ICE DAMS: What To Do?


Article by: Gil Strachan

If you're experiencing excessive ice build-up over your eves or in valleys between roof , Tips for Selecting and Contracting a Home Remodeling General Contractor faces, here's a few helpful hints:

1. Ensure you have adequate insulation over your upper-most ceiling (the attic floor).

2. Ensure that your insulation does not contact the roof , Planning Permission Tips UK - Pre-application Enquiries to the Council - Is the Delay Worthwhile? deck, or block the soffit vents.

3. Ensure that your upper roof , Buy A Cordless Drill area has adequte vents, and that they are not obstructed.

4. Heater cables can help prevent ice damming, but if you're applying the cables after the snow and ice have already accumulated, place , A Look At Current Trends In Table Lamps the cables only at the gutter, or lower-most portion of the eves. Higher placement may cause meltwater to accumulate behind an ice dam, worsening the situation.

5. If you decide to shovel some excess snow , off your roof, , Planning Permission Tips UK - Free Design Advice In The UK - How And Where To Get It exercise extreme caution - a fall , Taking Solar Into Account When Designing Your Home Improvements off a roof , Taking care of your vinyl flooring can be fatal! Also, ensure that you are not scraping the surface of your shingles. Asphalt shingles are especially prone to damage by heavy foot-wear, and by shovelling or sweeping.

6. It is important that the gutters and downspouts are freely discharging meltwater. Gutters improperly sloped and/or not cleared of leaves and debris, can cause formation of ice dams rather quickly.

7. Ensure that downspout extensions are not frozen into the grass , New!! "One Stop Shop" Online Mini Mall or soil. , Futons and Futon Covers Are Perfect for Any Room in Your Home

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