Little Giant Ladder A Complete Guide To Working With One


Article by: Oliver Turner

Little safety tips , Luxury Bedding is More Than Just Thread Count for your little giant ladder to make you work without getting dizzy.

A major source of wounds and injuries in a workplace is due to fall , Tips for Hiring Contractors from portable ladders. However, at times these wounds might prove fatal or can even end up making you paralyzed for the rest of your life. Little Giant Ladder ensures you the safety , Marble Repair and makes you feel all the more secured. Here are some tips , Glass Sinks 4 Unbreakable Rules of Buying a Glass Vessel Sink from the little giant ladder company to make you feel hundred percent protected.

Setting Up your Little Giant Ladder

1. Before setting up a ladder, check and be cautious about overhead electrical wires (if any). Try to mount the ladder on a clean smooth surface.

2. If it is required to use a ladder in driveways, passageways or any other high traffic areas set up suitable barricades. Remind yourself , Steel Shelving: A Work Of The Master Class to lock , Mattress Selection - A Practical Approach the door , Choosing a Feng Shui Consultant: 8 Tips Help You Select the Right One for You shut incase you are using a ladder in a doorway.

3. Place , Selecting The Right Patio Furniture Cushions the little giant ladder feet at least 1/4 of the ladder's working length away from the base of the structure.

4. The little giant ladder system has side rails on the top for support and thus prevents slipping.

5. If you are required to step onto a higher platform (e.g. a roof , Top 5 Tips On Keeping Your Furnace Air Filters Clean or scaffold), make sure the ladder extends at least 3 ft above that platform.

6. Do not set up your little giant ladder on a scaffold, table, cart, or box or on any other slippery or unstable surface.

The little giant ladders should stand on both side rails, not on any of its rungs.

Climbing a little giant Ladder

Climbing the little giant ladder does not require any expertise but you have to be careful regarding balancing.

1. Grasp the rungs of the giant little ladder, not the side rails. The rungs are easier to clutch incase your foot slips. Keep the centre of your body within the side rails.

2. Maintain three-point contact by keeping three hands and two feet, or one hand and two foot, on the giant little ladder at all times.

3. Keep your hands free of any objects while climbing the ladder. Attach the necessary tools , Manufactured Home Floor Plans to your belt instead.

Staying up on your Little Giant Ladder

1. Tie yourself , Home Improvements – Expressing an Attitude off with a safety , Basic Guidelines To Owner Home Building belt and be careful not to work from the top three rungs.

2. Wear protective footwear that has slip-resistant soles and heels and that they are dry and not slippery.

3. Don't bend too much standing up on your little giant ladder; you may lose your balance and fall , Tips for Hiring Contractors out.

If you're doing work that requires you to look up and reach above your head (e.g. to wash windows , Firm Footing: Slate Tile Flooring or paint , Best Ways to Keep Your Nose Clean a wall) rest frequently to avoid arm fatigue, muscle pulls and dizziness. If you feel overworked rest your head against another rung or side rail of your ladder little giant and climb down slowly.
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