How to Find the Best Home Remodeling Contractor


Article by: Tim Clark

It's finally time to tackle that big home , Organizing Your : What a Challenge! improvement project you've always wanted to do. Or, you may have waited so long, now you NEED to do the project. Which leads to your first question - "Where do I start?"

Well, the truth is"¦ some jobs are simply too big, too complicated, or require too much time to handle on your own. Whether it's remodeling a kitchen, , Different Ideas to the Code on Deck Railing Plans in Various Parts of the Country installing gutters, or electrical rewiring for your business - you'll likely need an expert.

A contractor, , Home Inspection Checklists or subcontractor, can be your 'knight in shining armor' when it comes to completing your project. But, wait"¦ you've heard so many horror stories connected with "shady contractors" that you're starting to re-think this re-model. But statistics show that the huge majority of contractors , Replacement Windows Information out there are honest and hard-working professionals. Most people are happy with any improvement , The Smart Way To Look At Home s project they undertake.

"Fine," you say. "How can I protect myself and make sure I find a great contractor?" I'm glad you asked. Here are some standard tips , Different Ideas to the Code on Deck Railing Plans in Various Parts of the Country you can follow to make sure your repair, , Advice On Asbestos Disposal remodel, or installation goes well:

o Got License? Most states require that a contractor , Septic System Design Secrets have a license to operate in that state. Once you find a contractor , Home Building (referrals from friends, the Yellow Pages, or you can click here at to find an expert), you should check to see if he or she has a local , Kitchen Cabinets - Tips on Painting and Remodeling contracting license to do the job.

o Check References - get at least three references from satisfied clients. And if you want to get really fanatical, go to the contractor's current job site. See if the site is messy. Are the workers taking care of the property?

o Get Bids - if you have the luxury, get multiple bids from several contractors. , Prefabricated Metal Buildings Don't always assume that the lowest bid is the best, because that contractor , How To Make Window Cleaner may be desperate for work or might cut corners on the job. But if you get contractor's from several sources, you could get a really great deal.

o Get it in Writing - the days of the "handshake deal" are far behind us. Get a detailed contract together and throw everything in (even if the project doesn't involve the kitchen , 5 Essential Factors Of a Good Bedroom Design sink!) The more you clarify, the fewer headaches you'll have if things go wrong.

o Do You Take a Check? Don't ever pay in cash. Can you say, "Proof of payment"? I thought you could"¦ Keep logs of all payments (for example - 10% down, 20% by one date, another 20% by another date, final payment when work is complete, etc.) and pay with a check or credit card only.

"Wait a minute!" you protest, "That sounds like a lot of work!"

Sure it does. Because it is a lot of work. If you think a renovation or remodeling job is expensive, imagine having to pay for it twice! Do your homework and you'll avoid being one of the horror stories.

"Are there any warning signs of a bad contractor?" you ask. Boy, you sure do ask a lot of questions. And that's good. Always ask a lot of questions. The more you know, the better prepared you'll be to handle the unexpected.

Okay, these are signs a contractor , Safety & Windows Installation might be one step away from going to jail:

o If required by the state, your contractor , The Smart Way To Look At Home Improvements doesn't want to show you his or her license. Or won't give you references. Or you two don't get along. Keep in mind: this person may be in your home, , Building Costs working side-by-side with you, for several months - you'd better get along!

o Your contractor , Easy Ways to Increase Your House's Value wants you to pay for the entire project"¦ up front. Run for the hills.

o Your contractor , All Time Favorites - Iron Railings has a "friend" in the financing business that can get you a "good deal" on a loan for your project. What will really happen is that you'll end up with a huge "2nd mortgage" at a ridiculously "high rate" and your "contractor" just got a juicy "commission" on the deal.

o Your contractor , Exterior lighting - improving your lot doesn't have a business address, a business card, and it looks like the contractor , Choosing and caring for rugs sleeps in his or her pickup truck. Run really fast for those hills...

Okay. Now that you know about the warning signs, you need to take a look at some signs you may have found a really good contractor:

o The contractor , Thomasville Bedding Ensembles has at least 4 to 5 years experience. It shows they can manage their business and complete their projects.

o The contractor , Prepare Your Home for Sale: Home Staging Your Kitchen has insurance. Liability and worker's compensation are the most important types of coverage to make sure everyone is covered.

o The contractor , Abatement Complaints from Neighboring Properties has more than references - he or she may even carry a book of photos showing past work projects that have been completed.

o The contractor , Different Ideas to the Code on Deck Railing Plans in Various Parts of the Country provides cost breakdowns for the job. These breakdowns show specific details of what the project will cost to complete.

o The contractor , Discount Cork Flooring is flexible. Communicate all your requirements and specifications for the project. Whether you two decide that you want to supervise the work or you want to let the contractor , What is an Outdoor Wood Furnace and Why You Should Own One make all the decisions, your contractor , Prefabricated Metal Buildings will be flexible enough to work with you.

"Okay, am I ready?" Yes, now you're ready to hire a professional to help get your home , A Guide to Choosing Your Flooring Material or business improvement , How To Make Window Cleaner project off the ground. One of the best ways to protect yourself , Organizing Your Home: What a Challenge! is the act of due diligence. Webster's defines due diligence as: "The care that a prudent person might be expected to exercise in the examination and evaluation of risks affecting a business transaction." In simplified terms - Do your homework. And you'll do just fine.

Have fun and make the most out of your experience.
Timothy K. Clark is the Director of Marketing for, a valuable website that matches Contractors , Preventing Water Damage in the Kitchen with Property , Home Inspection Checklists Owners for residential and commercial improvement, , Do-It-Yourself Carpet Cleaning Tips remodeling and repair , Hire Independent Contractor to Get the Best Remodeling Results projects. For more information, , Advice On Asbestos Disposal visit or call , Septic System Design Secrets 866-663-47111

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