How To Identify A Quality Interior Shutter


Article by: Brian Wright

1. Shutters have proper louver tension

The shutters louvers should be smooth and stay in the desired position throughout the lifetime of the shutter. Some manufacturers feature , Guide to Finding the Best Mohawk, Berber, or Carpet Tiles "tension screws"Âť on the side of each shutter panel, with one tension screw , Huff and Puff - Power Your Home with the Wind required for each louver section. The problem with tension screws , A to Z for Bathroom Furniture occurs over time, when tightening the screws , Home Heating - Furnaces to Space Heaters, Inspections are Important becomes necessary on a regular basis. Eventually, the louvers within a single shutter unit will not have uniform tension because the louver sections adapt to the tension screw , Breadmakers For Easy Baking differently. Polywood, vinyl, fauxwood, and synthetic shutters usually have an extremely tight louver tension. It is then difficult to put the louvers exactly in the desired location, , A "Small Home" Primer and the rotation of the louvers is difficult. The best technique for providing uniform tension that will remain constant is a split nylon pin tension system that requires no maintenance.

2. Shutters are built from a quality material

Wood is the most preferable material for building , Hardwood Floors - 7 Tips For Selecting Perfect Flooring shutters, and not all woods , A Guide to Choosing the Best Security Mailboxes are made alike. Basswood is a superior wood , Refurbished Solar Panels For Your Home because it is among the straightest of hardwoods with a fine uniform texture and indistinct grain. It can be sanded and stained to a smooth finish, and it is lightweight yet very strong.

3. Shutters are purchased from reliable company

You should research the company from which you plan , Tips for Choosing Window Blinds to purchase your shutters. They need to be a reputable, knowledgeable, support oriented, and accessible. We recommend you test their knowledge by asking questions. Check out their credibility with an organization such as the Better Business Bureau, and check to see if they have a list of customer comments or references. The company needs to be prepared to communicate all of the necessary information , A Closer Look at Snow Blower Parts to you about purchasing interior , Reduce Your Heating Bills This Winter - Overlooked Sources of Heat Loss in the Home shutters. They need to have a staff that is experienced and available for technical questions. It is frustrating when the only knowledgeable person is always "in the field."

4. Shutters are mortised for hinges

Mortised hinges are important to achieve a tight fit within your window , Beginning Interior Design opening. Without a mortised panel, a gap appears on the hanging side that allows light , Take Smart Steps When Remodeling Your Home to break between the shutter panel and the window , The Organized Move: Preparing Your Home for the Public's Eye jamb. It should not be necessary to mortise the window , Ceiling Fan Wireless Remote Controls jamb.

5. Shutters are rabbeted stiles between panels

Rabbeted stiles between shutter panels reduces light , A to Z for Bathroom Furniture breaks between panels. A significant gap is created in between panels that are simply butted up against one another.

6. View a shutter sample

The shutter company should be able to supply you with a finished sample shutter. This way you can view the quality of construction and finish first-hand. It is beneficial for you also to hold the shutter in the window , Easy-To-Make Custom Rugs to visualize how the shutters will attach and look in your house. , The Organized Move: Preparing Your Home for the Public's Eye

7. Shutters should have quality finish

A quality paint , Portable Air Conditioners Review or stain finish is essential to the overall satisfaction with your shutter purchase. A paint , Cleaning Your Kitchen Cabinets finish should be smooth, thick, and complete. You should be unable to feel the wood , Refurbished Solar Panels For Your Home grain and it should show through the paint. , How To Organize Your Home Clutter A stain finish should be even with a proper top protective coat.

8. Custom built for each individual window

There are no standard windows. , Inspecting Your Chimney and Its Liners A proper custom shutter unit needs to be built for each individual window , Free Fireplace Products and How to Locate Them opening to the 1/16 inch. Any more will result in possible unnecessary gaps in the shutter unit. Do not assume that because two or more windows , A Guide to Choosing the Best Security Mailboxes look the same, that they are the same. Many times proper measuring will show that each window , A Closer Look at Snow Blower Parts is unique.
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