Laminate Flooring - An Easy to Follow Fitting Guide


Article by: Jason Ashby

Laminate Flooring is easy to fit, so long as you follow the simple basic guidelines. With nearly all laminate , A Guide to Choosing the Best Security Mailboxes flooring having a click system in one form or another, it has never been easier or quicker to install the floor , Roofing Installation of your dreams. As with everything the key is preparation and having the correct tools , Building a Home Addition for the job.

You should have already purchased your products, , Building a Home Addition so you should have:

Laminate flooring, , Air conditioners have become an integral part of many homes underlay, damp proof membrane, door , Upgrading Counter Tops profiles, scotia or beading

The product , A Guide to Choosing the Best Security Mailboxes should be stored unopened in the room , Decorating A Baby Nursery: A Few Essentials for 48 hours prior to installation. This allows the products , Living Room Feng Shui time to acclimatize.

Here's a list of the tools , Home Heating - Furnaces to Space Heaters, Inspections are Important you will need.

Pencil, tape measure, fitting kit (which should include knocking block, pulling bar, spacer wedges), hand saw, jigsaw and a mitre block for the beading


At any doors , Enhance and Improve your State of Mind you may have in the room , Laminated Flooring Installation Tips you will want to check if they are going to need to be planed. Take a piece of underlay and also one of the laminate , Vinyl Picket Fences flooring boards. Place , Vinyl Picket Fences one on top of the other on the floor , Architecture nest to the door , Negatives of Using Geothermal For Your Home and make a pencil mark along the bottom of the door. , SIMPLE INTERIOR DESIGN TIPS This is how much you will have to plane of the door. , Out Benches Now take the door , Remove Carpet Stains - The How To off for re-hanging later. Now place , Architecture the underlay and laminate , Kitchen Design - How a Kitchen Designer Closes a Sale against any architraves you have. Take a hand saw, using the laminate , Make Clothes Dryer More Efficient by Recycling the Heat and underlay as a guide and cut the bottom of the architraves out. This will enable you to fit the laminate , Home appliances, Select them on Price or Energy Efficiency? flooring under the architraves and you will get a much neater finish. Alternatively instead of doing this you can just use a filling compound.

The surface of the sub-floor onto which the laminate floor , Kitchen Cabinet Knobs is going needs to be level and clean. Make sure any old flooring , "Invasion of the Mold Spores" - Mold Removal Tips For the Property Owner coverings are removed and check for things like nails , Kitchen Cabinets Choices etc. After you have done this you need to give the floor , Kitchen Cabinet Knobs a good sweep, it's best to use a soft headed brush. Now the floor , 6 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Carpet Cleaner is nice and clean you can start. If you have a concrete , How to enjoy outdoor beauty when you choose a teak porch swing for your home sub-floor you will 1st need to put down a damp proof membrane (sometimes this comes built in with the underlay). Just roll out the sheet making sure any joints are overlapped and sealed with a water , What is Wire EDM? proof tape. The damp proof membrane should be allowed to rise up the walls , "Invasion of the Mold Spores" - Mold Removal Tips For the Property Owner 10mm. Now you can roll out the underlay. Where the two edges of the underlay meet, the edges must fit against each other flush and be taped to stop any movement. Where the underlay meets the walls, , The Finnish Sauna: 16 Steps to Total Pleasure you should allow the underlay to creep up the wall , Building a Home Addition about 10mm.

Let's start laying the floor. , The Finnish Sauna: 16 Steps to Total Pleasure

It is best to start along the longest, straightest wall. , Outdoor Benches Cut the tongue of one of the laminate , "Invasion of the Mold Spores" - Mold Removal Tips For the Property Owner flooring boards and lay this edge against the wall, , Engineered Wood Flooring - A Great Alternative To Solid Hardwood Floors using the spacers to create a 10mm expansion gap. Continue to do this using the knocking block to get the joint's tight, until you get to the last board of that row which will need to be cut to fit. Now you will need to measure the distance between the last board you laid and the wall. , How to enjoy outdoor beauty when you choose a teak porch swing for your home Once you have done this take off 10mm to allow for the expansion gap and us the measurement to cut the final board for that row. You will need to use the pulling bar to get the last board to fit tightly. To start the second row you will need to cut the laminate , Air conditioners have become an integral part of many homes flooring board 2/3 of its length. (In other words if the board is 1200mm long you will need to cut of 800mm of the board.) Then use the 400mm long piece that is left to start your second row. This will give you staggered joints as required by the manufactures guild lines. Now you can continue to lay the laminate , How to Deal With Contractors (So You Won't Go Mad!) flooring using the knocking block to get the joints nice and tight.

Start row three with a laminate , Kitchen Cabinet Knobs flooring board that is cut 1/3 from the end of the board. Then continue in the same manner as the preceding rows. Making sure the end joints are staggered. When you come to the last row, once again measure the gap between the laminate , Engineered Wood Flooring - A Great Alternative To Solid Hardwood Floors flooring board and the wall, , Successful Renovation cut the board making sure you have taken off 10mm for expansion. Then use the pulling bar to fit the last boards in place. , Honeywell Air Cleaners – Good Value with Low Maintenance

When you have fitted all of the Laminate , How to enjoy outdoor beauty when you choose a teak porch swing for your home flooring you can remover the spacer wedges.

Finishing Touches

Now you can fit any door , Why Do Duct Cleaning Prices Differ So Much? profiles you may have. Simply measure between the door , Building a Home Addition frame and cut the profile so it fits in nice and tight. Please remember if you are nailing or drilling the profiles down ensure that you have no water , Roofing Installation or gas , Kitchen Remodel - How to Survive pipes directly under where you are fixing.

If you are using beading to cover the expansion gap around the perimeter of the flooring , Upgrading Counter Tops it is usually best to tack this on with panel pins or similar small nails. , Negatives of Using Geothermal For Your Home In corners where two pieces of beading meet you must us a mitre block and mitre the corners to ensure a nice tidy fit.. To get a really professional finish in places , Negatives of Using Geothermal For Your Home where the beading just ends use a reverse mitre, returning the beading back into the skirting board.
My name is Jason Ashby and i have 21 years experiance in the flooring , Kitchen Cabinets Choices trade. First starting out as a flooring , Laminated Installation Tips installer then progressing into training people in all aspects of flooring. , Finding The Best Kitchen Sinks For Your Home I also run an online , How To Choose Outdoor Carpeting UK store selling laminate flooring products. , Vinyl Picket Fences For more informtion regarding laminate , Building a Home Addition or wooden flooring , How to enjoy outdoor beauty when you choose a teak porch swing for your home please visit

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