How To Deal With Old Plaster Problems


Article by: Edwin Brown

Old ugly or damaged plaster -- what a turnoff!

That old house , Tools - A Sea Of Saws may have tons of charm, but when the plaster is a disaster, , Choosing floor and wall covering fabrics for all your decorating needs you have a real problem on your hands.

The good news is, it is fixable in most cases. And when the plaster is just too far gone to repair, , Compact Refrigerators Are Great When Small Is Needed there are other remedies, like overlaying with drywall, or getting a contractor , Repairing Scratches in Hardwood Floors to replace the plaster.

But I want to focus on plaster repair. , Carpet Cleaning Equipment Yes, with some instruction, motivation and dedicated application, you can deal with old plaster and restore the beauty it once had. And you can do it without using any plaster!

Despite what you may have heard, it is possible to do a very nice repair , Tools - A Sea Of Saws and renovation job on old plaster walls , Framing Basement s or ceilings using drywall finishing materials. I have done hundreds of projects over a 35 year period. It works --if you do it right.

For cracks, you need to do a lot more than the old finger and spackle trick. Drywall paper tape provides the strength to bridge the crack and keep it from reopening. Treat each crack like a drywall joint. Tape, two coats topping, sand tool , Repairing Scratches in Hardwood Floors marks and edges, and texture back in to match.

When there are lots of cracks on a wall , Moisture / Mildew Problems: Q & A or ceiling, treat them all then skim out the remaining surface and texture the whole thing. Texturing is a lot of fun and gives you a chance to be creative. I have developed a number of unique and fun textures.

Small holes and dings can be filled with "hot mud", a setting type of joint compound that is tougher and harder than regular joint compound. Hot , Slash Utility Bills This Summer With A Whole House Fan mud, by the way, is superior for taping and topping purposes also, but trickier to use because there is limited time before it hardens. So I would recommend the longer timed bags, like sixty or ninety minutes.

Small holes may require two or more fillings before they are level. Larger holes, if the wood , Clocks For Your Home And Your Lifestyle lath backing is still in place, , Plumbing can be filled with thin drywall and then taped around the edges and skimed with as many coats of joint compound as necessary to bring the whole patch level with the surrounding plaster.

If no backing is present, you will have to provide it using boards or plywood and drywall screws. , Framing Basement Walls Then put in drywall to fill the hole. You may have to attach some kind of shim material on the backing so your drywall will be level with the plaster after you fasten it to the backing.

It is essential before you start your repair , Home Generators to get the surface ready. You want a clean, tight surface to work on, if you hope the repair , Making the Right Wallpaper Style Choice to be permanent. So remove all dirt and loose material before you start slinging that mud.

Water stained areas should be scraped or wire brushed, wiped clean, then painted with a stainblocker. When that is dry, you can proceed.

There is no thrill like standing back after you are done and admiring your handiwork. Good luck!
Edwin Brown is a licensed , Working With Building Inspectors and bonded professional plaster and drywall repair , Solar Power and Wind Power Initiatives: The Way of the Future and renovation expert. He has worked on the west coast of the US for 35+ years. For more complete information, , Framing Basement Walls check out his website at

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