cans and Ash Bins shutters. The Basswood tree , Outdoor Trash Cans and Ash Bins can be found from Quebec south to Delaware and the Atlantic coast west to Eastern Kentucky with an average height of 65 feet. Basswood is a renewable resource and careful forest management ensures tree , How To Select A Lamp Shade harvesting is done responsibly, balancing growth with removal. Each year the United States grows , Electronic Air Cleaners about twice as much hardwood as it harvests. Basswood shutters are very straight and has a fine uniform texture with an indistinct grain. Basswood machines well and is easy to work, and screws , Home Clean Up - Start in those Closets and glues well and can be sanded and stained to a smooth finish. It dries fairly rapidly with little distortion. Basswood has fairly high shrinkage but good dimensional stability when dry.

Popular uses for basswood include drafting tables, broom handles, carvings, turnings, furniture, , All about fabric wall hangings moldings, millwork, musical instruments, woodenware, food , Considerations When Specifying Wood For Windows And Doors containers, and surfboards.

General Basswood shutter characteristics:

Does not warp Lightweight yet very strong Uniform grain for a beautiful , How to Make that Floor ONE OF A KIND!! stain finish Low in resin and tannin which may bleed through finish Renewable resource which is replenished as it is harvested Superior gluing and finishing properties

Oak Shutters

Oak shutters are very heavy. Oak shutters add much weight to window , Home Remodeling: Colors and Temperature Perception jambs and screws , About Foggers and Misters for Ponds and Fountains require pre-drilling. Oak shutters are not suitable for painting. , How To Open Your Swimming Pool This Spring Oak shutter louvers tend to warp.

Maple Shutters

Maple shutters are very heavy. Maple shutters add much weight to window , How to Hire an Asphalt Driveway Paving Contractor jambs and screws , How to Clean Leather Correctly & Remove Leather Stains - Part 1 require pre-drilling. Maple louvers are hard to tension uniformly.

Poplar Shutters

Poplar shutters mill and paints , Prefabricated Home Packages well. Mineral streaks and a green color , Commercial Juicer - Capture New Customers The Countertop Way make poplar unsuitable for staining. Poplar is moderately heavy for shutters. Poplar is widely available, but less costly. Poplar is best used for millwork and trim that is nailed in place. , The Basics of Solar Power For Your Home Popular produces a lesser quality shutter.

Cedar Shutters

Cedar shutters mill and finish nicely. However, color , Home Remodeling: s and Temperature Perception varies greatly for staining. Cedar is soft and can dent and scratch easily. Tilt bar staples do not hold well.

Cedar shutters work wonderfully for exterior shutters. The outstanding durability and resistance to decay of incense cedar makes it ideal for exterior use where moisture , About Foggers and Misters for Ponds and Fountains is present. This wood , Outdoor Clocks - Variety and Choice gives long service with little maintenance in such as mud sills, window , coverings a perfect solution for privacy. sashes, sheathing under stucco or brick veneer construction, greenhouse , Deck Design - Why Firm Foundations Are Essential benches, fencing, poles, trellises, and shutters. Incense cedar is also used extensively for exterior siding because it is dimensionally stable and holds paint , Window coverings a perfect solution for privacy. well, in addition to being durable. Oh, yes, and bugs hate it!

Alder Shutters

Alder is our second choice for shutters. Alder is a smaller tree , Solar Energy Advantages Disadvantages so only shorter lengths are available, thus tall shutters require finger joints.

Pine Shutters

Pine is a softwood. Many different species and grades of pine is available, so quality tends to be inconsistent.

Synthetics, Plastics, , About Foggers and Misters for Ponds and Fountains Vinyl, Fauxwood, and Poly

Many synthetics incorporate "wood" in their name, but most contain no wood , Rustic Home Decor Makes a Comeback - usually called faux wood , Framing Old Mirrors or poly shutters. Made from stock size components with few, if any, custom options. Come in limited white colors, , Fixing Old Wooden Chairs and cannot be stained. Look, feel, and sound like plastic. , Let’s “Clear the Air” Shall We? Relatively new product , Home Saunas - Improve Your Health and Enhance Your Home With A Design That Fits Your Lifestyle so limited customer satisfaction experience. Synthetics are less costly to manufacture. Heavy and tend to sag. All synthetics are manufactured from nonrenewable resources.
All About Shutters serves as an online , How to Clean Leather Correctly & Remove Leather Stains - Part 1 buyer's guide for interior , The Pros And Cons Of Purchasing Refurbished Home Appliances and exterior shutters, discussing a variety of topics with informative articles.

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