How to Install a Prehung Door


Article by: Mike Merisko

Hanging a door , Painless Wood Floor Repair these days is easier than its ever been. In the days before prehung doors, , Log Cabin Home Design - 5 Design Tips to Consider it took more tools , Building Saunas – 5 Tips On How To Build Your Own Sauna and knowledge to hang a door , Power Washing Roofs Like A Professional than it does now.

Imagine getting a door , Taking care of your vinyl flooring slab, an unassembled door , Cabinet Hardware Speak Volumes About Your Personality jamb, hinges and door , Cast Iron Gates - Add Distinctive Elegance to Your Home's Landscape hardware and having to do all the mortising, drilling, rabbeting on site.

No longer do you need an array of tools , How to Replace Your Windows Like a Pro such as a drill, a mortising jig for hinges, strikes, and bolt plate. No jig for drilling the backset for the doorknob and bolt.

Nowadays all you need is a hammer and hard trim nails , Boost Your Home's Value by Adding a Concrete Garage or a finish nail , Patio Furniture - The One-Minute Makeover For Your Backyard! gun and some shims.

The first thing you need to do is check the opening you'll be hanging the door , Handheld Shower Filter with replacement filters in for the correct size. It should be 2" bigger than the door , Tips For Choosing Window Blinds size. Even though it's a rough opening it should be reasonably plumb and square.

If the opening was framed by someone else, you may want to break out your level and framing square and check this also. Drywallers sometimes believe the rough opening was meant for them and will let the drywall run into the opening. If this is the case use a drywall saw or sawzall to cut it back.

Once all the vitals have been checked your ready to hang a door. , Log Rolling That Guarantees You Won't Fall in! Prehung doors , Repairing Pinhole Leaks In Copper Pipes come assembled a couple different ways. They can be bought with trim already mitered and nailed on to one side and without trim. If there is no trim installed, I like to put it on before I put the door , Emergency Generators in the opening. The trim is installed on the hinge side.

Most doors , Toilet Bowl Mop And Toilet Bowl Brush Information. open into a room , Home Improvements – General Points and against a wall. , Wheat Grass Juicer - Your Way To A Wellness Whip When putting the door , Tips For Choosing Window Blinds into the opening, try to put the door , Home Improvements – General Points in the center of the opening. The door , Oreck Vacuum Cleaners – Can You Believe the Hype? jamb should be able to move to the left and right in the opening. The gap between the door , Ideas for Simple Kitchen Makeovers and jamb on the hinge side is usually about an 1/8" of an inch. This dictates the gap or space you should have all around the door. , Decorating a Mis-Matched Dining Room Move the door , Do-It-Yourself Home Saunas – Build Your Own From a Kit jamb to the left or right until you have that same space at the top. You then nail , Building Saunas – 5 Tips On How To Build Your Own Sauna the trim on the top hinge side and the bottom hinge side. Then nail , Painless Wood Floor Repair the strike side on the top making sure you still have an equal space. Nail , Tips For Choosing Window Blinds off the rest of the hinge side with 3 or 4 more nails. , Adjustable Bed - Start Each Day on the Right Note The 2 nails , Toilet Bowl Mop And Toilet Bowl Brush Information. already in the top are all I usually put in. Now nail , Wheat Grass Juicer - Your Way To A Wellness Whip the rest of the strike side starting at the top and working your way down, maintaining the same space as the top and hinge side.

Once the door , How To Refinish A Vinyl Or Tile Foor Using Floor Finish. is nailed into the opening on the inside, , Taking care of your vinyl flooring it's time to shim the door , Handheld Shower Filter with replacement filters jamb. First, pull the door , Log Cabin Home Design - 5 Design Tips to Consider closed to make sure it hits the door , The Evolution of the Sauna stop evenly on the strike side. If it is hitting only at the top pull the hinge side toward you till it hits even. If it hits only at the bottom, push the hinge side jamb away from you till it hits evenly.

Once you get the jamb aligned put shims between the jamb and stud opening, being careful not to bow the jamb into the opening. If need be use a straight edge to keep it straight. I put shims behind every hinge and the strike and also at the top and bottom of the strike side. I nail , Repairing Pinhole Leaks In Copper Pipes these shims in with two nails, , Light Up Your Life one on each side of the stop.

The next step is to apply the door , A Complete Guide to Finding the Perfect Ceramic, Mosaic and Bathroom Tile casing to the outside , Adjustable Bed - Start Each Day on the Right Note of the door. , View From My Island: The Grand Outing of the Kitchen Once this is done, your ready for the door , Cabinet Hardware Speak Volumes About Your Personality hardware. If everything went right, the bolt should engage the strike plate and the door , Power Washing Roofs Like A Professional should fit snuggly against the stops.

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About the Author: Mike Merisko has been a carpenter for 26 years. Most of those years were spent in the homebuilding and remodeling industries. He was also in business as a carpentry and general contractor. , Hot Water Boilers While that is his forte, he also has experience in bridge building, , Common Sense Fire Safety commercial construction, and exhibit building , Miracles Always Happen Under A Tent ( A Gazebo Or A Canopy)! which is how he earns his living these days. You can browse through articles by him and others at his website

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