Knife Blades and Dangerous Edges


Article by: Kathryn Weber

Are you being hurt by harsh corners?

Harsh edges are a feng shui , The various types of vacuum cleaners to suit your needs trouble spot. Many times these edges are easy to overlook and can hide themselves. Sharp edges and corners can come from doors, , 'Wow' Your Guests this Christmas! square columns, shelves, cabinets -- even arrangements of furniture. , Inexpensive Comfort Found In Portable Air Conditioners

In feng shui, , Laundry Rooms - More Than Dirty Clothes strong, harsh edges are similar to knife blades, and their energy , The Faucet: A Deciding Factor should be treated that way. Some edges are worse than others, though. Edges that are aimed at the back, such as from bookshelves behind a desk, or at the neck, from shelves on a wall , Electronic Air Cleaners or open cabinets, are considered especially dangerous.

Look around your home , Unfinished Furniture - Finish It Yourself! and office to see if there are knife edges aimed anywhere of importance, such as your bed, , An ExtraOrdinary Home Is Easily Within Reach Of Virtually Every Homeowner your desk, your dining table, or anywhere you spend a lot of time. Then, consider whether it is worth the risk to expose yourself , Closing The Case On Bookcases to these harsh edges. Most of the time, by a simple rearrangement, you are able to keep the shelf or cabinet without having to do away with it.

Protective feng shui , Electronic Air Cleaners is one of the first steps one must make when looking to improve the feng shui , What Is The Best Way To Clean Carpet? of a home , Solar Energy Systems for Pools or office. Protecting oneself from the dangers of harsh edges should be on your checklist so that no one is unprotected or exposed. Read the tips , Improving Bathrooms – The Specifics below for more ideas on handling harmful edges.

1. Never place , Victorian Garden Furniture shelves overhead.
These kinds of shelves can press on the head. If they are simple boards, the sharp edges of the boards can be harmful. Placed at a desk or against a wall, , Inexpensive Comfort Found In Portable Air Conditioners a sharp edge overhead will make it hard to think clearly or make decisions well because of the pressure being exerted. Remove them and place , French Country Kitchen Decorating elsewhere.

2. Watch for tray or raised ceilings.
These are very popular in home , Laundry Rooms - More Than Dirty Clothes construction now. If you have one of these over your head while you sleep it is possible that you feel pressured, have headaches, or have difficulty sleeping. You could even have financial difficulties. Try to move the bed , An In-Depth Home Improvement Article on Everything in the Bathroom (Part 2) away from this edge, or create a canopy that covers the edge with fabric.

3. Be careful about bookshelves.
Bookshelves should never be directly ahead or behind you. This can cause confrontation and backstabbing, especially if these shelves are at work. Move the shelves so that they are not in line with your body. This is especially important at work or while you are sleeping.

4. Avoid bookshelf headboards.
These have LOTS of sharp edges and are not good for you. Besides muddled thinking, you could also suffer from head ailments ranging from sinuses to poor vision to headaches.

5. Watch L-shaped arrangements.
These kinds of arrnagements create the "cleaver" or "hatchet" effect. The long side is the "knife blade." Where do you see these? In L-shaped desk arrangements where the long knife blade is usually your desk! Separate the furniture. , Shingles Do the same with sofa arrangements, too.

6. Square columns have harsh edges.
Hang a 6-rod hollow windchime in front of the column to lift the energy , Beginning Interior Design or place , Bed and Bedding via Online Shopping a vine at the bottom to grow , 'Wow' Your Guests this Christmas! around the column, or place , Improving Bathrooms – The Specifics a tall plant , The Art of Ice Dam Removal or curtain or screen of some kind in front of the column. These columns are very dangerous if they are aimed at your table, your bed, , A Swimming Pool Can Give Your Family a Year Round Vacation and even worse, at your front door. , Complete Guide to Laminate Flooring, Wood Flooring and Hardwood Floors

7. Wall , Log Cabin Home Design - 5 Design Tips to Consider shelves create knife blades.
Wall , Flue Season is Here shelves, especially those at neck height, act like guillotines. Make sure these are covered and not at your head or neck level, especially if they are located somewhere where you work or stand a lot (such as by a stove or sink). Knife blades at the head can create very serious loss.
Kathryn Weber is the publisher of the Red Lotus Letter feng shui , Landscape Maintenance: Fertilization e-zine and is dedicated to helping her readers develop successful, prosperous, and supportive environments , Central Humidifiers: Do They Help or Hurt? with feng shui. , Bed and Bedding via Online Shopping To subscribe, logon to and receive this special report Fr*ee "16 Feng Shui , Carpet Cleaners: 12 Tips To Remove Stains Secrets for Greater Prosperity."

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