How to Efficiently Install Ceiling Medallions


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Adding a ceiling medallion is the easiest thing you can do to change , Home Seller - Make Needed Repairs the look and feel of any room , Home Office: Identifying Your Needs in your home. , Bay Windows Add Character And Space To A Installing small ceiling medallions, up to approximately 24 inches or so, is a simple job for the average home , Heat Up the Hot Tub from 20,000 Feet handyman. As long as you are comfortable with changing a light , Kit Homes: Popular for Over a Century fixture you should have no problem. If you are uncomfortable with removing your fixture take a look at installing a 2-piece ceiling medallion.
Safety , Bamboo Flooring - Is It For You? is so important we would like to address it briefly. Always follow approved safety , How to Select an Installer for Your Solar Panels practices. Use hearing and eye protection. When you need to use a dust mask or respirator, be sure to use the right one for the job. Last, but not least, when working in electrical boxes, always make sure the power , Effective Air Conditioners - 9 Ways to Cut Your Energy Bill by Half is turned off.

Plan , Basement Remodeling Essentials Guide the Installation-Before You Order
This is probably the most neglected step in any installation, but the most important. It is what makes the difference between a quick and efficient installation or massive frustration and numerous interruptions to run to the hardware , Shaw Laminate Flooring - Experience A New Dimension In Laminate Flooring store. The first step is to select the ceiling medallion you want to use. If you are using it in conjunction with a light , Comments From Your Vacuum Cleaner fixture or a ceiling fan, you should note whether the ceiling medallion's center hole matches the fixture's trim. If they don't match you will also need to order a ceiling medallion center or a new fixture trim ring. Now is also a good time to see if the lighting fixture hardware , Duct Cleaning - Is Video Inspection Necessary? is going to be long enough. Check the building , Hot BBQ Grills and Items for the Summer code to make sure that there are no conflicts with your installation plans. , DIY Bathroom Plumbing - Sewer and Septic Odor In case of conflict, always follow local , Easy Installation Of Mini Blinds building codes. NOTE: Most building , Cork Flooring Is The Best Option Around For Durability And Aesthetic Value codes require you to leave access to the electrical box. Using a ceiling medallion with a 3.5-4 inch center hole provides this. Permanently mount the ceiling medallion to the ceiling and use either the fixture's trim ring or a removable ceiling medallion center to cover the electrical box. Also, make sure that the existing electrical, plumbing , From Toss Out to Sensational Keeper - Lamp Re-Make and framing will not interfere with your installation.

Order Materials
Now that you have planned your installation, its time to order your materials. When you order your ceiling medallion, don't forget to order the ceiling medallion center, if you are going to be using one. Order construction adhesive, caulk, fasteners and extra length light , Kit Homes: Popular for Over a Century fixture hardware. , Outdoor Living Spaces Extend Your Livable Space And Delight The Senses Order your hardware , Some of Our Favorite Drywall Repair Tips with your ceiling medallion and save yourself , How to Select an Installer for Your Solar Panels a trip to the store.

Assemble Materials
Before you start, assemble all the materials near where you are going to install the ceiling medallion. Double check to see that you have everything you need before you start. Now is the time to prefinish the ceiling medallion if you want to. If you plan , Daydreaming About Your Home Makeover Projects on doing anything more than just painting , Bamboo Flooring - Is It For You? it flat white, , Some of Our Favorite Drywall Repair Tips prefinishing is recommended.

Remove Existing Fixture
TURN OFF POWER !!! Turn off electrical power , Compact Refrigerators Are Great When Small Is Needed at the breaker box and mark the circuit breaker so someone doesn't accidentally turn it on while you are working. Now you can safely remove the existing fixture.
We recommend having the product , Effective Air Conditioners - 9 Ways to Cut Your Energy Bill by Half on hand to ensure exact measurements. Layout the area on the ceiling where you want to mount your ceiling medallion. For a small ceiling medallion, you should be able to hold it up with one hand while tracing around it with a pencil. Larger ceiling medallions may require an assistant. If you need to orient a round ceiling medallion use a single register mark at the junction of the ceiling/medallion. Mark both pieces. For oval and diamond shaped ceiling medallions, start by drawing centerlines parallel to the walls , From Toss Out to Sensational Keeper - Lamp Re-Make and 90 degrees apart on the ceiling. Then make register marks 90 degrees apart on the perimeter of the ceiling medallion. Locate and mark ceiling joists on the ceiling and on the medallion if you are using screws , Heat Up the Hot Tub from 20,000 Feet to mount (required on all plaster ceiling medallions and also on polyurethane ceiling medallions over 20 inches). Mark and/or protect wiring and plumbing , 12 Considerations When Choosing Contemporary Lighting if necessary to avoid fasteners penetrating them during installation.

Drill and countersink (1/8 inch deep max.) screw , Advantages of Satellite TV holes for mounting screws. , The Great Flooring Cover Up! Also, drill the center hole or ceiling medallion's center hole if necessary. If you don't have a hole saw of the proper size, polyurethane is easily cut with a razor knife.

Apply Adhesive
Apply adhesive according to the adhesive manufacturer's directions. Small ceiling medallions may be installed using only adhesive. Temporary clamps or fasteners may still be necessary until the adhesive sets.

Fasten the ceiling medallion to the ceiling using coated screws , 10 Things to Consider When Remodeling Your Kitchen in the predrilled countersunk holes. If you are unable to screw , Easy Installation Of Mini Blinds directly into the ceiling joists, the use of toggle bolts is permitted. Ceiling medallions over 20 inches in diameter and all plaster ceiling medallions require mechanical fastening.

Finish up
After the adhesive has dried, usually 24 hours, caulk the perimeter ( if needed ). Use no-shrink spackle, joint compound or plaster to patch screw , Home Seller - Make Needed Repairs holes. Feather edge or sand repairs , How To Choose House Style Mailboxes and touch up paint. , Let the Home Improvement Season Begin Hang up your fixture and you are done.

One final step: sit back and enjoy the simple beauty you have created.

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