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Article by: Robert Nelson

The following list offers some inexpensive ways to make your home , Finding the Right Contractor secure:

* Do not leave a ladder outside , Discount Laminate Flooring - How To Get The Best Flooring For The Cheapest Price of your home. , Bathroom Winter Warmers A thief could easily, and they do, gain entrance to a second story window. , Buyers Guide For Mailboxes

* Always ask for ID when service men come to your home. , Soft Goods Upholstered Furniture Do not let your children answer the door. , Finding the Right Contractor Don't be afraid to call , Home Improvement - Planning for an Addition the company for verification BEFORE you let them inside , The Best Way to Clean a Granite Countertop - Inexpensively your home. , Fall's Fresh Flowers - All About the Mums

* Do not keep excess cash around your house. , Hire a Contractor for Best Home Improvement Results Keep it in a safety , Bruce Hardwood Flooring Buy From The Largest Hardwood Company In The World deposit box at your bank. If you must keep cash at home, , Overview Of Evaporative Air Coolers hide it NOT in the kitchen , Soft Goods Upholstered Furniture or your bedroom, as that is the first place , Where to Find Great Kitchen Canister Sets a thief will look.

* Take pictures of your heirlooms and personal items for identification at some later time.

* Mark all electronic equipment with a permanent etching of your name and drivers license number or social security , What is Home Theater? number. This process makes it hard for the thief to sell your property, , How To Choose The Right Faucet and easy for you to identify and get returned to you.

* Never leave notes on your front door , Great Saunas Have Great Sauna s announcing your absence. This may seem incredible, but people do this all of the time. You might as well put up a neon sign giving your time of return also.

* Keep an eye out for a strange vehicle on your block. It could be a thief checking out the whereabouts of you or your neighbors. Write down the vehicle description and the license number. Don't be ashamed to call , How to Carry a Ladder Correctly the Police to report a suspicious vehicle.

* Purchase a timer that will turn on your lights , Three Excellent Low-Flow Showerheads automatically and light , Privacy Fences up your house , The Benefits of a Wool Rug when you are away.

* If you are going on vacation, arrange to have your lawn , Bathroom Renovation for a Modern and Aesthetic Home Space mowed, your paper picked-up, leaves raked and snow , Best Ways to Keep Your Nose Clean shoveled. Make it look like you are home. , Leather Furnishings - How to Clean and Care for Them

* Have the post office hold your mail until you return.

* Leave your furnace or central air , Solar Cooling - Conditioning From the Sun on low so that people can hear it start up once in a while. This tells burglars that you won't begone for long.

* If you ever arrive home, , The Benefits of Synthetic Air Compressor Oil and your door , Adjustable Beds and How to Buy them and Other Bedding is open, or you see obvious signs of forced entry, DO NOT GO INSIDE, call , How To Choose Awnings For Your Home Or Business the Police. Don't be a hero!
Robert Nelson is a staff writer at Spy Supply Depot, where all kinds of Self Defense & Surveillance , Home Improvement - Planning for an Addition Equipment are available. Feel free to visit their website:

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